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DC Micro Motor quotation RS-500 DC micromotor18v Feature 1. It is made up of armature , Stator and Carbon brush cap; 2. The stator including iron shell, magnet,slingshot and bush etc. 3. Carbon brush cap including plastic cap,carbon brush and plug etc. 4. The motor used in small home appliances. 5. 24 volt 24v 24000RPM High Speed electric 545 dc motor for coffee machine. ModelVOLTAGENOLOADAT MAX EFFICIENCYSTALL OPERATING RANGENOMINALSPEEDCURRENTSPEEDCURRENTTORPUEOUT PUTEFFTORPUECURRENT (RPE)(A)(RPM)(A)(g.cm)(mN.m)W%g.cmmN.mA RS-540-55369-1512.0(V)184001.3159007.748347.478.977.3360035349 RS-540-69289-1512.0(V)260001.82100011.644143.295.2068.5330032475 RS-545-2312018-3024.0(V)57000.1247500.5816516.2869.51000982.9 RS-545-191409.6-14.412.0(V)28000.121900.3613012.72.967.760058.81.3 Parameter of RS-500 DC micro motor 24v Unit of RS-500 DC micro motor 24v The photo of RS-500 DC micro motor 24v AQ Q1.The cost of the sample and the production time of the sample. A1.You can contact us to discuss the detail about the price of sample. Q2.Does the product have a corresponding patent? A2:YES,our product through TUV, CE, RoHs, UL and other relevant authoritative certification, in the industry has a strong technical, quality advantages. Q3.What kinds of products supplied by your factory? A3:we provide DC cooling fan,DC blower fan,AC cooling fan and EC cooling fan.Also we provide the SPD as well. Q4.Time of mass production of products? A4:It's about 20-30 days Q5: What can I do if we can not find the suitable fan model in the fan list? A5: Please contact us for customized fans. DC Micro Motor quotation website:http://www.cnamore.com/dc-micro-motor/