The History of Blood and Tears of the Sorcerer Sect Leader

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The History of Blood and Tears of the Sorcerer Sect LeaderThe History of Blood and Tears of the Sorcerer Sect Leader

After scolding this sentence, Master Xiaoyao was stunned. Could it be that he still subconsciously felt that this was a woman? Her face was covered with black lines, even if she was not angry at his provocation, but that did not mean that she could tolerate people repeatedly swearing at her. Also, isn't it ridiculous to talk about the God of Extreme Mowgli? [Current]: Hey, speak cleanly. Extremely Mowgli doesn't know me at all, okay! Although I formed a team with her in the evening, I didn't say a few words at all. I guess he just regarded her as a decoration. Son, you misunderstand. Mowgli is autistic except for someone and everyone. =_=) [Current] Xiaoyao Young Master: Bullshit! Don't know you can kill me in Xiangyang all afternoon because I scold you in the world channel?! Naturally, she could not refute him like a child, "You lie ~ ~", and she felt that although his mouth needed to be repaired, it did not look like a liar. If extreme Mowgli really made a move for her, then such a big thing should be a sensation,fake ficus tree, how can I not know how to pinch? One wave is not flat, another wave is rising. Chapter 13 one wave is not flat, another wave is rising. Self-criticism, the next time to do the task must be tuned to the public channel, which channel of the message can be received. Seeing that she could not refute it for a moment,artificial grass panels, Master Xiaoyao was very proud and smiled bitterly. [Current] Xiaoyao Young Master: Hum, now that you know, you have to admit your mistake to this uncle! So she was really tired of being hit by this jumping thinking, and she couldn't figure out why she was extremely unrestrained. [Current]: Don't nag! What do you want? [Current] Xiaoyao Young Master: Let this uncle P you once! [Current] dumping:.. (Squint) Master Xiaoyao also remembered that he had beaten him just now, but he couldn't beat him himself. So Master Xiaoyao added a few words. [Current] Xiaoyao Young Master: You take off and let this uncle P you once!! [Current] Tilt: Well, you also take off ~ In fact, I got used to it when I was playing Zhu Xian. At that time, she was practicing the ghost way. She was a school whose life was thinner than paper. She wore the equipment as if she hadn't worn it. As soon as there was a PK, she said, "For the sake of fair competition between the two sides, faux ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, let's run naked." =_=||| But what seems normal in her eyes is not so in other people's eyes. [Current] sky2000w: Master Xiaoyao, are you finished?!! (Hysterical) (I don't know if you still remember this, the vice leader of Fengshui Yuntian) [Current] Gu Meier: Yo, what are you doing? (Smirking) [Current] Purple Unreal Degree: (Cover your face) I am a pure child ~ ~ ~ ~ [Current] Chu Yu,: Wuliangshan Jade Bi surprised a hooligan, what is the reason for entangling the peerless man! [Current] Zihuan: Xiang Xiang, you can take this headline to the Sect Leader for reward. (Smirking) [Current] Socrates: Xiaoyao, you are making too much trouble. The two who were in high spirits and took off their equipment were startled. Just now there was no one (they were scared away by the national scolding of Xiaoyao Young Master). Suddenly, a group of people came out. They were still the people whose geomantic omen and love were stronger than gold. The two conversations just now were really shameful. _ Fall into ruin and have a daughter grow up The fourteenth chapter has a daughter who has just grown up. The declaration time of the stronghold is from 10:00 to 14:00. Near the end of the declaration of war, Qingxuecheng declared war on Tianlong Temple. Another gang waiting for the final declaration of war thought that there was no one to rob Tianlong Temple, so they only bid for the minimum declaration amount of 50000 taels of silver in the system. Therefore, after receiving the message of the successful declaration of war system, I couldn't help smirking proudly in the gang channel. [Guild] [Elder] Feng Chen-Fan: Oh, it worked. I saw another gang bidding at the same time, and I was worried. [Guild] [Guild Leader]: Hey, I'm guarding against this move. So I invested 500001 two pieces of silver in the final bidding ~ ~ ~ (laughing up to the sky) In the worship of the gang. What an insidious, cunning and stingy gang leader. [Guild] [Guild Leader]: Na ~ everyone praise me, praise me ~ ~ (sparkling eyes) Feng Chen saw the happy look, like a puppy waiting for its master's praise, just short of sticking up its tail, and could not help laughing. [Guild] [Elder] Feng Chen-Fan: Well, the Guild Leader is very wise. (Smiles) [Guild] [Elder] Seven: Sun and Moon God Sect, unify Jianghu ~ ~ ~ [Guild] [Members of the Guild] Moon in the Water: Yan Fu Enjoys Forever, Longevity and Worms … … (Indifferent) [Guild] [Guild Leader]: Jiong.. Seven ~ months ~ [Guild] [Elder] Moon in the Water: (Indifferent) Because we know that you, the Guild Leader, are easy to transform when you are too excited, so strike appropriately. [Guild] [Guild Leader]:.. (NeiNiuMian) [Guild] [Elder] Fengchen-Fan: Everyone should pay attention to killing Fengshui Yuntian again today. Upgrade quickly before the war. [Guild] [Members] Chen Nan: Copy ~ [Guild] [Elder] Seven: Good ~ I am a hatchet man ~ I rush 60 today!! Therefore, he also ordered the task and began to fly all over the world. [Secret Language] The Evil Emperor whispers to you: Little Qingqing, I see you. [Whisper] You whisper to the Evil Emperor: … (Sweat drops) Sorry, the lights suddenly went out last night. [Secret Language] The Evil Emperor whispers to you: Eh? Do you live in the dormitory? Or a student? [Whisper] You whisper to the Evil Emperor: Yes … And the equipment is too valuable. I can't accept it. [Secret language] The evil emperor whispered to you: Oh, Xiao Qingqing gave me a ring, so I will give you a suitable one. With the frightening array of seven or eight purple suits, this statement was accepted. Maybe the evil emperor just doesn't want to owe her a favor. [Whisper] You whisper to the Evil Emperor: Well,faux grass wall, thank you. (Smiles) The evil emperor quickly mailed it over. She looked at it and found that it was indeed the best ring suitable for Tangmen. But this ring is not brush BOSS strange drop, but the evil emperor personally made. Whether he had made it unintentionally before or later, she felt grateful to him from the bottom of her heart.