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Li Yu glanced at the gate of the palace and raised his palm with a smile "Although I also know the six reincarnation

Li Yu glanced at the gate of the palace and raised his palm with a smile "Although I also know the six reincarnation skills I have always been the only one who makes the rules I will not act according to your rules" Reach out and press it and the brilliance of black and white sweeps out Yin and Yang enveloped the whole palace and brushed away all the array prohibitions It looks much more pleasing to the eye Li Yu smiled waved his hand to open the palace gate and stepped into the huge palace This palace is a huge immortal mansion There are Paper Chemicals mountains and rivers pavilions halls and palaces It's pretty good! As soon as Li Yu's spirit swept away he found that although the palace was very old it was magnificent Not luxurious but exquisite It's used to settle down and it's not worse than my eternal fairy mansion Remembering the Eternal Fairy Mansion Li Yu moved in his heart "I'll just refine the Eternal Fairy Mansion and this palace into one" In the future the dragon's son will carry the palace on his back and roam the world which seems to be more imposing Put away the useful things in the Supreme Hall first! The Supreme Hall is thin most of the palace is idle only a Sutra Pavilion a Patriarch Hall and some useful things the rest can be turned into materials Walking into the Sutra Pavilion the huge Sutra Pavilion is filled with numerous books All kinds of runes and treasures some ancient secret methods of heavenly skills and some miscellanies and so on These things are of great use! With a wave of his hand Li Yu collected all the books in the Sutra Pavilion into the resource bank The rest is the Patriarch Hall! Leaving the Sutra Pavilion Li Yu came to the Patriarch Hall Apart from some portraits of the Patriarch there is only a volume of jade books and gold books The portraits of the patriarchs of the past Dynasties jade books and gold books are the historical heritage of the Supreme Hall If Li Yu wants to falsely use the identity of the Patriarch of the Supreme Hall these things are naturally indispensable Put away the portrait of the Patriarch and the jade book and the gold book and there will be nothing important in the Supreme Hall Then start refining! In a flash Li Yu appeared outside the palace and a small bronze hall appeared in his hand Scatter! With a shock in his hand the Eternal Fairy Mansion collapsed and turned into 480000000 charm Close! Stretch out one's hand to pat the amulet point of light that eternal immortal mansion turns into fall into the supreme hall like raindrop Fairy Mansion Fusion Reshape the Palace! Xuanhuang Qi swept out and the palace of the Supreme Hall exploded in an instant merging with the light spots of the eternal immortal mansion Between Xuanhuang and Xuanhuang a huge palace was slowly born from the back armor of the dragon tyrant The splendor converges and the great palaces re-manifest The appearance of the palace is still the same as the Supreme Hall after all the Supreme Hall has existed for a long time Chemicals Suppliers there must be a lot of people know the appearance of the Supreme Hall Li Yu has not changed the appearance The appearance has not changed but the inside is very different The Eternal Immortal Mansion was originally made of "Eternal Kingdom" "Heavenly Tomb Space" and "Immortal Monument" Both the eternal kingdom and the space of the heavenly tomb have a huge and boundless small world At this moment the Supreme Hall merges with the Eternal Fairy Mansion and also has a huge internal small world As long as my portrait is hung in the Patriarch Hall and my name is mentioned in the jade book and gold book I will be the most authentic Patriarch of the Supreme Hall Li Yu walked into the newly refined Xianfu Hall with a smile Chapter 547 new host Chapter 547 new host Go to the Patriarch Hall first and get the identity of the Supreme Hall Novel To mix in this world there is no clear origin an unknown origin of the immortal king it is too eye-catching Even if there is a system to shield the cause and effect in case it attracts the attention of some beings such as the unfortunate and sad immortal emperor who was half dead and possessed by a drop of black blood in the other world This is very unfavorable to Li Yu's next action He stepped into the Patriarch Hall and waved his hand to hang up the portraits of the Patriarch again How can there be no portrait of me in the Patriarch Hall Li Yu looked at the oldest portrait It was an ancient picture scroll of animal skins depicting a figure in a green robe overlooking Daqian System extract the energy of Taichu Ancient Mine in the resource library and exchange it for a dragon skin Make me a portrait according to the pattern of this scroll Note that it must be old and look like it has existed for countless years Moments later a simple and vast picture scroll appeared in Li Yu's hands In the picture scroll Li Yu stands in the chaotic void at the foot of the vast and Pesticide Intermediates boundless world as if stepping on the sky above the heaven and earth Yes it shows some of my elegance Li Yu waved his hand with a smile and hung the scroll in the middle of the Patriarch Hall The jade book and the gold book are relatively simple The system directly engraved Li Yu's name Taishang Tianzun in the starting position of the Jade Book and the Golden Book He reached out and took out the book of jade and gold and a little Yin and Yang fell on the name leaving a mark All right now I am the Supreme Patriarch of the Supreme Palace Putting the jade book and the golden book on the God table of the Patriarch Hall Li Yu turned around and walked out of the Patriarch Hall and came to the library System scan a copy of the information in all the books Collecting all these treasures and secret methods Li Yu waved his hand and placed these books in the library The affairs of the Supreme Hall are basically handled properly Li Yu turned around and walked out of the hall took a look at the dragon son Ba Xia and saw that Ba Xia was practicing the true method of Ba Xia condensing his whole body of Qi and blood Pretty good With the power of the supreme realm under the hegemony and its huge and boundless body shape the body's Qi and blood are extremely vast It is easy to make a breakthrough by practicing the true method under the hegemony and condensing the body's Qi and blood Sure enough as soon as Li Yu's voice fell he had already made a breakthrough Boom The vast Qi and blood surged like a raging tide and the acupoints and orifices of the whole body rumbled In a moment Ba Xia had already achieved success in practice opened the acupoints and orifices of the whole body and broke through to the realm of blood rebirth Thanks to the Dharma given by the Patriarch the strength of the whole body is more condensed after practicing