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Dust RoDust RoadDust RoadDust RoadDust RoadDust RoadDust RoadDust Roadad

Liu Dapang was a little ashamed and said, "I spent a lot of time on these two things. I didn't know how careful I was when I hid them until now. It took me half a day to take them out. Now I'm relieved to give them to you." Meng Chang nodded and was about to put it away, but Zhao Gou stopped him. In the puzzled eyes of the two men, Zhao Gou asked, "Are these the two missing in the palace?" Liu Dapang nodded his head. It's all right to give it to you. Zhao thought about it and then said, "The late emperor once said that these are not two ordinary pearls, but more likely a key.". The late emperor also wanted to solve this mystery, but it was a pity that the state affairs worked hard and the pearl disappeared, so he gave up. With your relationship, you can help the late emperor fulfill this wish. I thought this was the end of the farewell, but no one could imagine that Ding Ning suddenly appeared at this time, holding an ordinary porcelain bottle in his hand, and when he saw Meng Chang, he forced it into his hand. This is the medicine I made some changes according to the prescription of Dead Wood Fengchun. It took me one night to prepare it. The name has not been taken yet, and the efficacy is not very clear. It is too short to try it. You should have some use with it. By the way, help me test the medicinal properties. I think you will not refuse this favor. "What if there is a problem after I use it?" Meng Chang asked grumpily. Then you must come back alive and tell me, so that I can make some changes according to your problems. "This is more important and you have to finish it," Ding said with a smile. "There are two more words for you," Ding said. "Liu Yu said that when you come back and invite him to drink, he has no money now and can only rely on you." "Gu Ping.". He's waiting for you to come back for his wedding feast. "Gu Ping's reason is still a little interesting. Did he think it over?" Meng Chang asked with a smile. Do you think his rigid head can think of this thing? Ding Ning made no secret of his disdain for Gu Ping. Meng Chang still smiled, "it seems impossible." "That's the truth." "I have to say that he met a very nice girl," Ding said. Looking at Meng Chang carefully, he went on to say, "Everything has a destiny under the destiny of heaven. Although he has lost his True Qi, God has treated him well, so you must not miss their wedding feast." "I didn't expect to meet such a happy event when I first arrived here,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and God served me well." Zhao Gou smiled happily, then turned around and left happily, and then Liu Dapang walked back with ease. You still want to send me? Meng Chang asked with a light smile. I don't want to send you. Ding Ning said: "Since the beginning of autumn, the barbarians have been attacking on a large scale. The northwest camp has been supported by Qin Feng alone. If he dies, the northwest will be in chaos, and then the barbarians can take advantage of the situation." After the words, Ding Ning did not say, but everyone can hear his meaning, Meng Chang nodded and said: "I know." Chapter 115 Northwest. There is only one season in the northwest. It is covered with white snow all the year round, which is the only embellishment under the gray sky, and white is the only color that can be seen here. Compared with the flowery interior of the empire, it is unusually monotonous, and the white everywhere appears in front of us all the year round, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic generator driver, which is disgusting. When there is no snow, there will be a biting cold wind. The cold wind whistles deep from the snowfield. Just listening to the sound makes people feel cold all over. The ice slag blows on people's faces, like stones falling from high altitude. It is very painful. If you don't pay attention to it, you may even be cut open. When there is no snow and no wind, there is only cold, simple and direct cold, cold into the heart, cold into the soul, dry and cold air inhaled into the lungs, unbearable cold from inside to outside, it seems that even the blood is about to be frozen into ice lumps. No one wanted to go out in such weather. Except for the soldiers who patrolled as usual, everyone else shrank in the barracks. During the time when the war was suspended because of the snowstorm, everyone tried their best to find a way to make their bodies feel comfortable. Walking out of the barracks was an act of self-abuse. There was no fool in the northwest camp. A fool might only live here for a month, or even shorter. Over the past few years, the court has given less and less military expenditure to the northwest camp, sometimes even delayed, or even not issued, the money was distributed to the bottom of the soldiers by Qin Feng, the barracks in disrepair because of the lack of timely repair and exposed large and small holes, the biggest can be free access for a person, but only with ice and snow wrapped in abandoned weapons and armor to block these holes, Such walls can not prevent the invasion of cold at all. Fortunately, the stove can be raised in the barracks, and the wine can be warmed on the stove. In this respect, Qin Feng never treats the soldiers badly and gives them enough freedom. As long as he behaves like a soldier on the battlefield, even if he is drunk when the war subsides, he will simply reprimand them. In the past, the northwest is the most frequent place of war, where soldiers can fall on the battlefield at any time, wandering in the death line of soldiers, tense nerves if not released in time, it is easy to get lost in the wind and snow, and drinking, drinking unconscious, is the only and best way to vent, Qin Feng has maintained a default attitude. The fire, the liquor, the enthusiasm of the soldiers who crowded the barracks and had nothing to do gathered at the gambling table were enough to make the second season of the Northwest in the barracks. There was a sharp contrast between the inside and outside of the barracks. Whether in or out, everyone could not help shivering. As soon as the patrol team entered the barracks, they took off their frozen cotton-padded jacket in a continuous shiver. Behind the cotton-padded jacket was a dark armor. The temperature in the barracks was obviously reduced by the entry of more than a dozen people, which drew angry curses from other people. However, the leader did not take it seriously. He cheerfully shouted at the crowd: "Old Wu,ultrasonic spray nozzle, it's your turn." In this damn weather, you can freeze when you go out. You have to be careful when you go out, and don't ask your brother to dig you out. 。 fycgsonic.com