The strongest abandons less

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The turning point of this matter was so terrible that she and Ning Xuyan saw the hurried press conference of Xitang Company on TV early in the morning, and even the story of Dongfang Chong jumping off the building was broadcast.

Dongfang Chong shook his head and said, "No, I know I don't have that ability either. When you forced the young master to have nowhere to go, the young master had no good way.". Although the young Lord hates you, he knows that he is no match for you. The array of the Hengduan Mountains was opened, and the young Lord went to the small world at the first time. "You know you don't have that ability, but you still want to cheat Ning's company?" He said sarcastically, and his tone was already a little cold. Dongfang Chong said again, "Believe it or not, I don't intend to cheat Xu Yan. I love her and Feifei." When he heard this, he gave a sneer of disdain. As if Dongfang Chong had not seen his sneer, he continued, "After what happened in those years, Dongfang of the Western Tang Dynasty has disappeared.". Even the young Lord can't save the day, let alone me? The people who came out of my Dongfang family were all split up and went their separate ways. I, Dongfang Yi,ceramic bobbin heater, was the only one who remained in the blood of the Dongfang family. I have never thought of restoring the Western Tang Dynasty. I just have the same idea as Brother Chong. Let my family in the East of the Western Tang Dynasty have food to eat and live happily. In fact, I also know that all the people in the Western Tang Dynasty have never thought of restoring the Western Tang Dynasty. Their idea is the same as mine, that is, to live a stable and happy life. Dongfang Chong sighed and continued, "Brother Chong died in Luoyue, but I know his last wish. He doesn't want to build a new Xitang. He also wants all the people in Xitang Village to live a peaceful and happy life.". In order to uphold the wishes of Brother Chong, I changed my name to Dongfang Chong in order to achieve this goal. Seeing the sarcastic look in his eyes,ceramic bobbin element, Dongfang Chong said with a low expression, "It takes a lot of money to build the Western Tang Dynasty, but after my Dongfang family fell apart, I have no property.". It took me a long time to choose Ning's Group. After marrying Xu Yan, I really fell in love with her. I didn't mean to harm Xu Yan. I was going to take Xu Yan with me. "So you kidnapped your own daughter." Said with a sneer. Dongfang Chong shook his head and said, "I have no way to persuade Xu Yan to go with me except that Feifei can let Xu Yan take the initiative to go to the Western Tang Dynasty.". After the Western Tang Dynasty, I will have a good life with Xu Yan and Feifei. We will live together quietly. I think she will be happy. He shook his head in silence, then looked at Dongfang Chong and said, "You cheated the property of the Ning family to build the Western Tang Dynasty, but you still expect Ning Xuyan to live quietly with you?"? The Ning family's things were washed over by the flood, so they should be used by you in the Western Tang Dynasty? "Xu Yan has married me. Her property is my property. What's the difference?" Dongfang Chong actually retorted. Since there is no difference, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, why don't you tell Ning Xuyan directly? And get it in such a mean way? Your Xitang company is probably an empty shell. Said coldly. Dongfang Chong retorted again, "I was afraid that she would not agree and affect our feelings, so it was a bad idea." He was too lazy to ask Dongfang Chong again. He didn't have to think about it at all. Dongfang Chong was just afraid that if Ning Xuyan didn't agree, he would draw water with a bamboo basket. He directly stretched out Zhenyuan's big hand and patted Dongfang Chong on the forehead. He didn't want to kill Dongfang Chong, but wanted to see where the Western Tang Dynasty was. Then he was speechless. The village of Xitang had moved to Yue, and the total population was less than two hundred. This guy wanted to finish this job and go to Yue to enjoy a happy life, but it was true that he said those people were living in hardship and that he wanted to help them. After the three brothers of the East disappeared, the Western Tang Dynasty did not fall to this extent, and the ideal of Dongfang Chong was just to make the rest of the Western Tang Dynasty live comfortably. Kui knew that the Western Tang Dynasty would be the dust of history from now on. Even if Dongfang Wang went to the small world, whether he could survive was another matter. Even if you can survive, in the realm of cultivation, it is completely different from the earth. Kui left Dongfang Yi without killing him, and he killed the rest. As for why he didn't kill Dongfang Yi, because he wanted Dongfang Yi to do something. …… The next day, Xitang Dongfangchong suddenly held a press conference, saying that he had a conscience that he was a member of the Xitang Group, playing dead and breaking into the Ning family, just to defraud the property of Ning Electronics. As for the ecological electronics, it is nonsense. As soon as this result came out, once again let all the people shocked the eyeball, did not expect to have become a fact of things, even joking in general, temporarily came to such a big turning point. This is not the most ridiculous thing. The most outrageous thing is that after the press conference, Dongfang Chong jumped from the 18th floor in full view of the public and ended his life. No one believed that Dongfang Chong said that he had found his conscience, because it was too outrageous, but that was the fact. "Why is that?" Ning Sishuang looked at everything in the news in disbelief and asked in a startled voice. The turning point of this matter was so terrible that she and Ning Xuyan saw the hurried press conference of Xitang Company on TV early in the morning, and even the story of Dongfang Chong jumping off the building was broadcast. (To be continued) Chapter 1373 things have changed .. co The press conference was very short, and the time for Dongfang Chong to jump off the building was even shorter. When Ning Xuyan saw Dongfang Chong jumping off the building, her eyes were still red. Fortunately, Feifei didn't see it. Even if this man deceives her again, he is still Feifei's father. Ning Xuyan did not answer Ning Sishuang's words, but his heart was very clear, because he came back. She acted decisively and ruthlessly. She had heard Grandpa say it at the beginning, but now it seems that it is true. I didn't know about it until last night, and it was settled this morning. Ning Sishuang did not ask again, although she also guessed that it might be done, but this is too incredible. Even if he helped solve it, it was impossible for him to find Dongfang Chong so quickly? …… After doing something on Dongfang Chong,Kamado bbq grill, he did not pay attention to this matter at all. He had already appeared in Ninghai at this time. Ninghai is the place where he recalls the most, and also the place where he came at the beginning, where his feelings are the deepest.