Aerolight Airports

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This Infographic is designed by Aerolight Airports.

We help Australian regional airports grow aviation activity, increase airport revenue, and get a better infrastructure ROI. We are committed to serviceability protection. That means – FailSafe lights to prevent downtime, better heat sinking to increase runtime (by 7 years longer*), real-time text alerts to communicate critical data if you’re offsite, runtime tracking, and more. Serviceability protection helps our customers serve their communities better than ever before. We believe regional airports are an essential gateway between city and country. This is why it's critical that regional communities have an airport that they can count on. Serviceability protection is about preventing downtime, tracking critical data, and communicating it. It helps you unlock a better experience for airlines, businesses and the community, and creates a more desirable airport for potential users. Our lights are locally made and stock is readily available when you need it. We have transparent, online shopping to make your life easy.

Source: Papi Lights