Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseBlasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

Frey looked at all this thoughtfully. Raising her hand, her hand was still weak and trembling slightly, but the wind butterfly was unable to break away from her spiritual bondage. He gently stroked the elf's tender and greasy neck, then stretched out his index finger and touched it. Wind butterfly eyes flashed despair, closed his eyes and waited for death. Turning his head, he took a look at Rogge, who was sealed in the blue crystal, sighed lightly, and took his index finger back. The wind butterfly just breathed a sigh of relief, and the white light flashed in front of her eyes! It turned out that he raised his slender hand and slapped the elf so hard that he flew out! "No matter how badly I'm hurt, there's still no way you can kill me!" Cold tunnel. Thank you for your support for the www. Xiaoshuotxt. com Zhang Ba Jun Wang Quan There was another wave in the air, and the huge body of the bone dragon appeared. The fastest update speed is in a few days, and its body is much bigger, nearly ten meters long from beginning to end! The blue spar in the center of his forehead also grew a lot, as if it had its own life, with blue flames flashing regularly inside. Countless blue crystal filaments, like blood vessels, penetrated deeply into the skull of the bone dragon. Its huge skeleton is also interspersed with blue crystal lines. As soon as the bone dragon appeared, he shouted,white marble slabs, "Master of masters!"! Are you playing dead? It's so insidious, so.. Fortunately, it still has a quick wit, suddenly found that the atmosphere is not right, immediately shut up. With difficulty, he climbed up the back of the bone dragon and tapped its head. The bone dragon stood up, spread its huge wings,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and was about to jump back to the other world. Wait! What the hell are you.. What What people? Frey, in his eagerness, suddenly found that he could not find a word to call it. Her existence is completely beyond Frey's understanding. It doesn't matter what I am. From the words, Frey seemed to hear a little lonely. The bone dragon jumped up and disappeared into the void. Frey looked at the suddenly empty yard, at the butterfly in a daze, bleeding at the corners of his mouth, and remembered that his only brother had left and that he had become a stranger to his father, and he could not help sighing again. Life is so lonely. Time passed quickly. Roger lay quietly in the blue crystal, as if he were sleeping. Frey did not know how long it would take to return, and he declared that Rogue was working on a powerful new magic to suppress the adventurers. If the adventurers knew that something had happened to the ferocious Rogge, they didn't know how many things would happen. After three days of sleep, Adjani finally woke up. No A shrill cry suddenly tore the calm before dawn! Then there was a loud rumbling noise! Frey in dreamland was suddenly thrown out of bed by a huge force. In a daze, he suddenly found that the change came from Adjani's room. He immediately sobered up, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, grabbed a piece of clothing and rushed out. Adjani's room had been reduced to rubble. The smoke was everywhere, and it was impossible to see what was happening inside. Frey's heart immediately tightened! On that day, Ajani conquered all the people, but fortunately a mysterious one saved her. Frey would not have the honorable girl make the slightest mistake. He roared, and there was a flash of green light, and the Druid Arcane War Machine was in motion. He did not hesitate and rushed into the smoke at once! As soon as he entered the smoke, there was a flash of golden light in front of his eyes, followed by a whirl of heaven and earth! Then there was a great pain in his back, and Frey's huge body flew out of the smoke and fell heavily to the ground! His bronzed face turned white in an instant and he gasped with pain. Ah! It's you! There was an exclamation of surprise, and the surprised Adjani covered her wide-open mouth with her hand, forgetting for a moment that it was time to help Frey up. Frey managed to get up, still inhaling the cold air involuntarily, his face was blue and one eye was swollen. "Are you awake?" He said with a wry smile? You, how did you get so bad? And, you.. It seems to have changed a lot. When Adjani woke up, she was still stuck in the memory of that day. When she felt someone coming, she thought it was the class of the God of death, and immediately instinctively fought back. But she felt incredible that Frey, who had performed the secret method of'war machine ', could be beaten like this at once. Frey looked carefully at Adjani, whose face had strangely turned pale gold, and her eyes occasionally flashed with seven colors. Now Ajani's whole person reveals an indescribable taste. It's an ethereal feeling. Where's Rogue? Where is he? Asked Adjani. Frey gave a deep sigh and said, "He.." Are you asleep now! But that day there was a mysterious.. People. She saved you, and I think she can save Rogue, too. Then Frey took her to Rogue's room. Looking at Rogge lying quietly in the blue crystal, Ajani surprisingly did not cry, she just stroked the crystal, tears fell silently. She sensed with the peculiar acumen of an elf that Rogue was now a corpse. With a splash, Ajani fell on her back, with a trace of blood flowing from the corners of her mouth. A few days later, an urgent order came from the city of the oracle, and the wind butterfly, Ajani and all the guardian warriors were transferred back to the city of the oracle. Frey didn't care what the elves were doing, and he just wanted to stay with his brother. He had another worry, that is, he was afraid that the city of clouds would send another killer. Ajani was worried about the safety of the city of the oracle and was at a loss what to do about Rogge's current situation, so she went back to the city of the oracle first. She pinned her last hope on the mysterious body. During this time, Frey closed the door of the mansion and refused to see visitors. The servants in the mansion were not allowed to go in and out at will, and they were forbidden to do so. More than half of the servants were somewhat disabled in the fierce battle that day, and Frey threw down a lot of gold coins and immediately sealed everyone's mouth. But outside the window every day overcast, snow from time to time, this cold winter, it seems that there is no end. The other world is also the same cold,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and this world is different, the other world is always winter, the sky is always covered with fine clouds.