The Lord is mighty

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The Lord is mightyThe Lord is mightyThe Lord is mightyThe Lord is mightyThe Lord is mighty

Especially like the existence of the God Emperor, at this time the God Emperor in the divine world is still much stronger than the abyss world. Although it seems that the advantages of the abyss world are more obvious, it is almost impossible for those gods in the divine world to unite, and even when Zhou Tian has the opportunity to attract them, even if there are more gods in the divine world at that time, it is unlikely to pose much threat to Zhou Tian. It can be said that if Zhou Tianzhen intends to deal with each other, he has to consider at that time, if those gods really join hands to deal with his influence. In any case, the God emperor level of combat power that is already Zhou Tian can not easily ignore the existence of. Even if it is a single fight with Zhou Tian, those gods and emperors already have the ability to pose a threat to them. In this way, if Zhou Tian really launched an attack on the divine world, those gods did not choose to avoid war for some reason, but desperately resist its invasion, then even if Zhou Tian wanted to win the divine world, I am afraid it was not easy to do it at that time! Unfortunately, now Zhou Tian has come to this step, and now if he does not take down the divine world, there will be a change. In that case, even if Zhou Tian has so many scruples, as long as it really has a certain chance of winning against the divine world,large palm trees for sale, then at this time, there is no reason not to do so. (To be continued.) Chapter 1184 Zhou Tian already has a certain chance of winning, and he also thinks he has a reason to deal with the divine world. In this way, although Zhou Tian had scruples in his heart, he did not hesitate to take action against the divine world, and almost made up his mind that Zhou Tian would concentrate his strength in his hands. At present, the abyss world and the divine world have become the only two worlds with fairly good strength. Those worlds that are not as strong as them but are also considerable are either swallowed up by the abyss world or won by the divine world. In that case, while the strength of the abyss world and the divine world has improved,outdoor palm trees, it has also created a good environment for the battle of Zhou Tian. Without the destruction of those worlds, it is now believed that even if Zhou Tian is ready to send troops to the divine world, it is estimated that it will have more scruples! In any case, those worlds still have some strength, if the world suddenly invaded the abyss world at the critical moment of the struggle between Zhou Tian and the consciousness of the divine world, then Zhou Tian had a great advantage in the war against the divine world, and in that case, it was estimated that there was no other choice but to withdraw. If it were possible, Zhou Tian would not want that situation to happen. But according to previous experience, if there are still some worlds with corresponding strength, and those world consciousness still have certain thinking ability, then what Zhou Tian is worried about will inevitably happen. But fortunately, before that, for their own development, Faux cherry blossom tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, Zhou Tian they have almost destroyed those worlds. Now, without the existence of those worlds, the things that Zhou Tian was worried about would not have happened. For Zhou Tian at this time, it does not need to consider too much, if it can really take down the divine world, then just do it, I believe that according to the environment at that time, no one should have the ability and courage to start on the abyss world. As a result, because of that reason, after making the decision, when Zhou Tian attacked the divine world, he directly concentrated almost all the power in his hands. No worries. At that time, Zhou Tian was able to make such a decision, and I believe that if there is no accident, then the next battle will be the last battle in the future. That's the result. Zhou Tian made the decision to attack the divine world, and he also had the ability to do that. At that time, Zhou Tian gathered almost all the power in his hands, and without saying a word, he marched towards the divine world. Boom! When Zhou Tian led his abyss creatures into the divine world, he immediately confronted the gods in the divine world. And it depends on the power in its hands. During the period when he just entered the divine world, he naturally achieved good results. In any case, Zhou Tianyi's advantage is there. In the environment where the forces of the divine world are scattered everywhere, Zhou Tian has assembled almost all the forces in his hands to fight with them, and those gods are naturally no match for Zhou Tian. When the power of the two worlds is basically equal, but one side is concentrated and the other side is dispersed, not to mention that the strength of the two sides is equal at that time, even if the side with concentrated power is weaker than the other side, it will surely win easily. So, depending on the situation at that time. When Zhou Tian gathered all the power in his hands to invade the divine world. According to the situation of those gods in the divine world, since they are not ready to resist the invasion of Zhou Tian, they naturally have no ability to resist the invasion of Zhou Tian. As a result, according to the strength of Zhou Tian, when he really entered the divine world, those forces of the divine world whose strength was not as good as Zhou Tian were almost defeated directly in the first time of contact with him. There were even many gods who chose to surrender directly at that time because they were defeated by Zhou Tian. Everything was just as Zhou Tian thought, no matter how powerful the divine world seemed at that time. Its weakness at that time was quite obvious. So, according to the weakness of the divine world at that time, directly launched an attack on it, how can those gods in the divine world have the ability to resist? As long as things are going the way they are. Then perhaps in a very short time, Zhou Tian will be able to annex the whole divine world according to the situation of the war. Of course, Zhou Tian's most hope is indeed such a situation, but the fact is that although Zhou Tian's idea is not wrong, it is after he really attacked the divine world. In the end, things did not turn out as he thought. In any case, the strength of the divine world is still a little bit at the moment, and although it seems that the internal situation of the divine world has been out of control,silk ficus tree, but the divine consciousness has controlled the divine world for so many years, no matter how powerful those gods are, it is impossible that the ability of the God consciousness really has no effect on them.