Fist of Fury

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Standing on this seat, the target is obvious, as long as the invisible leopard shoots itself, it will die, but the invisible leopard will also be invisible.

Wang Zhidao frowned, in this case, unless he climbed onto the roof of the train, or climbed through the gap above the seats on both sides, or really could not push the crowd in the middle passage forward. The killer of this carriage must have seen his amazing performance in the first two carriages and knew that he was no match, so he came up with such a way to stop himself. Wang Zhidao! A voice rang out from behind the passengers: "I know you're a good shot, but can you shoot me through so many innocent passengers?" Wang Zhidao said coldly, "Since you know they are innocent, why do you treat them in such a despicable way?"? Let them go and fight me fair and square! The voice laughed, "Because I am a bad man, are you a good man?"? And I admit I'm not as good as you? So I have to deal with you in a mean way. A nice, self-righteous guy like you wouldn't hurt these innocent passengers, would he? So you have to listen to me. Either you shoot these innocent passengers, or you drop the gun in your hand, or I will shoot them. My marksmanship is not like yours, but at this zero distance, I can still hit every shot! Wang Zhidao first cursed in his heart, then laughed and said,warehouse storage racks, "I'm sorry, I'm not the self-righteous good person you imagined, and I'm not going to be a good person.". So your threats don't work on me at all. I don't even know these people. Why would I throw away my gun for them? Don't waste your time. If you want to kill people, kill them. Anyway, after you kill them all, I can kill you to avenge them! The voice sighed, "It seems that you are really not an ordinary person. No wonder my disciples are no match for you. It is their misfortune that they met you."! But it's all right. You helped me eliminate a group of rubbish disciples. Today's train battle is the final test for them. As long as one of my disciples can survive,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it's enough. If they all die, it proves that none of them can inherit my mantle. I have to find another successor. Disciples? Wang Zhidao asked, "Are you the five-shaped killer of the previous generation?"? Which one is it? Sign up! "It doesn't matter if I tell you. I'm the invisible leopard. The people you shot in the first two carriages are all my disciples." Replied the voice. Was it the leopard of the previous generation? No wonder it's called an invisible leopard. Teach so many rubbish disciples. You probably feel ashamed to see people, so you hide yourself? "Wang Zhidao, I know your mouth is also very fierce," said the voice with a smile without getting angry. But you're not going to get me out. My name is invisible leopard, because no one will ever see my true face, even the dragon boss, they do not know who I am in the end, so I live the longest. You can't tell me from all these passengers! "Are you going to hide behind them and not come out to see anyone?"? How long can you hide? Wang Zhidao asked. The invisible leopard laughed and said, "You can never see me, and I won't come out to avenge you for the murder, because my target is not you at all, wire mesh decking ,warehouse pallet racks, but Sun.". Wang Zhidao, I heard that you are very clever and can always win by surprise. Let me give you a difficult problem. I'm going to drive them to kill Sun now, and I want to see how you resolve it. The invisible leopard said, suddenly shouted: "In front of me, all run forward, run quickly, if anyone does not run, I will shoot him!"! Run right now! There were two "bangs", but the invisible leopard hid behind the passengers and fired two shots. This time, the passengers were as flustered as a frying pan. The back is pushed up first, and the back is pushed forward. Pushing forward again, more than a hundred passengers began to move forward like waves, and as the invisible leopard fired another shot in the back, the crowd moved forward faster, like a tide coming to Wang Zhidao. Seeing this, Wang Zhidao's face changed. Facing these frantically rushing passengers, he could neither shoot nor stop them, but if he stood still here, they would be pushed down or trampled to death. In a hurry, he jumped to the seat next to him. The shot rang out again, and a bullet came at him at that moment. Apparently, the invisible leopard saw that Wang Zhidao had exposed himself and took the opportunity to shoot him. Fortunately, the invisible leopard's marksmanship is not very accurate, just from Wang Zhidao's waist, although not directly hit, but from the skin, burning pain. Wang Zhidao was taken aback and turned the muzzle of the gun and his line of sight together, only to see the passengers below rushing forward frantically with their heads down, unable to tell who had shot him just now. Standing on this seat, the target is obvious, as long as the invisible leopard shoots itself, it will die, but the invisible leopard will also be invisible. Wang Zhidao was highly concentrated and squatted on the seat to observe the passengers. He was gambling that his reaction and shooting speed would be faster than the invisible leopard. As long as the invisible leopard could not bear to shoot himself again, Wang Zhidao was sure to kill him first. Unfortunately, these passengers were too obedient to be threatened by the invisible leopard, and all of them rushed forward with their heads down. In addition, the camouflage and patience of the invisible leopard were so good that they did not reveal any flaws. Wang Zhidao observed for a long time, but did not recognize who was the hidden leopard. The group of passengers soon rushed out of the carriage and ran to the next carriage. Seeing this, Wang Zhidao was taken aback again. He thought to himself that if the invisible leopard rushed to Mr. Sun's carriage among the passengers, in case Mr. Sun came out to have a look, it might be possible for the invisible leopard to succeed in the assassination unexpectedly. Thinking of this, Wang Zhidao quickly crouched down and ran on the seat. He soon rushed to the front of the passengers and shouted at them: "Stop! Don't run any more,heavy duty metal racks, or I'll shoot you!"! Do you hear me? Stop it! There was a bang. Wang Zhidao fired a shot, but not at anyone, and fired a shot at the foot of the passenger running in the front.