Throw the pen calmly

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Throw the pen calmlyThrow the pen calmlyThrow the pen calmlyThrow the pen calmly

"Well, we'll talk about it tomorrow, and I'll call you then, okay?" Ling Si Xuan was very tolerant and did not argue with her. After getting off the bus, Lin Rong ran into the dormitory building without even saying goodbye, and when he arrived at the dormitory for a long time, he remembered that the bag of food he had taken had been left in Ling Sixuan's car. She remembered that the food was very delicious, and there were a lot of cheese and fruit that she had never seen before, but by now he must have gone and would not come back, and how embarrassed she was, so Lin Rong felt very sorry. But below Ling Sixuan saw these things but suddenly laughed, drove home, he opened the paper bag, turned over the things inside, there are fruits, cheese, Cantonese moon cakes, dried fruits and so on, picked a few delicious, he ate and watched the movie. Chapter 2 Understanding.. Have meal Chapter II The next day just after class at noon,ultrasonic cutting machine, Lin Rong received a phone call from Ling Sixuan. Are you out of class? It's ten fifty now. Ling Sixuan looked at her watch and asked her. How do you know I'm out of class at this time? Lin Rong is strange. You have three classes in the morning. I have a copy of your schedule here. Come here now. I'm waiting for you at the West Gate. Lin Rong did not say anything, but thought that this person was very careful, the West Gate was very close to his dormitory, and it was a very small door, and there were doctoral dormitories nearby, few undergraduates went there, so there was no need to worry about meeting classmates. After getting on the bus, Lin Rong asked him,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, "What do you like to eat?"? It's too expensive for me. I'm just a student, unlike you. Ling Sixuan raised the corners of his mouth and answered the wrong question: "Did you leave something in my car yesterday?" Hearing him say this, Lin Rong's eyes brightened: "Yes, yes, did you see that?"? That is the hometown specialty that my classmate brings to me, very delicious, where is it? It's good that I still have a good taste to enjoy those things. Oh, I ate it all yesterday. It's delicious, hehe. Ling Si Xuan looked at Lin Rong calmly, as if waiting for her reaction. Hearing this, Lin Rong was furious: "Ah?"? Did you eat it all? That's my food. Why did you eat it without my consent? So, I came here today to apologize to you, because I ate your food, so I invited you to lunch today, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, you don't have to invite me, I gave it back to you. Is that all right? "No!" Lin Rong didn't even think about it and threw him a sentence angrily. Ling Si Xuan seemed to have expected this result, he was not angry, but the radian of the corners of the mouth pulled bigger: "What do you say?" "If I don't eat with you, you have to give me back the same thing, not one less." Lin Rong did not intentionally give him a difficult problem, she really wanted to get back what things, after all, is a classmate's mind, and a lot of delicious food she did not eat, she did not want to give up these easily. Then don't I have to find the same thing for you? Ling Sixuan was very patient and still asked her with a smile. I don't care. You have to give it back to me anyway. Lin Rong has been spoiled by the people around him since he was a child, and his character is naturally a little perverse. All right, I'll find it for you slowly, and I'll give you the first one today. I remember I ate Cantonese mooncakes last night. Let's go to eat them now. I promise they must be authentic. Then he drove. I don't want to go to dinner with you. You stop the car. I want to go back. You drive to buy it yourself and send it to me. Lin Rong disagreed with his proposal. Why not go? He didn't even look up, but still drove his car. "You don't have classes all afternoon. It's good to go out and play. Besides, it's not far. You'll be there soon." "I won't. You stop the car. I'm going down." Said Lin Rong is about to open the car door, her stubborn temper came up, who will not listen to, let alone a basically strange Ling Sixuan. See her hand to the handlebar, Ling Si Xuan startled, hurriedly free to hold the steering wheel of the right hand to pull her: "Don't move, how can you be so disobedient?"? Don't you know how dangerous this is? There are cars all around, and your hand will be crushed immediately if you reach out! He did not expect Lin Rong to be so stubborn and angry. Hand was pulled back, Lin Rong looked out of the car, as Ling Sixuan said, now is the time to get off work at noon, plus just in the busiest section of the city center, the car on the road is like a long queue that can not see the end, if he was not stopped just now, I am afraid his right hand can not be. Then look at Ling Si Xuan, seems to be really angry, still driving, but the mouth is closed tightly, eyebrows have long been wrinkled into a Sichuan word, Lin Rong couldn't help sticking out his tongue: "Well, I'll go to dinner with you, don't be angry." Ling Si Xuan did not speak, the expression on his face did not relax, and he drove by himself. But Lin Rong was annoyed: "What else does he want?"! "I'm not going with you. I'm going back to school. Goodbye." The red light just helped Lin Rong, and she wanted to open the door and get off. Ling Sixuan grabbed her and said, "Don't move. Did I say I was angry?"? I've never seen you so disobedient. Come to dinner with me! Lin Rong did not insist any more and sat angrily. When Ling Sixuan saw her face bulging, she was so angry that she couldn't help laughing out loud: "I said I was angry. I looked in the mirror. Who was so angry?" Then he turned the mirror on the car to Lin Rong. Seeing himself in the mirror, Lin Rong became even angrier and slammed the mirror shut: "Humph!" Ling Si Xuan looked at Lin Rong, she was a little angry, but more shy, blushing,sonicator homogenizer, the first time to see Lin Rong such Ling Si Xuan could not help staring at her for a long time before he reacted to drive. Soon we arrived at the place. It was a large Cantonese restaurant. After parking the car, Ling Sixuan took Lin Rong's hand and led her into the door. Lin Rong quickly pulled back her hand. She had never been in love. Although she was nineteen years old, she was still very sensitive to holding hands with boys.