Rebirth 1998 full versionRebirth 1998 full versionRebirth 1998 full version

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Rebirth 1998 full versionRebirth 1998 full versionRebirth 1998 full versionRebirth 1998 full version

"Come on, you, hehe, can you know people like that?"? "Don't blow you," the fat man said disdainfully, and then picked up a spiced peanut with his hand and chewed it in his mouth. This brother is also a taxi driver, but his red Xiali car is a scrapped black car. Fortunately, Funing is not too strict with vehicles, and he knows several friends of the traffic team in the street, so he dares to drive a scrapped car to pull guests without fear. Those ordinary people from the countryside do not know what black cars are, as long as they are cheap and convenient, which also causes many illegal vehicles in Funing to be in a state of no management for a long time. Besides, in this year, those who can own a car, even the cheapest Xiali, have to be a little capable. In the case of not knowing the depth, the police will naturally not go to the deep control. Many times they just turn a blind eye. Alas, I don't know when I can drive such a good car. Looking at the BMW shining brightly in the sun, the fat man sighed with envy and then poured a mouthful of beer. Lu Wei followed Xiao Yiran's anxious footsteps into the dark hall of the county hospital. ^ ^ ^ ^ As soon as I entered the door, a strong smell of disinfectant came to my face, mixed with the cries of children and the occasional painful moans of patients, forming a depressing atmosphere. Lu Wei did not like this atmosphere very much. When he was young,heavy duty warehouse rack, he caught a cold and had pneumonia. That was the first time he went to the county hospital. After sitting on a crowded bus for about an hour and reversing the tricycle, he was already carsick and dizzy. When he entered the hospital, he listened to the buzzing voices in the hall and smelled the special smell of disinfectant. He felt so uncomfortable that he almost vomited his breakfast. From then on, Lu Wei had a sense of resistance to the hospital. Although I don't have that feeling now, I still feel a little uncomfortable when I enter the hospital. Two people went up the stairs, came to the back building of the inpatient department in front of a ward, this is a single ward, in comparison,Steel racking system, is a good hospital, it seems that Xiao Yiran home conditions are good. Xiao Yiran pushed open the door of the ward and went in, followed by Lu Wei with something in his hand. On the hospital bed, a thin middle-aged woman lay quietly on the bed with her eyes closed, her right arm tied with an infusion tube, and the liquid medicine in the glass bottle had dripped a small half. Next to him, a middle-aged man with a slightly fat figure and a sparse head was climbing on the tea table beside the hospital bed. He was resting when he heard the sound of two people entering the door and immediately sat up. Dad, Xiao Yiran only called out, looking at his mother in the hospital bed, his eyes turned red again. Yiran is back. Xiao Yiran's father opened his bloodshot eyes and said in a voice with a deep sense of tiredness. Dad, how's my mom? Xiao Yiran asked eagerly. It's all right. Don't be afraid. I just finished chemotherapy yesterday and I'm recovering now. Xiao Yiran's father said, this just saw Xiao Yiran behind Lu Wei, asked doubtfully: "Yiran, this is?" "Oh, uncle, I'm Lu Wei, Drive in racking system ,Cantilever Storage rack, a classmate of Yiran." Lu Wei said, taking off the hat and sunglasses he had been wearing. Oh, it's Lu Wei. Come on, sit down quickly. I often hear Yiran mention you. Xiao Yiran's father got up and greeted him. Uncle, don't be busy. I'll do it myself. After receiving the fruit from Xiao Yiran's father, Lu Wei said hurriedly, and then found a chair to sit down. The voices of the two men woke up Xiao Yiran's mother, who had been resting with her eyes closed in the hospital bed. She struggled to open her eyes, which were deep in her sockets, and a weak voice came out of her slightly open mouth. Yiran is back. "Mom, it's me. Are you better?" Xiao Yiran said in a choking voice. Mom is fine. Don't you know about mom? Don't worry, don't cry, Xiao Yiran's mother said, stretching out her thin hand and gently stroking Xiao Yiran's head, showing a spoiled look in her eyes. Mom, this is the Lu Wei I told you about, who came to see you with me today. Xiao Yiran, holding his mother's hand in both hands, looked back at Lu Wei, who had stood up, and said. "Hello, aunt.". Are you feeling better? Lu Wei leaned down gently and greeted him with concern. This is the child of Lao Lu's family. His father and I were classmates when we were in middle school. We have grown so tall in a twinkling of an eye. Yiran's father said to his wife with a smile. Oh, look at this child, how well he grows! Yiran's mother looked at Lu Wei with a soft smile on her face. Yes, I have seen this child when I was a child. He is a clever ghost. Now he is very promising. Yiran's father laughed. En, Yiran's mother looked at the young man standing in front of her, with a trace of appreciation and love in her eyes. Lu Wei and Xiao Yiran sat in front of the hospital bed for a while, but Xiao Yiran's mother seemed to be in a good state of mind and said a lot of words, and later, she faintly showed the intention of bringing them together. Lu Wei wanted to say something several times, but eventually refrained from saying it. He understood Xiao Yiran's mother's state of mind very well. As long as she liked it in her heart, she could say it. Lu Wei, my mother does not know about you, he usually does not watch TV and newspapers, I did not say to him, so ", on the way out of the hospital, Xiao Yiran suddenly said." Yiran, don't say it. It's good for his aunt to feel happy. Lu Wei interrupted Xiao Yiran and said. En, thank you Lu Wei, Xiao Yiran gently tunnel, I do not know why, said this sentence, her heart is inexplicably painful. Chapter 267 inexplicable worry. "Yiran, if you need anything, just say it and don't be polite to me." Lu Wei stood beside the car and said to Xiao Yiran, who had sent him out. I know, Lu Wei, thank you! Xiao Yiran managed to squeeze out a smile. All right,heavy duty racking system, take it easy. Auntie is so optimistic and strong that she will be able to survive. Lu Wei said encouragingly. Yes, I know. Lu Wei, you go and do your work. Xiao Yiran smiled and nodded slightly.