Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

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Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel ParadiseTianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel ParadiseTianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

Takeshi Yuecheng knew that he had been sent into the Yin and Yang corridor by Fan Xifeng, and he was not in a panic. He secretly carried the power of immortals all over his body to resist the biting cold wind in the place where he forgot the river. The mental method of the Eight Wilderness was slowly running, and a force of Yang and harmony surged all over his body. Although he had not learned the Samadhi True Fire Formula of Bixuan School, it was not difficult for him to stimulate the power of fire pulse and warm his body. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Twenty-six, where not to meet in life When Yuecheng Wu was sitting still and exercising to warm his body, suddenly there was a howl of ghosts, and a group of mutilated souls came from a distance. These people, Yuecheng Wu, actually recognized that it was the Qinglong Society gangsters who had been killed by him and Ip Man and Wu San in Kunfan Temple. When these people saw Takeshi, they suddenly became extremely angry, irritable and restless, and the two leading men immediately turned into giant dogs, demon monkeys, and roared up. Yuecheng Takeshi had long been told by Fan Xifeng to keep his inner peace and sit still despite the attack of these fierce ghosts. After soaring, Takeshi's body is not flesh and blood, just a group of immortal essence condensation. Therefore, these dead souls could not be hurt at all. No matter how the demon monkey scratched and how the giant dog bit, Takeshi Yuecheng was not moved. Despite the wind from north, south, east and west, I did not move like a pine. The dead of the Green Dragon Society, who had been entangled with Takeshi Yuecheng,touch screen digital signage, turned into plumes of black smoke one after another after discovering that they could not help him, and drilled into his heavenly spirit cover. Only then did these ferocious souls become entrenched in him, and all kinds of illusions were born. Takeshi seemed to see countless pale faces around his body, countless arms grasping his whole body, and many mouths biting his skin. The taste of falling into boundless hell, Rao Yuecheng Takeshi's mind is firm, but also some can not bear it. Even if you die a hundred times worse, I will not regret killing you people. Look at the side of each of you,face detection android, not all of you are followed by ghosts, which one is not killed by you in your lifetime! With what people like you have done, do you still have the face to ask me for injustice? Get out of my way! The gangsters of the Green Dragon Society killed countless people, and naturally followed the souls of some people who died unjustly, entangled with these villains and refused to leave. As soon as Takeshi Yuecheng drank, a faint white smoke rose around the souls of the gangsters of the Green Dragon Society. Countless spirit animals, nine-tailed foxes, more than ten bald monks, and even children all hugged their bodies and tore and entangled them desperately. Although the wicked have their own wicked grinding, I am not the most wicked person, but I will sweep you clean. Yuecheng Takeshi clasped his palm and launched a message. Fan Xifeng got the message and immediately gathered the magic. But for a moment, Yuecheng Takeshi was transferred back. Fan Xifeng was surprised to see that Takeshi had so many evil spirits wrapped around him, but he did not forget what to do. With a wave of his palm to his own life doll, after a low drink, the black light was released from the life doll, and the evil spirits who were drilling in the body of Takeshi Yuecheng could not resist such temptation and flew out one by one, interactive kiosk price ,information kiosk price, which was absorbed by Fan Xifeng's life doll. I'm going to start practicing the Yin and Yang of Forgetting Sichuan. You can stay here for a few days. It will take me at least a year to finish the Yin and Yang of Forgetting Sichuan. I just sent you to the entrance of the Yinyang Corridor, which must have caused great damage to your body. You'd better meditate hard to recuperate your vitality. We'll practice tomorrow. With that, Fan Xifeng dropped a small bag of jade bait, pinched his hands and closed his eyes. Although just sent into the Yin and Yang corridor is only a moment, but the moon city Wu Xian power consumption is great, into the environment that period of time, let his spirit tense to the extreme. Just did not feel how, in order to relax down, suddenly the whole body muscle suddenly straight jump, the body soft almost can not stand up. The immortal power in the body is also swept away, the whole person is like being robbed a hundred times, nothing left. After grabbing the bag thrown by Fan Xifeng, Takeshi untied the mouth of the bag, grabbed a piece of jade bait and swallowed it, and then a warm feeling came out of his chest and abdomen. Usually Yuecheng Takeshi swallowed jade bait, but only when the immortal power was slightly depleted, he had never experienced such a deep experience this time. A stream of pure vitality, melted out from the jade bait, added to the six true veins of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and Bixuan, so that the already dry meridians gradually became enriched. However, this piece of jade bait is similar to the Ephedra jade bait in his Magpie Maple City. It does not have the miraculous effect of Ziyuan Jade Bait, which has been filled with immortal power in an instant. It can only melt out the vitality one by one, and then transform into immortal power. According to this speed, it will take at least one or two days to restore the immortal power to its peak. However, Takeshi was not in a hurry. His experience in the Yin and Yang corridor was like a reincarnation of life and death. Takeshi carefully realized this wonderful feeling and seemed to have a better understanding of spiritual practice. Yuecheng Takeshi's practice speed, put in the Bixuan Sect, is on the top, put in the Avatar Gang, even if it is very general. After all, those who are the best in previous lives, in all kinds of understanding, are people with decades of experience, it is easy to find the shortest way. Gu Lianxing rose later than Takeshi Yuecheng, but in just a few years, she has become a first-class master and the eighth leader of the Avatar Gang, which shows the high aptitude of this woman. Meng Shentong was able to cultivate Bixuan's mental method to such a level in 30 years, but he also paid a great price, and only when he was gifted and enlightened could he achieve such success. Compared with these people, Takeshi Yuecheng was just an ordinary businessman in his lifetime. Although he had some talent, he did not have the well-tempered will of those people and rich experience in practice. Although Takeshi was taught by Meng Shentong, he was better than many people, but he was not convinced. Yuecheng Takeshi is a very serious person, he never think that some things, others can do,smart whiteboard price, but he can not do. As long as there are positive and negative methods and enough efforts, even if you can't stand at the top, you can stand higher than most people. hsdtouch.com