Hanshi of the top grade (Three Idiots of the Thief Way) _

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Hanshi of the top grade (Three Idiots of the Thief Way) _Hanshi of the top grade (Three Idiots of the Thief Way) _Hanshi of the top grade (Three Idiots of the Thief Way) _

Chen Man was so angry that he cursed Pan's adulteress. Previously, he had been thinking about taking Chen Liu's son back. Now, as soon as he saw the white, fat and lovely three-year-old boy, he was extremely disgusted. According to the household law of the Jin Dynasty, Pan should die. The three-year-old boy, Lu Shi, refused to take him in and was sentenced to be raised by Pan's mother's family. Lu Shi allocated 30 mu of land to Pan's family as a field for raising children. For his son Chen Liu, Chen Man was still emotional. He stroked the corpse and cried bitterly, but found a bloody suicide note in Chen Liu's arms. Chen Liu regretted his misdeeds of listening to the instigation and instigation of Lu and Chu, plotting the land of his younger brother and framing his younger brother. He was unworthy of Chen's ancestors and parents. He only asked his sixteen younger brothers and patriarch to allow him to be buried in Chen's cemetery so as not to become a ghost. When Chen Man read the letter, the old man burst into tears and showed it to Chen Zhi. Chen Caozhi felt compassion and said, "Uncle Six, I won't object to Chen Liu being buried in Chen's cemetery. Let's stop at the Lingyin Temple first. When Uncle Four comes back, it's up to Uncle Four to decide." Ding Yi in the name of Lu's imposter, seriously endangering the reputation and interests of the cremation of Qian Tang, joined the whole family, Zhu's, Gu's, Fan's, Du's, Dai's, together to supervise Wang Deyi to hear the case,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, Wen Qian alone, send someone to inform Wu Jun's uncle Chu Jian, such as Chu Jian Wu Jun came, is already half a month later, Lu to note the book, fraud into the cremation, embezzlement of land, the crime of evading taxes has been found out two Chu Jian also can't single-handedly to reverse the verdict, because it involves the interests of most of the cremation of Qian Tang,12v High Torque Motor, Chu Jian only get rid of the relationship between Chu and Lu, Lu's fall can't be avoided, slaves and servants scattered to occupy 60 hectares of fertile land all returned as official fields, Lu is also a big family of Qian Tang, People are quite prosperous, originally there were 20 hectares of farmland, now cut in half, Lu's men over the age of sixteen have to serve three months of miscellaneous service every year after Xu served by others, most of the family's assets were confiscated into the government as a tax adjustment for missing payment, there were as much as two million yuan, when the county magistrate Wang was leaving office, he was so proud and elated that he made such a big case. Chu Jian hated that it was useless to gnash his teeth. He Wang Deyi is not under the jurisdiction of Yangzhou Wu Jun, he is now the magistrate of Nanyang County, Jingzhou. Although Chu Wenqian served as the county magistrate of Qian Tang, he lost the assistance of Lu Shi, which can be said to be a broken arm. The other seven cremation families of Qian Tang all looked down on Chu Shi. Chu Jian and Chu Wenqian's uncles and nephews were all unstable. Let's wait and see. Chen Caozhi did not intervene in Lu's affairs. He came to the county to deal with Chen Liu's funeral affairs. That night, Vending Machine Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, he returned to Chenjiawu. He still served his mother, consulted Gu Kaizhi about figure painting techniques, and talked with Xu Miao about metaphysics and Confucianism. At the beginning of September, Ding Zong and Runer went to Ding's villa to visit their mother. Ding Youwei's Jian Caozhi came back from the county and asked Lai De and Ran Sheng to send his nephew and niece, accompanied by Qingzhi Chen Caozhi, who did not go this time. He wanted to stay with his old mother. If Laizhen sent a letter to Kuaiji Dongshan in early September, four days would be enough to go back and forth. Laizhen didn't come back until September 15. Laizhen's wife, Huang Shi, panicked. Chen Caozhi said he would wait another two days. If he didn't come back, he would send someone to look for him. At noon on the seventeenth of the month, Lai Fu and Jing Nu were ready to go to Kuaiji to look for him. Lai Zhen came back. When Lai Fu saw that his son was all right, he could not help complaining, "Lai Zhen, you are also a father, and you don't know how to do things. Little Lang Jun sent you to Shangyu to deliver a letter, but you spent half a month." "Father," said Lai Zhen. The son stopped going to Shangyu. I also went to the county. 。” "I told you to go to Shangyu," said Laifu. What are you doing in the county? !” Then Chen Caozhi came downstairs. "Little Lang Jun," said Lai Zhen hurriedly. Zhu Shi Lang Jun will be here soon. And gt; Mr. Che Dai An Dao 。 I just went with Zhu's servant and came back a few days late. 。” Chen Caozhi asked, "Which Mr. Zhu is here?" Lai Zhen said, "It's the man of the Zhu family who came here with Master Zhi Du last time." Chen Caozhi nodded. Thought: "Xie Dao really can not come out.". It should be engaged to Wang Ningzhi. The days of freedom are gone forever. That meeting with Cao Eting was the last time I saw her. Chen Caozhi let Lai Zhen lead the way, and he went with Gu Kaizhi and Xu Miao to meet him. Dai Kui Dai Andao was about forty years old. He was dressed in an apricot yellow robe, no scarf, no crown, and a bamboo hairpin. His face was long and narrow, and the bridge of his nose was very high. His face was very sculptural and three-dimensional. Apart from the servant driving the car, there was only one boy holding the lute. He was simple and free and easy. When he saw Chen Caozhi, he said with a smile, "I've heard that Chen Zizhong's left and right hand calligraphy is a must in Dai Mou arrived uninvited today. Chen Caozhi bowed deeply and said, "I wanted to go to the county to visit Mr. Dai." But my mother is too old to travel far. Gu Kaizhi forgot to meet Dai Kui. He stared at Xie Xuan and asked Xu Miao, "Is he Zhu Yingting?" Xie Xuan recognized Gu Kaizhi, whom he had met in Jiankang last year. He laughed loudly and said, "I've been pretending to be the son of the Zhu family for half a year. Today I've been exposed by Brother Changkang. Don't blame Brother Zizhong and Brother Xianmin." Xiachen County Xie Xuan Xie Youdu. Xu Miao was greatly surprised. It turned out that Zhu Yingting was Xie Xuan, the nephew of Xie An. Xie Xuan was famous for his talent and beauty. He and Wang Xianzhi were called Wang Xie Shuangxiu. So who was Zhu Yingtai? In terms of talent and learning, Zhu Yingting was slightly inferior to his brother Zhu Yingtai? Without waiting for Xu Miao to ask a question, Xie Xuan had already said, "Zhu Yingtai is really surnamed Zhu. He is my cousin. He can't come this time." Said this, Xie Xuan took a look at Chen Caozhi, Chen Caozhi gentle smile, nodded, said will help conceal the identity of Xie Dao. By this time, Gu Kaizhi had already met Dai Kui, and when he learned that Dai Kui had brought two paintings, he couldn't wait to enter Chenjiawu, so he exhibited them outside the castle. Dai Kui brought two paintings, one is the eight-foot long scroll "Seven Sages of Embroidery Forest" and the other is "Nandu Fu Tu". The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest are Kang, Ruan Ji, Shan Tao, Rong, Xiang Xiu, Liu Ling, and Ruan Xian. There is also an ancient scholar named Rong Qiqi. These eight scholars are all sitting on the ground. They have different costumes,Gear Reduction Motor, different postures, and different expressions. In the painting, Wang Rong leans against a wooden table in one hand and jade Ruyi in the other. He raises his head and bends his knees as if no one was watching. The whole painting is full of charm and wit. ichgearmotor.com