After the strength of these overlord flowers has improved, it is only good for him, and he secretly has a bold

After the strength of these overlord flowers has improved, it is only good for him, and he secretly has a bold plan to use these overlord flowers for further verification. According to the results verified by Sun Dasheng, virtual equipment must have a corresponding strong physical match in order to be more secure. Now that we have made up our minds to build a pair of equipment for our family in the future, the more detailed the data collection will be, the better. And he believed that Xing Shun's side, in a few days, would surely find his head again because of this matter of washing marrow fluid. As far as he was concerned, there was indeed a lot of medicine in stock, and the only difficulty was that it was not easy to collect. Because the drug guide comes from the secretions of thousands of cocoon-shaped skeleton worms in the inner layer of the storage space. The last time I killed the body of a vampire prince's true soul in the fantasy world, the vast amount of pure blood energy contained in the body of the true soul was swallowed and absorbed by these cocoon-shaped skeleton insects, and then these cocoon-shaped skeleton insects began to secrete an amber translucent liquid. Sun Dasheng, Lin Feng asked Niu Niu to find a way to cure, Niu Niu gave him the prescription of Liushen Congealing Dew Yuhua Washing Marrow Liquid, and suggested that the amber liquid be used as a medicine guide, Lin Feng did it according to the words. The processing process of the marrow washing liquid is so simple. Boy Lin, you really don't make people worry! This time the matter of Laoshizi Liushen Congealing Dew Yuhua Washing Marrow Liquid, which place on earth is singing again? And I've heard that your prescription really works! What's the matter? I concoct whatever I want,Magnetic Drain Plug, and it's none of your business, manager Qin? On the one hand, I didn't take it out to confuse people's minds, and on the other hand, I didn't take it out to pretend to be a ghost and open the door to pretend to be a great immortal. Can't I give myself a few subordinates a little benefit? don't pull that nonsense! Whatever you want! But don't you know that good things have to be hidden? And you can't show off in front of anyone. You have to show off in front of the Xing family? Originally, because of the cooperation in the development of virtual terminal technology,titanium machining parts, you were already in the limelight. A few days ago, you made a claim of $10 billion in a big way! Don't you know how many secret organizations are watching you all over the world? Do you still think your life is too quiet? fart! I'm full, and I think I'm too quiet! This is not all forced by you on the pirate ship! I don't care how much! If that family wants to catch me and kill me, let him come! If you can't stand it, you deserve it. It's none of my business! Anyway, we have agreed, such as virtual terminal technology fully rolled out, "net spirit" after the formal operation, I will quit regardless of other things! It's better to die than to live. I can see it clearly. It's better to fight and kill vigorously than to live so tiredly. Let's see some blind bastards bump into my hands! To be horizontal? Lin boy, you have made progress! Hum, it's all because of you! I can see clearly, this year is the soft fear of hard, horizontal fear of death! You know, DIN screw plug ,metal stamping parts, it's not like I haven't killed people! Hey hey, tell you the truth, if I am really forced to that point, this world can really be more than a killer! Well, you're good! You are so awesome that you can scare me! Son of a bitch, he threatens me every time we meet! I do not understand, in the end I am forcing to frame you, or you are threatening to force me! Lin boy, don't forget, I have all my belongings taken away by your boy! Bah! You also say this kind of nonsense without nutrition! What's the use of asking for that much money! Live to us, money is really already become an external thing! Otherwise, are you really so open-minded as an old man to give me so much property? Why don't you find a flower in the street to be your heir! Ay, ay, ay, here we go again! Lin boy, I really do not understand, even if the first nine innings of those people have no eyes, hurt your tender little darling, but it has been such a long time, and now there is an old brother I strongly recommend you to re-enter Guoan, you really no longer consider joining the matter? And elder brother, I assure you that as long as you nod your head now, you will definitely join the core level department, which is a win-win thing for both your future strength improvement and the country that needs special talents! Why? Why are you so disgusted with Guoan? You have been in the peripheral department of Guoan for a few days. Are you really still so disgusted? Stop! Stop it! Lin Feng made a pause gesture, and don't nag like a bitch every time we meet, okay? Why do I have to promise to join? Is it not good to cooperate in this way now? Do you have to think of me as a monkey who wants to make havoc in heaven, and do you have to try to put a magic spell on my head, so that you can really rest assured that you will no longer regard me as an unstable factor to guard against? Would you and your superiors please not be so childish? We are all adults, if I really want to have any ambition, is it difficult for you to be so sure that after I join, you can completely control me? crooked reason! Heresy! Look at my elder brother. Do I look like I'm being controlled? shall I tell the truth? Tell me! I can't see it, you are a crafty old man, and you are incompetent! Shit! Annoy, forget it, every time I say this thing, I will make you angry half to death! This is called thirst for talent, do you understand? Don't think people are so dark, OK? Don't always be neurotic and like a victim of obsessive-compulsive disorder! This is not good! Great China, a good man should defend his country! Some things can't be told to you, because only when you enter that circle can you be qualified to know something. What's so mysterious? Give me a reminder! don't agree to join,Steel investment casting, no way to know! I want my elder brother to reveal state secrets! I use the prescription of Liushen Congealing Dew Yuhua Washing Marrow Liquid in exchange! You know, if this thing is widely promoted in the army, it will be much safer and more convenient than the current means of brain stimulation! How's it going? I promise to give you the whole set!.