Perfect world

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The conflagration is towering, a strong person displays the south to leave the divine fire, shines in all directions, the entire person is like a big torch, wants to dispel the mist, seeks a way out.

On the opposite side, the black mountain was already full of people. All the monks were shocked when they saw the battle. They were as powerful as Xiaoshi and met their opponents here. It was incredible. The woman was so strong that she could fight him to the end and be evenly matched. Shi Hao is speechless, again along the road to the direction of the Golden Gate, repeated observation, see that the stone man has no life fluctuations, he can not help but want to try. He pulled out a hair, infused with divine power, shook his hand and threw it out. Although it was a long hair, it was like a black lightning at this time, making a screeching sound and coming at a very fast speed. Boo! The hair is close to the stone figure, explodes directly, turns into powder, and the divine power poured on it burns into light and dissipates in the void. Shi Hao is ready to escape, even at the expense of jumping down the bluestone road hanging in the void, but found that the stone man still did not move. Stopping his steps, he said doubtfully, "Is it just a stone statue, similar to a magic weapon, guarding here and not taking the initiative to attack?" On the other side of the Golden Gate, the group of young monks could not help but be curious after all. They came all the way and stood hesitating in front of the giant gate. What are you doing here? Do you want to go to the Bronze Sparrow Altar and catch the descendants of the Great Evil? Asked a strong man passing by. How could it be? There hasn't been a big monster climbing up for tens of thousands of years. We're just curious and want to pay tribute to the historic sites. One man laughed. Not quite right, see you look strange, have other things? "I'm afraid you won't believe it. I just saw the Phoenix Dance of the Fairy Court rushing out of it." One muttered in a low voice. What, go and have a look! …… On the bronze sparrow altar, Shi Hao pondered, several attempts did not see the stone man stand up, but passively defused the attack, he was estimating whether he could break in. There's someone coming again! Shi Hao looked up in surprise and saw a group of creatures. Oh, my God, that's.. As soon as the group of people came over,calcium ammonium nitrate price, they saw Shi Hao at once. Someone reached out and pointed to the front and exclaimed. Am I right? After tens of thousands of years, the descendants of the Great Evil have climbed up again? This is big news, and it will cause a sensation! "It seems that we were right just now. Feng Wu really came here. This is a big event against the sky. Hurry back to report and send the news back." Shi Hao grinned, his teeth white, and greeted him. At the same time, Tianxian Academy, a woman in a golden dress, with a brilliant body and snow-white skin, woke up in an instant, and she was very angry. Younger martial sister, you are awake. Why are you so angry? It seems that you have hurt your vitality. I'm so angry that I dare to pinch my nose and pull my face! He won't really come to Xianyuan one day,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, will he? Chapter 0565 the Great Evil Haotian! On the Bronze Sparrow Altar, Shi Hao rushed to the past at a very high speed to leave these people behind. Someone offered a ritual instrument, a Tianluo umbrella flew up, constantly rotating, falling down a black light, sweeping Shi Hao, this thing can kill people's souls. Shi Hao raised his hand, and a small glittering sword with a long finger flew out, turning into a streamer, spraying an amazing sword gas, and cutting the umbrella in half with a sound. Awesome, worthy of being the offspring of the Great Evil! Someone exclaimed that the Tianluo umbrella was not an ordinary thing, but was destroyed by a chop, and everyone changed color. In fact, at the moment of discovery of Shi Hao, a group of people had already turned around and started to flee, because they had seen the phoenix dance turn into light and rain and leave here, and had a premonition that this "fierce" was extremely dangerous. Whew! However, that small sword is too fast, incomparably gorgeous, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, like a rainbow to cut through the void, cut off the road ahead, spray thin sword awn. This sword looks familiar, like. Feng Wu's sword! Someone shouted in a low voice, looking more and more ugly. He felt careless. He didn't think that the bronze sparrow altar had really climbed up. Now that you are here, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Come and have a chat. Let's talk about the past and the present, and talk about the law and the Tao. Isn't it pleasant? Shi Hao is coming. A mist transpiration, accompanied by thunder and lightning, instantly submerged Shi Hao there, someone shot, used the treasure! Can play thunder and lightning, can fall fog, when Shi Hao did not walk out of the Great Wilderness, with the weak against the strong, and bandits worship of the pangolin sacrifice spirit to fight, he used fog. Later, he became stronger and stronger, so there was less fog. Today, someone used this technique on him, trying to block it, and then escape, which is naturally showing off his incompetence. It's just that the magic of the legacy, not the magical power of pure blood, can't stop me. Shi Hao laughed. Just for a moment, the fog was thicker, which he opened his mouth to spray, the haze was boundless, enveloping the front, causing a cry of surprise. Especially the person who casts the spell, is even more creepy, the other side is also proficient in this method, and more powerful than him too much, instead of trapping him. To the realm of Shi Hao, huff and puff fog, not only can block people's sight, but also affect people's mind, so that the mind is blurred, do not distinguish between north, south, east and west, this is the essence of this art. Bang! Someone was hit, and the whole person flew up and fell down to the ancient bronze altar. Boom! The conflagration is towering, a strong person displays the south to leave the divine fire, shines in all directions, the entire person is like a big torch, wants to dispel the mist, seeks a way out. As soon as Shi Hao waved his hand, the power of Taiyin surged, and a foot-long black Kunyu fish swam. It shattered the divine fire of Nanli on the spot, and a tail was thrown out, which made the man fly and fall to the bronze sparrow altar. Spell it! Some people shouted loudly, offering magic weapons and performing magic. The place was full of rainbows, lightning and thunder, divine birds soaring into the sky, and fierce beasts roaring. As a result, it was obvious that these people were just disciples of some ordinary sects. How could they be compared with Shi Hao? Almost all of them were suppressed. Two people were not suppressed, because they were too flustered, fell down from the sky, was inexplicably crushed, and left here. When the haze dissipated, a total of eight people were captured, all lying on the bronze sparrow altar, unable to move,caustic calcined magnesite, this time Shi Hao was particularly cautious, sealing all parts of their body to avoid military solution. You What do you want? Someone's voice trembled, and naturally he knew the legend of the great evil in the lower world. The young man in front of him was certainly not a good person. Don't be nervous. Let's talk. I'm not going to eat you. Shi Hao smiled and tried to be gentle.