Stunning goblins in ancient times

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Stunning goblins in ancient timesStunning goblins in ancient timesStunning goblins in ancient times

"You.." As soon as I said the word "you", Ji Rufeng was already outside the door. I was so angry. It was too much. It was impossible to keep me here. Chapter 25 Updated: 2009-10-30 7:51:37 Words in this Chapter: 1765 The next day, Ziyang called me up very early. I was so tired that I didn't remember much about it. Ziyang, it's not bright yet. Why do you pull me up so early? I was really tired yesterday. Let me sleep again. I'll get up by myself later. Almost every day I get up earlier than Ziyang. What's wrong with this girl today? She gets up so early. Sister, don't sleep. If you sleep again, the prince will come. Get up quickly. You don't know that the prince wants to see your dancing skills today. Get up quickly. There are many dancers at the door. After listening to Ziyang's words, the gas does not hit a place to come, where there is any sleepiness, already ran away. This damned Ji Rufeng is really too much. It's still dark. Look at the dancing skills. If I had known earlier, I would not have agreed to this dance competition. I would have asked for trouble. Dressing, washing, Ziyang helped me comb my hair briefly, and then I walked out of the room full of anger. In the hall, Ji Rufeng drank tea leisurely. He was so angry that he couldn't help it. He asked angrily, "Ji Rufeng, don't go too far. When do you let me practice now? You want to kill me." In fact, it is not so exaggerated, just to see him a leisurely look, can not be angry. In the past, I often got up to read at this time at home. I was quiet in the morning, had a good memory and was easy to remember things. Later, I kept this habit, but after being with Ji Rufeng, not only people changed,uns c70600, but also the schedule changed. It is true that those who are close to the ink are red and those who are close to the ink are black. Early? I don't think so. Don't you think everyone in the house is up? The man was so cruel that he stopped me with words. I was really speechless for a moment. Practice, right? All right, I'll practice. Where are the people you brought? Ask them to come over and practice here. The hall is big and spacious enough for more than a dozen people to jump together. I've been waiting in the training room all morning. You're the only one left. Let's go. Ji Rufeng's face has a faint smile, has not been found, in fact, Ji Rufeng smile is really charming, very sunny, very warm feeling. Originally a very good-looking person, why do you always have a calm face when you have nothing to do? How nice it is to smile. I really don't understand him. This training room is really big,uns s31803 sheet, and I think it's no problem for more than fifty people to practice together. I saw the dancers lined up and counted ten people in total. They saluted in unison, "Prince Jinkang." Ji Rufeng waved his hand and they stood up. I looked at them carefully. They were all over thirty years old, and their bodies were slightly fat. On the waist, all tied a very strange waist fly, two small bells, hanging in the tail of the fly. I was in a daze. Looking at their figures, I knew that they were not very regular dancers. Dancers were generally slender. Even if they were old, they would not be as fat as ordinary people. But when I saw them, they were all a little puffy. Can't help wondering how Ji Rufeng found them? I stood beside Ji Rufeng and whispered, "Ji Rufeng, where did you find the dancer?" "In the palace, the dancing skills of our Wuyue Kingdom are different from those of other countries. I don't know how well you dance for a while, so I borrowed these dancers from Zhuxiu Palace. If you dance well, you don't have to practice.". Take a look first. Then Ji Rufeng clapped his hands and the music sounded. I looked at the musicians over there, and I felt they were good, and the music was very spiritual. Dancers lined up in two rows, all half crouching, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, knees open, heels facing each other, hands slightly bent up, from a distance, a bit like a point, I feel, like an ancient worship dance. They jumped and danced on it, and the bells on their bodies tinkled. The more I look at it, the more I admire Ji Rufeng. He pulled me here early in the morning and asked me to practice this kind of dance. Can their country only dance this kind of dance? This dance can't be said to be ugly. It just depends on the occasion. If this competition goes up, people from other countries are afraid to laugh. Ji Rufeng, OK, you let them go down, I don't think I need to practice. "You go down." Then Ji Rufeng turned to me and said, "You come for a while.". ” After they went down, I went to the musicians and told them briefly what I wanted to express, what their music was like and so on. They understand very quickly, and after a while, they can pop up the feeling I want. Chapter 26 Updated: 2009-10-30 7:51:56 Words in this Chapter: 1339 Music sounded again, I walked to the middle, sleeves dancing, slightly leaning, eyes flowing, feet gently raised behind, from a distance, like nine days Xuannu down to earth, sleeves flying, dancing smartly, as if spotless. A gentle turn, palms together, left leg raised inward, leaning to one side, a white dress, beautiful not like all the world. All of a sudden, Ji Rufeng looked crazy, his eyes gawked at me, with my figure, flying together. What I dance is the Dunhuang dance, which is mainly to master the balance, through the balance of the body, leaning forward, raising feet, half squatting, plus the movements of sleeves and hands, so as to achieve a kind of spiritual beauty like flying away from heaven. This dress can not dance the essence of the dance, a good dancer must have a good dance dress. It seems that if I want to dance this kind of dance that day, I have to prepare for it. The music stopped for a long time. Ji Rufeng finally came to his senses. Without saying anything, he came over and hugged me tightly. I felt uncomfortable and forced him away. The musicians went out one after another and closed the door gently. We were alone in the room. Don't move, okay? Let me hold you like this. Ji Rufeng spoke with panic in his eyes. He had never seen him like this. He had always been overbearing. What was wrong with him today? It was too abnormal. I didn't push him for a moment, nor did I hug him. I stood there in a daze, at a loss. You are very beautiful, just now you are like a fairy, do not eat fireworks, do not dye fine dust, sleeves flying,x60 line pipe, feeling as if you want to leave. With that, Ji Rufeng hugged each other more tightly, so tightly that he could hear each other's heartbeat.