Du Yufan suddenly gave a loud cry and said to the two men behind him, "Buckle down their tools and have a good check!

Du Yufan suddenly gave a loud cry and said to the two men behind him, "Buckle down their tools and have a good check!" Cheng Zili was slightly stupefied, just wanted to go forward and stopped, shook his head, but stood behind. At this time, he is not suitable to come forward, the money has been returned to his account, he also promised Du Yufan's request, it is better to put aside the body, save trouble again. It was very unkind to do so, but the situation was not as good as others, and he had no style. Cheng Zili turned around and began to persuade several other customers to leave. What he promised was to clear the place, not just Li Yang. More than a dozen customers, swearing away, they do not want to go, there is a good show to watch, but Cheng Zili is calling his security, here tens of millions of gambling stones, security can have more than a dozen people. It's better to walk out than to be pushed out. The people around Du Yufan stopped the cart, Liu Gang did not move, looking at them coldly, Haidong and Zhao Kui in the distance came slowly, the two of them just like the guests who just came in. What right do I have to check my tools? Li Yang also did not smile, coldly looking at the young man in front of this still blushing, here is the country, a word of praise, as long as he did not take the initiative to cause trouble,cosmetic plastic tube, do too much, God forbid things, there is nothing to worry about him. The combined energy of the Ho family and the Wang family will not be despised even by the top men. Right? Du Yufan's face suddenly became a little ferocious. What he pursued was power. What Li Yang had just done was to challenge his authority and make him lose face. Here, I am the right, with what? Since I am the secretary general of the Jade Association, I suspect that there is something wrong with these woolens. If you want to check them, you have to check them for me! Du Yufan is completely revealed his true face, here is his land, he is not afraid of anything, the Jade Association to check the gambling stone wool,custom cosmetic packing, is also a normal work. But in front of these wool, is someone just bought, or look to buy, now because of the meaning of not as good as, out of such words, do such a thing, how to look like a robber. You can even be a robber than a robber. At least the robber has a little face. He doesn't want any face. Secretary Du? The man who had just spoken looked back at Du Yufan again, and there was some worry on his face. He is a very flexible person, his position is not high, and he has not been in the Jade Association for a long time, but he is highly regarded by Du Yufan. Du Yufan is now dizzy with anger, he did not, a young man who can spend more than two million, eyes do not blink to buy so many gambling stones, will be no scenery? The answer to the riddle is certain, and they are absolutely with the scenery. For those who have no scenery, this style is OK. Others can only swallow bitter water into their own stomachs. If they have scenery, they will be in trouble. Shallow scenery, pay a little price, pump tube ,pump tube, may be able to let people eat this loss, deep scenery, they have a big trouble in the city. Why don't you listen to me? Du Yufan fiercely glared at him, let him immediately shrink his neck, dare not speak, want to remind the words can not come out, can only pray that Li Yang is not a person with a set, or not a person with a tough set. Li Yang smiled coldly and said, "Does a jade association or the secretary general of a local branch have such a great right?" Liu Gang, Wang Jiajia are also looking at Du Yufan, their eyes deep, flashing a taunt, but also a little pity. When Li Yang said these words, they knew that Li Yang was really on fire. After all, Li Yang was a grass-roots life experience. After more than 20 years of civilian life, he was most disgusted with this kind of wolf in sheep's clothing. I have such a great right, what can I do? Du Yufan said coldly and sternly, "Why are you still standing there? Why don't you buckle down the tools quickly?" Standing in front of Liu Gang, the two men looked at each other, their faces were somewhat helpless, and they could only go to Liu Gang. Netizens upload chapter 900. Am I qualified? Li Yang looked at Du Yufan coldly, without moving or speaking. Two people, just walked to the front of Liu Gang, the flexible person was about to say something, the whole person flew out, flying out, he also saw a figure beside him, and then fell heavily on the ground, a long time did not come to his senses. Liu Gang pushed the car, and naturally it was impossible for these people to take the car away. You, you dare to do it! Du Yufan's pupil suddenly tightened, stretched out his finger, pointed at Liu Gang and shouted loudly that Cheng Zili, who had just invited all the other customers away, was also stunned, and the conflict escalated. Secretary Du, what's going on? At this time he did not come forward, Du Yufan was bullied in his own field, not to mention the booth of the Jade Fair, his factory was lucky not to be in trouble. Li Yang smiled softly and said slowly, "Boss Cheng is better. I just bought these woolens from you, but someone said there was something wrong with them. What do you say?" Li Yang's tone is very calm, but let Cheng Zili feel a pressure, a pressure that makes him tremble, Cheng Zili looked up at Li Yang in surprise. Only then did he realize that the man with sunglasses was not so simple. Boss Cheng, tell your security guard to catch them quickly, catch them, and I'll give you two more stalls later! Du Yufan suddenly called out again, Cheng Zili slightly stupefied, his face showed a little bitter. If just now, for the sake of these two booths, he might have been shameless once and laid hands on his customers. But at this time he did not dare, just now that pressure is real existence, just think of, he did not dare to move. Secretary Du, misunderstanding, maybe it's a misunderstanding! Cheng Zili smiled bitterly and said helplessly. You As soon as Du Yufan said a word, he felt empty at his feet. His body was lifted up by a stranger. The stranger lifted him with one arm, shook him up and down a few times,cosmetic tube packaging, shook his head, and threw him down directly, almost falling to the ground. The stranger gave him a contemptuous look before he left. emptycosmetictubes.com