Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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Du Wentian had previously overheard part of the conversation between Yang Fan and Princess Anle in the small study. He decided that there was some confusion between them.

Du Wentian had previously overheard part of the conversation between Yang Fan and Princess Anle in the small study. He decided that there was some confusion between them. He had already regarded Yang Fan as a rival in love. He was full of jealousy and did not want to see him off. Hearing this, he immediately stood still and handed him his hand. "General Yang, please take care," he said perfunctorily. Yang Fan smiled and said, "I've come to you now, thanks to the hospitality of Wu's son-in-law and Du Gongzi.". I don't want Wu's son-in-law to get drunk. Yang hasn't had time to say something yet, so I'll ask Du Gongzi to tell him. Du Wentian said with a cold face, "I don't know what General Yang has to tell me." Yang Fan said, "I heard that the new house chosen by Princess Anle is next to Yang's house. The two families will be neighbors in the future. They should often move around. Besides, Yang has an old relationship with Liang Wangfu. He can be regarded as an old friend.". If the princess and her son-in-law are free, Yang Fan wants to hold a banquet on the island in the middle of the lake to invite the princess and her son-in-law back. Du Wentian measured others by himself and only said that he would not give up his heart to Anle se. His face suddenly changed and he said, "Don't worry, General. Du must tell him!" In the heart is determined, never Yang Fan's invitation to tell Anle, but also to find ways to slander Yang Fan, so as not to rekindle their old love. Yang Fan looked at his God se change, in the heart already knew, ha ha a smile, hand away. Du Wentian stood at the door of the instrument, glanced coldly at his back, and left without waiting for him to go out. Several disciples of Mo Guan performed very hard, and there was a sea of onlookers on the street, but when it came time to collect the money, more than half of them were "hula" away. The young disciples of the illusion group held the Gong in their hands,euro plastic pallet, and sometimes they took the words to squeeze the face-saving audience not to leave, and sometimes they bowed and bowed to pass the small words. The Gong tinkled for a while, and after a circle, they also asked for dozens of pennies. Mo Guan sat in a small tent for changing clothes set up in the corner of the long platform. Looking at the situation outside, he sighed and said, "Busking in the long street is not profitable after all. You still have to go to Goulan to make some money." A disciple standing nearby said, "Shifu is right. It's just that we've all gone to the more lively Goulan tile shops in Chang'an. There won't be so many guests for a while." Old Mo nodded and said, "Well,collapsible bulk container, we've been in Chang'an for about a month. After two more days, we'll go to Taiyuan." At that moment, the young disciple, who was holding a Gong to beg for money, walked up to a tall young man with a beautiful moustache. He bowed his head and said with a smile, "Thank you, Mr. Lang!" The young man smiled and threw it casually, only to hear the sound of "Dang", and the Gong in the young disciple's hand sank. The little disciple was in charge of begging for money from the audience every day. Even if he only threw a few pennies, he could estimate how much according to the slight change in the weight. Hearing such a heavy sound, he could not help feeling annoyed: "If you don't reward the guests, you won't reward them. How can you throw a brick to tease us?" From that weight estimate, can not be a brick, such a heavy piece, can it be gold? But as soon as the young fellow looked up and saw what was in the Gong, he was tongue-tied. In the Gong, a piece of yellow and shining cake, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, which seems round but not round, shines in the sun, but it is a piece of gold. The guest was so generous that he was rewarded with a "gold collar". The young disciple was surprised and happy. He was afraid that the guest would go back on his word. He quickly took the Gong into his arms. Holding the Gong in his arms, he bowed repeatedly and thanked him one after another: "Thank you for your reward. Thank you for your reward." The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "Take me to see your master. I have a big deal. I want to talk to him." "Please, please, this way, please!" As soon as the young disciple heard that there was still a big deal, he was overjoyed and did not care to continue to beg for small money. He quickly led the man in Tsing Yi to the side of the tent. The old man Mo also saw in the tent that the guest had been rewarded heavily, and was about to get up and go out, when the young disciple had already led the man in Tsing Yi in. As soon as Mo Guan looked at the Gong in the young disciple's hand, he saw a piece of yellow gold. His eyes glowed with gold. He hurried up to meet him with a smile on his face. He said with a humble smile, "Please sit down. Thank you for your reward, little old man!" The man in Tsing Yi touched his beard and said with a smile, "Is the old man the master of this magic class?" "Yes, yes, yes!" "Very well, my surname is Yang, Yang Zhigu!"! My old lady's eightieth birthday is approaching. As a younger generation, I want to get some rare things to make her happy. As soon as Mo Guan heard the word "Laotaijun," he knew that he was an official family. If the old lady could be called Taijun, there must at least be a five-grade official among her children and grandchildren. His deity se was even more respectful. He hurriedly said, "Does Lang Jun want the little old man's illusion team to perform in your house?" Yang Zhigu shook his head and said, "No!"! I want to learn some magic tricks myself and perform them at Laotaijun's birthday banquet. In ancient times, Laolaizi dressed in colorful clothes to entertain his relatives. In order to make Laotaijun happy, are my grandchildren still afraid of playing an actor? Mo Guan said with a smile, "Lang Jun's filial piety is really commendable. I wonder what Lang Jun wants to learn?" Yang Zhigu said, "To tell you the truth, Yang knows some magic tricks. He has demonstrated them to the old lady before. So my old lady can't see the ordinary tricks. If I want to learn them, I will learn your best skills." Mo old man a listen, can not help but hesitate, although the guest spend a lot of money, if teach him tricks must have a reward, but after all, this is his ability to eat, which can easily show people. When Yang Zhigu saw his hesitation, he couldn't help laughing and said, "The old man doesn't think Yang wants to steal your unique skill, does he?"? Yang is a scholar, and he will become an official in the future. Do you think I will go to Jianghu to perform? Besides, I only ask you for the same skill, and I can't take away your job. With these words, he waved his hand gently in front of the table, and three yellow gold collars appeared silently on the table. Mo old man's eyes lit up, not because of the magic of Yang Zhigu's technique, his technique is ingenious, but in the eyes of such illusions as Mo Guan, it is not enough to see, because he saw three gold collars, the so-called money is also open. Yang Zhigu asked with a smile, "How is it?" Mo Guan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said in a low voice, "Lang Jun,plastic wheelie bins, we buskers in Jianghu also have our own rules. This magic trick, God is in a secret word, Lang Jun's request.." 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