Sabbath _ Moonlight Sang

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Everyone thinks so, the mobile phones of ordinary people, the professional shooting tools in the hands of the media..

Everyone thinks so, the mobile phones of ordinary people, the professional shooting tools in the hands of the media.. For a time all aimed at the man, "click click" sound one after another, everyone originally just wanted to pat the man's expression when he heard the proposal was agreed, but did not want to take a picture. Uh. Cheating? This Is it an affair? Numb continues to "click", everyone is taking pictures, but they don't know what they represent. Until the applause began. At first, the audience, who was just sitting beside the man in white, suddenly applauded. His applause was too loud. Applause is a very infectious activity. One person clapped and one person followed. Soon, more and more people joined the applause army. Before long, the whole audience was full of applause. With the blessing of applause everywhere, uh.. Let's call it a blessing. The man kissed his lover deeply in his arms. When he had kissed enough, he licked each other's lips and raised his head. Glancing coldly at the female singer on the stage, her mint-green eyes quickly swept the audience: "I never said it, because it's not necessary, but.." "In order to prevent someone from being smart enough to do something like this in the future, I want to announce it today." "I'm married." As soon as this sentence was spoken, the whole audience was in an uproar. Please, excuse me.. When did you get married? Did not stop taking pictures that is, do not mind, put in Peran Sadan here is to encourage, so, immediately there are bold and quick reporters trembling questions. Tomorrow Uh. Get married tomorrow.. Can it be called "married"? The reporter was still struggling with the details of the text,jujube seed powder, but the man said so. He looked up at the corner of the stage, pointed, and immediately withdrew the spotlight that had been cast on him. The figure of the man immediately disappeared in the eyes of the audience. The Lolita singer stood in place with a pale face and was at a loss. At that moment, the music that had been interrupted sounded again, which meant that she should "get down to business". Not daring to follow, her face was still pale. The female singer began to sing again, but then she did not know whether it was fear or frustration or other emotions that affected her. Her performance was not good, at least much worse than in the first half. But the audience doesn't care much anymore. More explosive information has been born, as a witness to the scene of the legendary figure's announcement of marriage, everyone has sorted out the photos just now, for a time, the home page of the personal page has been maxed out by a message! Chapter 250 legitimate teacher's wife. The home page of the personal page is brushed with the information that Peran Sadan, carnosic acid price ,ghana seed extract, one of the most valuable golden bachelors in the whole tower, announced that he was married. As the boss of the entertainment industry, the Peran family has a strong control over the media. Any artist or event under the Peran family has to be screened and selectively released by the relevant departments of the group. Peran Sadan is particularly strict with his photos. He is obviously a public figure, but the best evidence is that no relevant photos have been leaked for so many years. It is an unspoken rule of the media industry that people can take photos, but they are not allowed to upload them anywhere. Occasionally, mosaic photos are leaked, which are basically selected by the Perrin family. It belongs to "the photos that Mr. Peran Sadan agreed to release". But this time, this iron rule was completely broken: the photo of "Peran Sadan kissing a strange man" was released by ordinary viewers who did not know the rules at the first time, which was nothing, after all, as long as the Peran family did not agree, this kind of photo could not be approved and issued at all. But not at all -- There was no control. At first, it was just a blurred image sent by a distant audience. Later, a clearer picture was released. It was the most sensitive to this kind of thing. The reporters immediately realized that this situation was acquiesced or even encouraged by Peran Sadan himself. For the first time in history, it was allowed! Suddenly aware of this kind of thing, everyone can not stop the brake, a large number of more and more clear, closer and closer photos were released. For the first time, Peran Sadan, who has always been known for his mystery, has shown his face in front of the public. The news is already very exciting, and the content of the photo is even more exciting! This gold.. No, the diamond bachelor will die the first time he shows his face! Who is so lucky?! People's attention was quickly divided into the man who was exposed in the arms of Peranza Dan in the photo. At first, everyone did not recognize the man's identity at all, thinking that the other party was just a lucky person or "Cinderella" with rare luck. Someone said, "The man in Peran Sadan's arms looks familiar.." The Lolita singer has a lot of student fans. Some of the elite students here have taken Professor Arufa's class. The moment Professor Arufa's identity was punctured, the whole tower was boiling! One is a big man in the entertainment industry, the other is a top scholar, the two seem to have nothing to do with each other, there is no contact, so two people actually become a couple?! Look at.. Getting married?! There is no need for the media to promote it. Everyone's mind is full of drama! On the forum, or Peran Sadan X Arufa, or Arufa X Peran Sadan, the two people's fan stories have been written in full swing, and the CP Party has begun to take sides. For the story of the two of them, people can only make up for it. At this time, the only one who (probably) sees through the truth is a little robot who looks like a child, whose wisdom (probably) is lower than that of ordinary people, but whose ears are different from that of ordinary people-Rong Gui! At the time of the incident, he was sitting in the golden angle of view at the scene, with a super professional beauty camera contributed by Xiaomei in his hand. Rong Gui was surprised and did not forget his instinct at the same time. He reflexively took a super perfect picture for Master and his wife. Because of the unique location,lutein eye complex, it can be said that none of the photos released so far is clearer and more beautiful than his one. However, he did not send it. The teacher's wife took the master away by force, and he and Xiaomei were left in the same place.