CNC Lathe suppliers

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CNC Lathe suppliersCNC Lathe suppliersCNC Lathe suppliers

CNC Lathe suppliers Introduction The use of our products is an excellent solution for the machining of high-precision and complex workpieces. Firstly, our spindles are supported by two roller bearings, one at the front and one at the rear, to increase the rigidity of the spindle and reduce spindle runout. Secondly, our screw pitches in the X and Z directions are perfectly matched to produce a better appearance and excellent fast feeds. Finally, Horizontal CNC Lathe are is suitable for multi-variety, small to medium-lot production and are particularly suited to complex and high-precision parts. Advantage The optimised design of our spindle box is suitable for the turning of disc and shaft parts. It can handle straight, curved, metric and inch threads as well as multi-threads. Secondly, the guideways and sliding saddle guides of our machines are made of special material hardened guideways, which have the advantage of being durable. Finally, each lubrication point on Horizontal CNC Lathe uses a forced automatic lubrication device to lubricate the screw and guideway in a fixed and quantitative manner. A warning signal is automatically generated in the event of an abnormal condition or insufficient oil quantity. Technical Parameter ItemUnitCK6163CK6180CK61100 Max. swing over bedmm6308001000 Height of spindle centermm315400515 Max. work piece lengthmm1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000 Max. swing over slidemm320490700 Max machining lengthmm785/1245/1845/2745/3785/4745 Max turning diametermm630800800 X travelmm320400400 Z travelmm790/1250/1850/2750/3790/4750 Spindle headmmC11 Spindle bore diametermm100 Spindle speed ranger/min7.5-1000 Motor powerkw11 Rapid traverse X/Zm/min4/3.5-7.5 Positioning accuracymm0.018 Repeatability positioning accuracymm0.006 Tailstock sleeve diametermm100 Product Feature Fully enclosed protection The appearance protection design of cnc machine according to the international popular trend, the cover is novel and unique, waterproof, anti chip, convenient maintenance, reflects the characteristics of the times. Manual Tailstock Easy to operate, easy to lock. Hand chuck 3 jaw self-centering chuck with high precision clamping force. Product Details ChuckTailstockFanuc system TurretLathe bedTool Production WorkshopCNC Lathe suppliers website: