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This song "Spring" is waking people up! It doesn't matter whether Luo Kai's singing skills are excellent or not.

This song "Spring" is waking people up! It doesn't matter whether Luo Kai's singing skills are excellent or not. It doesn't matter whether the arrangement and accompaniment are wonderful or not. Luo Kai, wearing jeans and jeans and holding a guitar, doesn't show the style of a superstar, but it's even less important. The important thing is that tonight, there is such a song that moves them and makes them have the impulse to cry. In fact, there are already many people in the corner of their eyes, flashing crystal light. If one day, I leave quietly, please bury me in this spring. In the live music channel of Feixun, which has more than 40 million online viewers, the refresh rate of comments is unprecedentedly low, because everyone is listening to songs, immersed in the unspeakable atmosphere brought by "Spring", and has no time to reach out and tap the keyboard. I believe that after many years, when they recall this time tonight, they recall being deeply touched by such a song. Until Luo Kai finished singing. The audience was silent, as if the audience of more than a thousand people had been cast magic. Luo Kai put down his guitar. He took a long breath,cosmetic tube, took half a step back, and bowed deeply. Thank you for listening to me sing this song! Whoa! The next moment, the applause was like a sudden summer storm, sweeping through the studio hall with lightning speed, and the people who stood up were clapping their palms hard, hard! Salute to Luo Kai! Thank you for giving us the deepest touch. Applause lasted for several minutes, and the hosts,custom cosmetic packaging, who were already ready to appear, shrank back as they took their steps. He didn't want to spoil the pure atmosphere. But what should come will come after all. [Kang Jinlong] and [Zhang Yuelu] stepped out from the passages on the left and right sides of the stage and stood on the left and right sides of Luo Kai respectively. Wait for the final round of voting results. For hundreds of millions of viewers, the choice of three choices is obviously a bit difficult and cruel. The three singers standing on the stage at this moment all have the strength of "King of Songs", and it seems cruel to eliminate any one of them. The countdown starts in five minutes. Note: "In the Spring" was written/composed by Wang Feng. Chapter 345 who is the king of songs (end). "Go, go, go!" At Luo's home in Xijiao Village, Tong Tong urged, "Send out the voting link quickly and canvass for Kaige!" Now is the time to decide the final victory or defeat. Although Luo Kai's last song did not disappoint, maintained his standard and even surpassed it, it can not be said that he won the victory steadily. So one vote is one vote. Lao Hei and others just came to their senses and hurriedly picked up their mobile phones to vote and canvass for Luo Kai. For "Spring", the resonance of Laohei, Pangde and Monkey is far more than that of Tong Tong. They have been drifting at the bottom, eye cream packaging tube ,plastic packaging tube, experiencing the life sung in the song, holding a broken acoustic guitar, singing songs that no one cares about in the street and underpass, struggling for life and ideals. Luo Kai's song pierced their souls! Laohei's finger ran across the screen quickly. He voted for Luo Kai with his account as quickly as possible, and then sent the voting link to all the moments. In the past, everyone just voted for Luo Kai, not canvassing in such a big way, mainly because Luo Kai had a confidentiality agreement with Beijing Satellite TV, so it was easy to expose his true identity if he openly canvassed, and then doing good things turned into doing bad things. But now it doesn't matter, because the champion of "Masquerade King" is about to be born, when Luo Kai must take off his mask, canvassing in the circle of friends at this moment will not cause any negative impact. Even if the number of votes is not large, everyone wants to do their part. Niu Niu also cast a vote for Luo Kai. She used the Feixun signal bundled with her mobile phone number, and then sent the voting link of Feixun Music on the tablet computer to the Feixun group of the first class. This is my father. Please vote. Thank you. She has her own mobile phone, but the children's mobile phone only has the most basic call function, and this tablet computer can access the Internet, so she hangs up the Feixun group of the first class and can communicate with other children in the class. In addition to classmates and children, there are parents and teachers. As soon as Niu Niu's link and message came out, the originally quiet Feixun group immediately became lively. Support "Vote!" "Ah, in the early summer of Luo, did your father take part in the Masquerade King?" "Khan!"! I'm watching the masquerade king! My God, so Kuimu Wolf is your father? That's awesome! "I have to support it, and I'll forward the link again." "Luo early summer, your father is really awesome." In Sunflower Kindergarten, Niu Niu is a minor celebrity. Many people know that her father is a star. The children and parents in the first class must all know that. But everyone did not expect that Luo's father in early summer actually took part in this popular program, but also entered the finals, it is simply amazing. In particular, several parents who were watching the live broadcast of Beijing Satellite TV were so excited that they all said they wanted to canvass for Luo Kai and forward the voting link to more Feixun groups. Similar scenes also appeared in the headquarters of Star Dream Media. There was no need for Li Mengru to give orders. All the employees present, including the contracted artists and senior managers, voted and canvassed one after another. The atmosphere was extremely hot. A piece of support votes, like a trickle gathered together, constantly pushing up the value of the singer's combat power. [Zhang Yuelu], [Kang Jinlong] and [Kuimu Wolf], the battle bar next to the three stars continued to climb on the basis of the first round, and the speed of the number jump was too fast to see. As time went by, the audience who had finished voting stared at the stage, and the fans of the three singers held up their support cards and cheered for their favorite idols hoarsely. Many spectators clenched their fists or folded their hands and prayed silently. The camera lens turned to the hearing panel, and the star artists all looked serious,empty cosmetic tubes, some staring at their mobile phones, some whispering to each other, which undoubtedly increased the tension at the scene. emptycosmetictubes.com