Shangjing Palace Love History by Weiyanzhai

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In the court that day, Yi Li Jin naturally had to attend the meeting, and naturally saw the frightening scene

In the court that day, Yi Li Jin naturally had to attend the meeting, and naturally saw the frightening scene of the queen mother breaking her wrist. Wanyan Chuo looked at his father's expression, but also did not see any clues, but Wanyan quickly glanced over, her eyes were too late, can only be on the father's eyes. Wanyan did not do much in the court. He was really a high-ranking official who climbed up by nepotism, but he was not criticized for sitting in the position of Yi Li Jin, probably because he was modest and different from his sister, the Empress Dowager Wanyan. Wanyan Chuo showed the expression of a little child and said faintly, "My aunt is strong to herself and strong to others.". Hung and I have been in the palace all these years. We are my own niece, but we have never dared to act like a spoiled child with my aunt. Now my aunt had broken her wrist and said that she wanted the people in the harem to go underground to serve the late emperor. She said that she was not afraid, but that was also a lie. She did what she ordered, and she didn't care about her own hands, let alone her niece who didn't hurt or itch. Father's eyes suddenly changed, the corner of the eye turned into a muddy drop, hanging precariously in the lower eyelash, he reached out to wipe and said: "Ah Yan, I am here to say this.". The Empress Dowager told me the same thing. Somehow, she didn't like Ah Hung very much. I also kowtowed and begged her, but refused to let her go. Say what'three still can keep two '- "his tone is indignant rise:" But which is not my heart meat? There was a strange light in Wanyan Chuo's eyes for a moment. The mother of the three sisters wanted a son too much,cold drawn tubes, but she gave birth to three daughters in a row, with a short interval, hurt her body, and did not recuperate for many years. Fortunately, although the mother was angry and sometimes extreme to her daughters, the father was really a good father. Wanyan Chuo was a little older, so he let her help his frail wife manage the family and never use her concubines. The two younger daughters enjoyed a happy life in the shade. Wanyan Chuo said tentatively, "Or I'll take the place of my sister.". My father had three daughters,precision welded tubes, and since my aunt was embarrassed to kill two for no reason, I had nothing to worry about anyway, unlike my sister, who had a child beside her. Wanyan quickly rubbed his hands on his knees, his face gloomy, and his silence gave Wanyan another glimmer of hope. She said softly, "My daughter doesn't want to die.". Just take too much of the queen mother ordered the cold medicine contraception, make the body is not good, if you can do something for the Yan family, also worthy of these years of cultivation. It's just a pity. Her voice was like, "Your Majesty, he.." It's a seed of love. Tearful Yingying's daughter, following Huafa's father to talk about death, can naturally sensitively perceive that Wanyan's teeth are clenching more and more tightly, and her fists are clenching more and more dead. So she suddenly turned around and whispered, side impact door beams ,Precision steel tubes, "Unless Grandpa is willing to give up his own sister." Wanyan seemed to be shocked for a while, and then he lowered his voice: "Are you kidding?"? The queen mother's influence throughout the capital palace inside and outside, the court personnel changes, must have your majesty and the queen mother two seals, outside the imperial army mobilization, the queen mother's tiger amulet can also command 70% of the troops. Although I am a barbarian, I don't have a single soldier in my hand. If the queen mother really doesn't want to love her brother and sister, and asks me to go underground to accompany the late emperor, I have no other way except to die. His daughter chuckled and said, "Grandpa, why should you belittle yourself?". After the queen mother broke her hand, her energy was not as good as before. She was bedridden for a long time, and it was difficult for her to be vigorous and resolute for a while. The tiger amulet of the transfer army has been divided into thirty thousand troops to the king of Haixi. The king of Haixi was given the title of emperor's brother. Is there no change in his heart? Wanyan's fingers touched his knees for a long time. He raised his eyelids for a long time and said, "Ah Yan, your younger sisters, Ah Hong and Ah Zhi, are really spoiled by me. Sometimes they are arrogant and not very sensible.". Grandpa doesn't say anything, but you are always the most important thing in his heart. You and your two sisters have always had a good relationship. If you can save them, you still have to save them. Is this the price of exchange? Wanyan Chuo smiled and said, "Father, why don't I love my sister? My aunt is afraid that Your Majesty likes me, and that my sister is disobedient and pregnant.". Between aunts and nephews, I'm afraid there's no love between sisters. If Grandpa really loves his daughters, I'm afraid he has to make the choice of a strong man breaking his wrist. ” Her stomach began to ache again, and her lower abdomen and stomach seemed to be tangled together, twitching and sweating slightly on her forehead. Wanyan stroked her temples quickly, realizing that her daughter's sweat was cold, wet and greasy, and her white face was desolate, and her heart was cramping. With a deep sigh, he brought the stone honey water on the table and fed it to his daughter. Then he lowered his voice and said, "Are you sure that your Majesty will not change his mind?"? What am I supposed to do? Wanyan Chuo paused for a moment and said, "Your Majesty has lost most of his power, and there is a covetous younger brother staring at me. It doesn't matter whether I change my mind or not. He must do it to protect himself.". I sent a lobbyist to the Haixi Palace to persuade the Haixi King to use the imperial army. Grandpa only needs to take advantage of this moment to beat the drum and help your majesty take back the military power of the imperial army. The court has always recognized his father and created a momentum to seize the emperor's brother from the king of Haixi and send him back to his fief. The father frowned for a long time before he said, "What about the pheasant?" A pheasant, whose name is Wanyan, is the princess of Hercynian. Wanyan Chuo knew that her father suspected that she would exterminate her, so he asked. Her father watched her grow up, and her "vicious and merciless" comments, I am afraid he also knows in his heart. Wanyan Chuo was heartbroken for a moment. "Grandpa is just making a choice," he said with a smile. "It's either the eldest daughter or the second daughter. There's always one who can be the queen." Wanyan Su suddenly raised his voice and stared into Wanyan Chuo's eyes and said, "I don't care. You promise me that if I sweep away dissidents for you, you will let your sisters go!"! Otherwise, you will cut yourself off from your parents! The good old man suddenly showed his power, and Wanyan Chuo dared not look at him. He was reluctant to say, "How could I harm my sisters?"? I promised my father. 16. Give death The afternoon sun was just right, and the queen mother changed her dressing under the service of the maid of honor. She stared at her wrist with a good eye. The new granulation had covered the section. It was a pink mass of broken bones. From time to time, she felt itchy. But when she did not stare at it,beam impact tubes, she still felt that her hand was still there, just a little painful, but it had not disappeared.