The true meaning of blood glass

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The true meaning of blood glassThe true meaning of blood glassThe true meaning of blood glassThe true meaning of blood glass

Farina was happily walking to the camp with three newly hunted turkeys, not noticing that she had stepped heavily on a soft thing under her feet, accompanied by a sharp roar like a man and an animal, which made her almost fall down. More than twenty human-shaped lions sleeping in the bushes stared at her ferociously, one of which had obvious shoe prints on its long tail. Ha-ha Why is she so unlucky? I didn't mean to. Take a few steps back and find yourself completely surrounded and finished! Can I apologize? She was answered by a murmuring whinny, which the humanoid lions clearly did not accept. Well, sure enough, no! With a bitter face, he threw his prey into a higher tree and had no choice but to fight. It has been half a month since I entered the forest of death. I have been fighting with Warcraft every day. I am careful to March with all kinds of poisons. My clothes are broken. Naturally, her skill was not bad, but every time it was curiosity that almost became their meal. I don't know whether they liked her too much or she was unlucky. Danger was encountered by her one after another. Kay and Sis always sighed helplessly at her all the way, dumbfounding. She didn't do it on purpose! Why did they treat her so warmly? The wind of the sword hissed, and the human-shaped lion, whose upper body was a human woman and whose lower body was a four-legged lion, fell to the ground with a scream. The human-shaped lion behind her jumped up again, and the hands of her upper body turned into sharp claws and stabbed her behind. The slender arm turns around,316l stainless steel pipe, and the metal hits it with a harsh sound. As soon as the willow eyebrow picks, the right foot an oblique upward kick borrows the strength to dodge behind the attack to jump out of their encirclement at the same time, returns a flame bomb to explode. The roar suddenly rang, the smoke and dust became a curtain, just fell to the ground before she relaxed down, the murderous look immediately broke through the smoke and came straight over. Shit, there's no time to hide! "The light is round and eccentric to protect!" There was a low shout,uns s32760 plate, and the transparent dome blocked the fierce attack of the human-shaped lion. Her eyes brightened when she heard the familiar voice from the unexpected pain. Kay! Schiess! The two men who had been waiting for her for a long time were not at ease to find her. Sure enough, she was in trouble again. It was a close call just now! Kay wiped a cold sweat for her. The lion in human form.. Nana, you really have the affinity of Warcraft! Schiess joked. There are more than twenty, quite a few! Unlike the previous Warcraft, the humanoid lion has a strong magic resistance, and the general effective attack is ineffective for them. Pursing her lips, she gave him an aggrieved look and laughed at her. Schiess's body was like lightning, dark shadows sprang out, several human-shaped lions were decapitated, and there was no chance to scream. With a black whip in his hand, the pressing force of the God who dominates the night makes them stop attacking, 316l stainless steel pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, and there is fear in his eyes. Don't want to die, get out! Cool! Farina looked adoringly at Thies in the battle circle. Making sure she wasn't hurt, Kay rewarded her with a shot. "You really can't make us feel at ease for a moment." Pain! She stuck out her tongue with a guilty conscience. She really didn't mean it! When he happily planned to go back to the camp for a big meal, he stepped on the tail of the human-shaped lion hanging out of the bushes. Just go to sleep. Why do you put your tail casually? It's not all her fault! She apologized to them, but they didn't listen, and they wanted to eat her fierce way of venting their hatred. Why is she so unlucky?! "They are a headache for magicians. They have strong magic resistance. Wind, fire, water and earth magic below level 5 are ineffective against them." "Eh?"! No wonder my flares can't hurt them. So the only way to deal with them is to fight? A humanoid lion without hard armor cannot block a sharp weapon. Theis's dark dragon whip is a famous weapon in the demon world. Look at him dancing like a dragon. He hits the human-shaped lion as neatly as cutting tofu. He sees blood spurting and limbs separated. This killing method is too artistic! Ah, Pooh, Pooh.. What the hell is wrong with her? She had gone a little under the influence of Deluya's strange personality. In just a minute, Schiess had whipped all the humanoid lion hands, and the movements were full of the ferocity and strength of the leader. Ah-Schiess, that's great! She jumped on top of him and kissed his face. Gave her a deep kiss, "such a reward can satisfy me." Some weak feet she leaned in his arms, "you bully me again!" There is no anger but coquetry. Kay climbed the tree to get the prey. "It's getting dark. Let's go back quickly." The way Farina breathed like an orchid could drive all men crazy, and an impulse began to converge. Schiess was no exception, holding her in his arms and using kamikaze with Kai to make small regional jumps. Back at the camp, which had been set up just in case, a simple tent with three horses tied to a tree beside it, and a small red parrot jumping in front of the fire. As soon as he saw them, he rushed excitedly, "Oh, my master, you are back!" "Honghong, is there anything unusual?" "Yes." This little cute parrot is the hidden appearance of the Fire Phoenix, Farina's servant Warcraft. It has round ruby eyes, rich feathers with a little orange in red, and thin pale pink claws. Anyone who sees it will love it. But who would have thought that such a lovely one would be the advanced Warcraft that everyone feared? Schiess snatched the turkey from his hand and threw it to him. "Get rid of them." Hong Hong is stupefied, it is demon animal, not be a cook? What does this demon take it for?! And he looked at each other for a long time, not to admit some fear of him, it secretly said: "Hum, good birds do not fight with the devil!"! Flapping his wings and using his magic to handle food. She pursed her lips with a smile. "Even Siz bullied people, even Hong Hong." Hong Hong is so pitiful! At least she is her servant, and the master has to express his opinion. If he wasn't like that, he wouldn't be the evil Demon I know. Kay and Thies looked at each other. At least I'm much better than you, the sultry Protoss. He made a point of pulling his bangs. I'm not as corrupt as you are. Here we go again! Although Kay and Theis have buried the hatchet, they still like to bicker. Once the two enemies are against each other,321 stainless steel sheet, the air is full of gunpowder. Oh, Nana, he describes our sexual bliss as depravity! He smirked close to her lips.