Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

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The ancient girl's attack has not yet arrived, Qin Suge's black silk has been coiled up, the beauty of

The ancient girl's attack has not yet arrived, Qin Suge's black silk has been coiled up, the beauty of the uncle's red jade staff by her wheel majestic, tigerish wind, every time shot down in the void when the air there will be detonated. Water such as smoke has been responsible for the work of the rear defense, from time to time to urge the next of their own that Baibao Ruyi lock in a few small water man round arms and legs to fight, the effect is also quite good. And Luo overbearing and big Liu is not so vague, two people now playing shirtless, with several ladies in the rear support, has been closely following the six battle lock fairy array, two overbearing weapons with destructive energy, with them in hand-to-hand combat. Picking night roses like a loach, Li Chengzhu is also the first time to really see the fighting capacity of the master. Every understatement, the feeling of separation can greatly mobilize the spirit between heaven and earth for their own use, and send out a fierce attack to the extreme. It has to be said that Shifu's use of the changes in Reiki between heaven and earth has reached a very high level of refinement. Fast, too fast, big boss Li looked too many things to see, dazzling. Taking advantage of Luo overbearing and Liu big head two people just fierce attack fell down, Li big boss an invisible sword escape, came to that has been with the Hehuan Zong people deadlocked six battle lock immortal array. The purple flame is dancing. The breath of death is spreading. The six big Luo Jinxian in the Six Battle Lock Immortal Array were shocked. The six fairy beasts also expressed their fear with their roars. The leader did not want to pinch a law, want to break away from Li Chengzhu's attack range with that strange posture. Li big boss looked carefully, these immortal punishment army's face unexpectedly faintly has a trace of dead gas, this is an immortal impossible face, moreover the other side is the big Luo Jinxian rank high immortal. Strength to reach the big Luo Jinxian, can not be said to live with heaven and earth, with the sun and the moon, but want to die, or a very difficult thing. Unless you meet someone who is stronger than you and get killed. Li Chengzhu was confused when he first saw the flash of death. Boss Li has never seen this kind of breath, but he knows that it is a kind of breath after the overdraft of life, which is undoubtedly a reminder of life compared with the vigorous state. At this moment of stupefaction, the big Luo Jinxian had already made a decision. By the time Li Chengzhu wanted to attack again, they had disappeared in front of him. But just at this time, Qin Suge's fierce evil spirit and her black silk suddenly rolled up behind Li Chengzhu. Pow! With a crisp sound, Li Chengzhu suddenly felt the appearance of several mixed spiritual pressures behind him. Not only did Li Chengzhu see a trace of the movement of these people. Qin Suge has been fighting with them for so long, but he also has a look. With a little bit of luck in the inside, the black silk of the great beauty of Qin just knocked on a position in the open space, pulling out the figure of the enemy who suddenly disappeared again. Now or never, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet crates, Li Chengzhu held two groups of Zixuan Tianhuo in both fists, and one quickly turned around. Pounded it out. Wanyue girl face a cold, hurriedly pinched the law, ten thousand silkworm gourd quickly flying in her head, a circle of Reiki released from the glittering gourd. The golden silkworms, which were originally parasitic in the bodies of the six fairy beasts, burst out completely. Silent contact, a circle of Reiki fluctuations centered on Big Boss Li's fist, like a stone thrown on the lake, a circle of visible ripples quickly spread around. With a very miserable roar, Li Chengzhu had imprinted Zixuan Tianhuo on the body of a fairy beast. If it's possible. Boss Li doesn't want to kill these fairy beasts. These immortal beasts are all immortal beasts above the ninth rank, each of which is rare to see in the present immortal world. Their destructive and offensive power is not weak in itself, and their blood is more useful to Li Chengzhu. But it is impossible not to kill, in the battlefield can not have the slightest luck and soft, otherwise it will only bring harm to themselves. The body of these immortal beasts after reconstruction is close to the super-level immortal beasts. Several ladies attacked them for such a long time, but only left a few small cuts on their bodies. The impact on their combat effectiveness is almost negligible, but when they met Zixuan Tianhuo, there was only one result, that is, death. Like a hot knife rolling butter, Li Chengzhu's two big hands went straight into the heart of a fairy beast. The Zixuan Sky Fire tendrils around at a very fast speed. Burn whatever you catch. Li Chengzhu did not hesitate, no pity, red eyes left only to kill, only to quickly resolve the battle. After killing a fairy beast, all the remaining Zixuantian fire groups around him were also controlled by Reiki. The reaction of the army of immortal punishment is not slow, in the big boss Li destroyed the first immortal beast has not hurt their foundation, they have already tried their best to resist the immortal beast under their crotch to break away from this terrible existence. The army of immortal punishment is not afraid of anything, not afraid of Luo Tianxian, not afraid of Xianjun, but the only one afraid is Zixuan Tianhuo. The flame, which was enough to burn everything, completely became the nightmare of the army of immortal punishment. But what scares them even more is that the mount, which used to be the same as their heart, is extremely irritable at this moment, and no longer obeys their orders. Life and death are sometimes just a matter of the blink of an eye. This brief disharmony completely deprived them of the most powerful guarantee of survival in this world. Before all the army of immortal punishment could figure out why their mounts did not obey their orders, they felt a hot and incomparable temperature coming quickly towards themselves and others, accompanied by a full range of purple flames. A few rapid and brief screams accompanied by the roar of the beast sounded, six immortal beasts were not spared, all were completely burned by Zixuan Tianhuo. There are two quick big Luo Jinxian to see the opportunity to know that it is not good, no longer care a lot, directly perform the art of teleportation. He brushed off his mount and flew out. The immortal emperor's house. Two bright beams of light suddenly lit up,plastic pallet manufacturer, accompanied by two devastating blows of energy, when the two big Luo Jinxian just reappeared, banged on them.