Movie queen writes in Jinjiang

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Even if she wore sunglasses, her face without makeup was amazing at a glance. It was really beautiful, but she didn't know what bad idea this person was having in his mind now. There were two elongated shadows under the street lamp on the sidewalk.

Yao Xiaocan's heart suddenly broke into pieces, and for the first time she realized that her IQ might not be high enough and the number of paragraphs was too low. Her aunt taught her to cling to men who had already achieved success with other women, but it didn't work. I don't know why, the more she chased Lu Kui, the farther he hid, and now she's convinced of the fact that she'll never get Lu Kui, and she'll be humiliated and bullied by Josie. But Josie, Cece.. Why her! The woman who has been compared to her countless times! She has lost her acting skills, and now she has to lose her love. What she can't get, no one else can get! She's too stupid to mess up, but someone can! Some people are called other people's children from birth, and this person is the square of other people's children! Yao Xiaocan rummaged through his address book, found his friend, and edited a message. 'Ask Me the contact information of Xi Wei, the senior sister of Beijing Film Academy. She is now studying in Canada. Do you see if anyone has it? ' Published exclusively in Jinjiang on May 16 After taking part in a variety show,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Qiao Xixi had countless inspirations in her mind and accumulated a lot of material. She adapted part of the recording of the program into the novel, where the male protagonist secretly kissed the female protagonist to avoid the camera, and two people fought and won the competition. As a result, the book was highly praised and readers expressed their love to her. It's different when you're in love! The writing is getting sweeter and sweeter. The provocative index is rising. Keep up the good work! ' 'This Is really the most beautiful one, and it makes people feel the feeling of love! ' Josie smiled and read the comment. Catching insects, the name of the man in the author's article is wrong! It's written as Lu Kui! ' The smile froze on the lips. She slides the mouse and sees that there are not a few people who put forward this. Haha,warehousing storage solutions, could it be that the beauty is the hero who takes the best actor as the prototype? Lu Kui is a famous good baby, far from the big bad wolf like the man! ' 'Maybe The author knows Lu, after all, she is an actor who has filmed her book, and it is possible to meet her in private or in a visiting class. ' Josie covered her face, but fortunately the reader didn't think of her. As for writing the wrong name. The last time I was writing at Lu's home, he came to deliver fruit halfway, and she thought about it and went astray, a typical mistake. After sifting through the full text, Josie corrected the mistakes and ignored the comments as if nothing had happened. It won't be long before these comments sink into the sea, old readers forget, shuttle rack system ,industrial racking systems, and new readers don't know. Turn off the computer, Qiao Xixi looked at the time, from the time she made an appointment with Lu, then turned off the computer to change clothes. A few days ago, two people were running away to perform publicity and attend the premiere ceremony. They were busy with more work and had fewer opportunities to make out. Today, they really had free time. Later, they cooperated with the film to do online publicity. The work was easier and there was no pressure. As soon as I went out, the night was thick and the neon lights were colorful. Qiao Xixi wore a baseball cap without makeup, a Korean version of the coat, and stepped on the board shoes, holding Lu's arm. Let's go and watch our own movie! Lu Kui took off the scarf around her neck and put it on for her, watching her whole person wrapped like rice dumplings before he was relieved: "Don't worry, there is still half an hour." "Why are you carrying a kettle?" Josie glanced at the big pot he was carrying in his other hand. Filled with hot water. “……” Qiao Xixi did not speak, Lu still remembered that she only drank hot water at the beginning, but it seems that the time is approaching the period of every month, well, at this time the embryo is the most susceptible to sperm. What are you thinking? Lu Kui broke the silence. Thinking about fertilization. Josie answered subconsciously. On the sidewalk, the man's footsteps suddenly stopped and looked at her seriously. Only then did Josie realize what she had said. She held her sunglasses and said, "Hey, the academic problems in the novel." "Is it?"? I didn't see today's update. Only then did Lu Kui begin to walk again. Qiao Xixi can't laugh, she just updated less than an hour after the feelings of Lu Kui chasing the serialization to see? It is necessary for her to go to Zhihu to ask her boyfriend how to pursue her novel and how she has a sense of shame. I haven't written there yet. The woman is going to be pregnant. ” Lu Kui sighed and remembered something: "If you don't have inspiration, you can ask me." "But you don't have much experience." "Then we'll have more experience if we experience it." Lu Kui said here, for the first time laughed out loud, he pursed his lips to suppress the smile, "in order to support his girlfriend's work, this is the right thing to do." Qiao Xixi didn't believe this nonsense. She slanted her head and looked at Lu Kui. Even if she wore sunglasses, her face without makeup was amazing at a glance. It was really beautiful, but she didn't know what bad idea this person was having in his mind now. There were two elongated shadows under the street lamp on the sidewalk. Josie leaned in his direction and was satisfied to see the two shadows sticking together. After a while, they arrived at the mall. They took the sightseeing elevator outside the building to the cinema on the top floor. Qiao Xixi habitually scanned the environment below and saw a car stop and a young man carrying a schoolbag coming in this direction. "Look at the car downstairs. I remember it was parked downstairs. When I came out, I took a look at it. The license plate number was J8645. He also carried a schoolbag." Lu Kui is also alert: "It may be the paparazzi." "So one comes in, maybe there's an accomplice waiting in the car, and we'll hurry up and run in.." The cheek was secretly kissed by Lu Kui. Josie looked at him, looked up and opened her mouth slightly, blankly and then coldly, with contempt in her eyes, this guy is knowingly guilty! Show it to the camera! Unfortunately,drive in racking system, the line of sight was hidden under the sunglasses, and Lu Kui hooked the corners of his mouth: "Are you tempting me?" He pressed his lips to hers and held her in his arms. Josie pinched his waist and feet and whispered in his arms, "There are still people in the same elevator with us. Look at their little sisters who dare not look at us. Pay attention to the influence." "You must be an adult to come to the midnight show." "What if it makes headlines again tomorrow?" "Just in time to promote the film." 。