It's GodIt's God

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It's GodIt's GodIt's GodIt's GodIt's GodIt's GodIt's GoIt's GodIt's GoddIt's GodIt's GodIt's GodIt's God

"Just because you want to stop me?" Gaia sneered, the strength of the holy teacher is absolutely not more than four ranks, the giant God square is more than two hundred meters away, in this area three blood werewolf king is still in the dark breath, let the three blood werewolves cross the threshold to deal with the holy teacher is enough. The three blood werewolf kings are already eager to try. The terrible howl of the wolf was mixed with a powerful hurricane, which blew the whole wide street in disorder. Kayi was slightly stupefied, but did not think that the three blood werewolf kings actually sent out the breath close to the level of Warcraft, eyes once again returned to the young man in black who was surrounded by the breath of death, but this look where there is the figure of the Warcraft master, only a trace of strange dead breath remained in the area where he was just now. Can let three close to the level of the blood werewolf king as a guard, Gaia's own strength now is naturally not these low-level holy level strong can resist. In addition, his own speed has reached a limit, under the influence of the hidden ring, the Holy Devil Teacher can no longer capture Gaia's breath as long as he is slightly distracted. (To be continued) [] Fastest update


114th Yom Kippur Let the battle take place in the city, especially in your most central downtown area, is Xiangxue Mi cut the stomach. Although Kaye is going to stop Gaia. But he couldn't do it at the cost of destroying this section of the city, so he decided to bring the three near-class blood werewolf kings into the air to fight. The strength is close to the level. Even without wings, the Blood Werewolf King can still fly, but the Blood Werewolf King is not an ignorant creature. The three blood werewolves,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Wang Ming, are either in the sky or fighting on land. In order to avoid damage, Kaye had to use light magic with low lethality to deal with the three cursed blood werewolf kings, trying to dispel their dead breath, but the whole city was the tomb of the elves for thousands of years, and when Gaia summoned these souls, the whole city was already in darkness,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and the magician's light magic was greatly reduced. Even if the super light magic falls, the three blood werewolf kings will at most rot more severely, but they will not suffer much damage. "The statue of the giant God, hum." Standing in the middle of the empty square, followed by shadows, Gaia's eyes fell on the huge idol, but his eyes were full of disdain and sarcasm. The outside of the statue was painted with white spar. But the interior is the same as the wall, using the body of the Elf God Tree, and only the Elf God Tree has such a huge body to carve such a magnificent statue. Destroyed a race, and used the sacred tree of the race as a material to carve statues of the gods of prayer, begging for forgiveness from the gods. This is the hypocrisy that human beings are best at, waving flags and shouting all day long, "advocating peace and believing in gods." A faint voice sounded beside Gaia. This man, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, of course, was Fizer, who had been waiting for Gaia in the square for a long time. Although Fei Ze did not leave here, but probably the situation has been understood, this city built on the tomb of the elves, is simply the source of evil for thousands of years. Had it not been for the unexpected arrival of Gaia, who received the inheritance of the elves, how could this shocking secret have been known to the world? The race that was once widely known to the world disappeared in the mainland only because of the most terrible thing in the world, human nature. Gaia had no more feelings. Maybe he had a lot to do with the blood flowing in the city of Fleine tonight. But he has no sense of guilt, and with half of his elven blood, he feels out of touch with these hypocritical and cruel humans. What man! The Snow Griffin Guard saw the two menacingly enter the Colossus area. Immediately appeared in the two men's field of vision, these snow Griffin guards completely ignored the fight in the West City, and always stuck around the giant idol. Ask knowingly! Fei Ze suddenly pulled out the blade of the phoenix, his own strength is not much worse than Gaia, if he completely burst out the power of the blade of the phoenix, how can these fifty snow Griffin knights be his opponent? Ugh!! The fire phoenix spread its wings, and its huge figure enveloped the huge square. Draw the statue a bright red layer. The hot flames swept down, and the fire phoenix took off magnificently and shocked fifty snow griffins. Even two snow griffins, which were full of reactions, touched the edge of the fire phoenix's body. Suddenly, the white feathers burned up and fell from the air with the knight in an instant. After the fire phoenix rose and fell, Fei Ze suddenly raised his sword, and the whole flame phoenix, which was comparable to the statue of the giant God, was directly integrated into his weapon. Suddenly, the extremely frequent weapon burst into a dazzling red light, which immediately dyed the dark red sky, and even the whole square was thrown into a sea of flames. These flames waved with his blade, wrapped in magic and fighting spirit, suddenly whirled together, like a huge wave of wine, sweeping the snow griffon galloping hundreds of meters high. Spreading from the fire on the ground to hundreds of meters in the air, nearly fifty snow Griffin knights were pale with fear and flew higher into the sky in panic, but the speed at which the flames reversed was amazing. With layers of burning heat, it didn't take long to engulf all the knights of the snow griffon. Suddenly, five or six knights of the snow griffon, who had not been protected by fighting spirit in time, turned into blackened corpses. They fell from the air with the blackened griffons without feathers and fell into the sea of fire, turning into ashes in an instant. The wave of flames that filled the square did not affect Gaia much. He stepped directly under the statue of the giant God. He did not even use the enchantment dagger. Directly with the black sword directly opened the boundary, along the giant God at the foot of the spar ladder, to the square underground. The underground floor is built in a gorgeous way, and even if the light source is not needed,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the whole underground floor is shining brightly and transparently. Down the stairs, it seems to be an endless staircase passage, surrounded by gorgeous spar walls. But I can't see the fountain of life.