Bitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossing

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Bitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossingBitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossing

"Who is MD" Zhuo Qing used foul language hung up the phone again and turned off the phone directly Jingle bell As soon as he closed his eyes Zhuo Qing who was ready to go back to sleep was frightened He turned around and saw that the phone had somehow turned on automatically and the phone rang again Did I press the button to restart Zhuo Qing said to himself Zhuo Qing who had been frightened to wake up glanced at the caller ID "Unknown caller" What the hell Why doesn't the phone number show Hey who is it! Disturbing dreams early in the morning! I hung up your phone twice but I still persevered in calling you Is it a debt or a life The phone was silent for a few seconds and said "Are you more than eleven o'clock at noon" Early in the morning in which country Are you traveling abroad Zhuo Qing yawned and said "My morning starts at two o'clock in the afternoon" Who are you What's the matter "I'm Wan Xu" he said on the phone Zhuo Qing "…" Zhuo Qing Are you kidding me Wan Xu has been dead for a year! Are Electrical Equipment Supplies you calling from the underworld! "Well has it been a year" The voice on the phone was a little disappointed "How are my parents" Zhuo Qing … Neuropathy He hung up the phone again The phone rang again immediately Zhuo Qing was angry and shouted abuse at his cell phone "Are you finished" To defraud his relatives and friends! To seek revenge for God who caused the mudslide! I don't know him well! You're ***ing again "I'm not dead" Said on the phone Zhuo Qing pulled out his ears "What" "I wore it to Xiuxian World" The corners of Zhuo Qing's mouth twitched slightly "Ha" "Do me a favor" Zhuo Qing not only hung up the phone this time but also dragged the unknown call into the blacklist Bad luck! Who has a brain bag to play such a rubbish joke on me Zhuo Qing pressed his forehead He drank himself a large glass of Wuliangye last night and now he is hungover When he was about to go back to sleep he could not help clenching his fist when he saw the test sheet he had thrown at the bedside Bad luck! What ***ing bad luck! Zhuo Qing looked up at the ceiling his eyes dull How can I be so ***ing unlucky There are so many people smoking all over the world How can I get lung cancer! Still TM is terminal lung cancer! I'm not a heavy smoker! Bad luck! Bad luck! Bad luck! Bad luck! "Jingle Bell" Zhuo Qing frowned at the cell phone he had thrown on the bed "Who is it" He picked up his cell phone impatiently and it was still an "unknown call" Another unknown call! It's not really a supernatural event is it! Zhuo Qing suddenly shivered and almost threw his cell phone out No no no it must be another crank call When Zhuo Qing shivered his finger accidentally scratched the answer button and the phone was connected Oh don't struggle whether you pull the blacklist or change your cell phone I can call you Can you just hear me out China Manufacturers ! Zhuo Qing was so frightened that his head went blank his lips trembled and he could not say a word You go to Wechat and click on the small program I sent to you through my friends Speed! If you don't open it in five minutes I'll kill you! "Big Brother!"! Although we have been pinched from childhood to adulthood your death has nothing to do with me Don't look for me even if you want to die Oh don't hang up Hello! Hello Zhuo Qing was so frightened that tears almost flowed out What is this! Yesterday I was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer Today I met a fierce ghost I am not a big evil person Does God play with me like this! Or did I do a lot of evil in my last life and get punished in this life Zhuo Qing trembled and trembled all over choking and opening Wechat according to the instructions of the phone ghost through a friend of a stranger nicknamed "Wan Xu" After passing the friend Wan Xu immediately sent a small program called "Home of Love" Zhuo Qing sniffs receives the applet and installs it Do you really want to open it Am I pulled into hell by him after clicking on it or am I occupied by him Desperate Zhuo Qing said to himself "I was wrong If I had known he was so vindictive I should have walked around him and quarreled with him" Forget it I don't have long to live anyway I don't know if this way of dying is more comfortable than dying of illness Zhuo Qing clicked on the icon of the "Home of Love" applet with her finger and closed her eyes …… ………… ……………… "How long are you going to be closed and Home Appliances asleep" A familiar voice sounded in Zhuo Qing's ear Zhuo Qing's heart trembled and his eyes closed more tightly Me me me I won't be afraid until I open my eyes! In Zhuo Qing's mind he was already filling up the appearance of Li Gui Wan Xu in front of his brain Wan Xu who was crushed by the mudslide is not a lump of meat mud is he "Zhuo idiot" Hearing the familiar taunt after a year Zhuo Qing retorted reflexively "All mentally retarded!" Oh my god! I cursed Li Gui! Zhuo Qing felt a little dizzy It's very energetic Wan Xu reached out and pinched Zhuo Qing's cheek "Open your eyes I'm not a ghost" "It hurts" Zhuo Qing opened his eyes in pain In front of him "Li Gui" was dressed in a white gown His long black hair was coiled up by a wooden hairpin Not only was he not a lump of meat mud but he was more handsome than before "What about the pockmarks on your face the underworld and the cosmetic surgery industry" Seeing the familiar face Zhuo Qing habitually attacked people then jumped back and stammered "I'm I'm I'm joking no I mean" "I have a pockmark on my forehead which was picked out by your cheap hand when I was taking a nap on the table Don't say it like I have pockmarks all over my face" Wan Xu interrupted "I told you I went to the world of cultivating immortals" Open your dog's eyes and take a good look around Does the underworld look like this This is my personal space Zhuo Qing sniffed and looked around He was in a small house that was probably only a dozen square meters There were only two futons and a small table in the house and nothing else There was a gray mist outside the hut as if a monster would jump out of the mist at any moment It's still very much like the underworld Zhuo Qing told the truth "the slums of the underworld" Wan Xu "…" Suddenly deflated