The Throne of the End Times

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The Throne of the End TimesThe Throne of the End TimesThe Throne of the End TimesThe Throne of the End Times

As Yang Qiong walked along, people kept coming to say hello. Everyone has worked hard! I'm here to thank you all! "Ha ha!"! What did Miss Joan say! You are the ones who really work hard! Without you constantly killing mutants outside, we wouldn't even have anything to eat! Without you, I'm afraid we would have been digested by those mutated creatures! "Yes, yes!"! You are the benefactors of the village! …… The villagers nearby gathered around from time to time and said gratefully. Ok! Let's all go to our own business! I took the guest for a walk in the village. Yang Qiong coped with it for a while and then said to the militiamen in the village. Then the militiamen dispersed! "I didn't expect Joan to be so popular in this village!"! Ha-ha Zhang Qing felt the gratitude from the heart of those people just now, and could not help saying to Yang Qiong. Just call me Joan. Teacher, Miss Joan. Miss Joan, aren't you tired? Yang Qiong said lightly, "Those villagers, their own conditions are limited, there is no strong force to protect themselves, we will act as the guardian of the village, they are naturally grateful!"! However, this is the end of the world, we all have to help each other, support each other, or fight separately, the strong only know how to bully the weak, then in the end, human beings will not escape the road to extinction! "Yes!"! Joan Mee. Joan. Zhang Qingyi sweat, just want to say "Qiong beauty" was Yang Qiong to stare back, so hurriedly changed, at the same time in the heart sweet honey thought,Planetary Gear Motor, this Qiong beauty with me so invisible will not be captured by my superhuman charm ah! Ha ha ha ha! I like! You're right! Only by uniting can the fire of human civilization remain unextinguished, otherwise it will be difficult for human beings to escape this catastrophe. Zhang Qing sighed, then suddenly asked strangely, "I didn't expect Joan to see so thoroughly?" "Humph!"! What do you think? Yang Qiong's face was cold and she said coldly, "Am I an ignorant village girl in your heart?" "I dare not!" Seeing the beauty's anger, Zhang Qing quickly apologized, "I was wrong!"! The beauty of Qiong'er is definitely a person with both civil and military skills! "Humph!" Yang Qiong snorted coldly, then said lightly, "I used to be a man of the hour in the university, and I don't know less than you, hum!"! Unfortunately, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, now, I can't go back to the past! Yang Qiong said, her face showing a touch of sadness, and a trace of memories. Yes! I can't go back! Zhang Qing sighed with emotion, his mind suddenly emerged his previous picture, thought of a lot of people, a lot of things, thought of their own suffering, think of their parents, think of that already blurred beautiful figure, eyes can not help but a hazy! "Zhang Qing, Zhang Qing!" "Huh?"? Oh! Hey, I'm sorry, I suddenly thought of the past! Zhang Qing said with an embarrassed smile, and then suddenly closed his eyes and looked ahead. The past is the past! In the end of the world, there are endless crises. What we need to do is to clear all the crises and try our best to get through this disaster! Come on! Work together! Zhang Qing said with a dignified face! "Can't you see that you have such a serious side?" Yang Qiong said mockingly. It has to be! I'm a very serious person! Zhang Qing immediately roared. And! I don't see it! Yang Qiong twisted her face and said disdainfully. "Hey, hey, hey!"! Just because you don't see it doesn't mean you don't have it! You're doubting my character, you know? "And!"! You have a character, too? Don't think I don't know that you used to. "I used to?" …… As they spoke, they drifted away! "Hey!"! I haven't seen Miss Joan talk like this for a long time since her mother died in the catastrophe! After Yang and Qiong left, the militiamen began to talk! "Yes!"! Who is that young man? It looks like you can get along well with the young lady! "I hear it's a man Miss Joan brought back from the outside yesterday!" "Yes!"! It is said that he was highly appreciated by the village head, and as soon as he came back, the village head gave him a small courtyard directly! "Why?"! Who is he? Why give him a small courtyard? There are so many of us that only three or four people can have a house! Who knows? This is the decision of the village chief! "I heard!"! This young man is not simple! Before he met Miss Joan and the others, he was fighting alone with hundreds of mutant creatures, and he was unharmed! In the end, he killed a super mutant creature directly! "So powerful!" "Yes!"! That's what Yang Tie said directly! "Who knows if it's true?" …… "This is a guard wall in our village!"! Relatively simple, however, the defense is still very good! Yang Qiong and Zhang Qing walked to the western edge of the village and pointed to the three-meter-high cement wall around them. Hmm? Zhang Qing looked at the wall in front of him. Cement Walls: Simple walls with average defensive power! Durability: 10000/10000 (when the durability is zero, the wall collapses and loses its protective function!) "Well, not bad!"! So there is the appearance of a small city! "Well!"! After these walls, we also built many arrow towers. When facing monsters, we can shoot directly from the arrow towers and beat back those monsters! "Well!"! Very good! Where do the archers in your village come from? "Of course, they are trained by themselves, but the bows they use are not ordinary bows, including powerful crossbows, powerful arm bows, and of course,small geared motors, bed crossbows!"! But we didn't rush it! The drawings are still being revised! "Where did you get all this?" Zhang Qing asked doubtfully. Grandpa Liu is there! No, he doesn't understand! Yang Qiong said with some admiration. It's really an encyclopedia! Zhang Qing secretly said in his heart. When Dangdang ~ "When Zhang Qing and Yang Qiong were familiar with the buildings of the village, three rapid bells suddenly rang violently in the south!".