Fly up again

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Fly up againFly up againFly up againFly up againFly up againFly up againFly up againFly up again

"Everything in the world has weaknesses, and the human body is no exception. In fact, as long as we observe carefully, we can easily find that there are many causes in the human body." "Master, how can the human body have so many weaknesses?" Huo Qi gaped at the floating and flashing red dots on the "human anatomy electronic map". Well, everyone will have weaknesses, even if some martial arts can practice, can transform a lot of weaknesses, but some parts, how to practice, it is difficult to eliminate perfectly. With Lu Xuan's finger touching the "electronic map", the red dots on the "electronic anatomical map" disappeared completely, and more than a dozen purple bright spots appeared. "These purple bright spots are the weaknesses that the warrior practices desperately, but it is difficult to practice perfectly." "Mmm." Huo Qi was entranced. As soon as Lu Xuan touched the electronic projection with his hand again, all the bright spots disappeared completely. He said lightly, "The weaknesses of the human body have fixed places, and there are also random places that appear with the operation of the human biological system. Fixed points are dangerous, and random points are just more terrible. It is impossible to guard against them. Many warriors themselves do not know where these random weaknesses will appear." Huo kept nodding his head and looked like he was thirsty for peace. Random weaknesses in the human body. We'll talk about this later. Let's talk about the fixed key points first. You tell me, in your mind,4k smart board, where is the body of ordinary people very fragile? Lu Xuan is good at guiding. I should have a certain understanding of this. "You say." "Let me think about it. Let's talk about the head first. The back of the head should be the temple, the root of the ear and the throat."; The upper part of the body, the heart, and the liver in the abdomen are all quite fragile. The lower part of the body, the male pudendum, the groin, and the rest part-that's what the doctor said about the meniscus ligament. I almost forgot. The head and the eyes. All the arteries in the body are weak,touch screen whiteboard, especially the cervical arteries, plus the spine. Huo Qi's insight is stronger than Lu Xuan expected. Yes, these places you mentioned are the weaknesses of the human body. When attacking, they will produce vertigo, bleeding, rupture and other effects. However, Lu Xuan's attack theory is that in the absence of strength, the enemy can still be severely damaged. It must choose the most vulnerable point, which is also the easiest to cause damage. So let's look at this picture again. With Lu Xuan's manipulation, there are many large and small red highlights on the virtual electronic map. There are seventy-two important human weaknesses here. I'll give you an hour to memorize their locations and names. "No problem." I don't know why, Lu Xuan always felt that from Huo Qi, he could see some shadows of his former apprentice Feng Jie. Smart, astute, interactive digital whiteboard ,75 inch smart board, learns things very quickly. However, the essential difference between Feng Jie and Huo Qi is ambition, Huo Qi is determined to learn "Lu Xuan's attack mode", Feng Jie just wants to worship "Lu Xuan" as a teacher. Lu Xuan accidentally saved Feng Jie's life in his previous life. Feng Jie, who had no one to depend on, immediately asked him to become a disciple. Rather than saying that Feng Jie wanted to learn martial arts from him, it was better to say that Feng Jie lived with him. Feng Jie's interest in martial arts is not high, but he has great interest in mecha, network engineering and design. Although Lu Xuan regretted that Feng Jie could not inherit his martial arts skills, he did not force his disciples to practice martial arts. Now that he met Huo Qi, who was devoted to studying martial arts, Lu Xuan's regret in those years was relieved. Although Huo Qi was born in the first family in France, perhaps because he had no power since childhood and was regarded as a waste by his peers, his personality was quite independent, without any taste of flowers in the greenhouse. Huo Qi most let Lu Xuan recognized part, in addition to his previous life disciple Feng Jie's shadow, and he has a feeling of loneliness, Lu Xuan has always believed that martial arts is lonely, martial arts must have the consciousness of moving forward alone. In his previous life, Lu Xuan extended the loneliness of martial arts to the loneliness of life. In this life, Lu Xuan has a new understanding of life. Since he came to this world, before leaving, he should guard those who are important to him. Parents are important people, generals are important people, the Feng family is very important to themselves, perhaps the list of important people will gradually increase. Lu Xuan did not regard them as a burden, but as a part of his life beyond his martial arts. "Master, I've already done it. It took me thirty-nine minutes." Huo Qi's childish voice is full of confidence. Okay, let's check it now. Lu Xuan was also full of confidence in the path of the three disciples. Chapter 145 of the main text Lu Xuan's unique martial arts. Black Dragon Novel Updated: 2009-7-17 23:19:48 Words in this chapter: 4049 The bamboo forest outside the Huo family's private martial arts school is no longer green because of autumn. Many bamboo leaves are already half yellow, or all yellow. With the autumn sea breeze passing by, the pale yellow bamboo leaves are falling. At this time, two people in sportswear were standing in the falling bamboo leaves and saying something. One was a young man with a cold expression, and it would not be too much to say that he was a teenager if it were not for his black-framed glasses on his nose, which added a bit of maturity to him. The other is an authentic teenager, or Zhengtai, fourteen or fifteen years old, slightly childish between his eyebrows, but his eyes are very firm. Huo Qi, have you been practicing martial arts with me for a long time? Lu Xuan's indifferent voice did not have much emotion. Master, the disciple has been practicing martial arts with you for half a month. Huo Qi replied in a loud voice. Do you remember all the weaknesses of the human body? "My disciple has memorized everything. Except for the fixed weak points and acupoints, the disciple has a success rate of more than 95% in judging the random weak points produced according to the blood circulation of the human body, the state of body movement, and the physiological situation." Huo Qi replied confidently. Uh "Now when I look at the ordinary people around me,interactive flat panel display, I feel that they are full of flaws and expose the vital parts of their bodies, while the flaws and weaknesses of Unas and those who have reached the fifth congenital level are much less, almost less." Huo Qi said excitedly. What do you think of me? Lu Xuan looked forward to Huo Qi's answer with great interest. The disciple dared not look at the master. Huo Qi whispered.