Oriental Jade Double Phoenix Biography

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Quickly put the letter into his sleeve, rubbed his hands together, sat cross-legged on the meditation

Quickly put the letter into his sleeve, rubbed his hands together, sat cross-legged on the meditation couch, and slowly closed his eyes. The old monk suddenly began to sit down! Fan Junyao did not know what the master said in the letter? But listening to Master Mingshan's tone, it seems that there is something wrong with this letter. Yes? Looking up unconsciously, Master Mingshan was already an old monk in samadhi and did not move. For a moment, he did not know that the old monk had been offended by the master's letter, but he no longer paid attention to himself. He was so anxious that he did not feel "attack". He knelt down in front of the meditation couch and said, "I don't know my life experience, and I don't know my own origin. I hope the old master will be merciful and give me directions." Jin. Master Mingshan still sat down with his eyes closed and ignored it. Unable to kneel down, Fan Junyao wept and said, "The disciple was given to my teacher by the teacher's father himself. The disciple's life experience is only that of the teacher's father." People know that the poor disciple is already twenty years old and does not know who his biological parents are. Please tell the disciple. Master Mingshan still sat down as before and did not move. Fan Junyao originally raised her head to speak, looking at Master Mingshan all the time, then gradually felt wrong. Master Mingshan is an eminent monk in Shaolin. He has made great achievements. He is over seventy years old. His face is like Wodan, but it is only a moment. Master Mingshan Face has changed color, benevolent between the eyes, seems to be faintly shrouded in a black gas! Even though Fan Junyao has no experience in Jianghu, his complexion can always be seen, not to mention that he has followed the six-fingered God since childhood. He has also made some achievements in martial arts. Seeing that Master Mingshan closed his eyes and hung down the curtain, he did not move. His face was black, but it was getting thicker and thicker. He could not help being suspicious and could not bear it. "What's the matter with the teacher?" He cried. Na Zhi waited for a long time, but Master Mingshan still did not speak. Fan Junyao looked carefully and suddenly found that his hands on his knees, ten fingers,plastic pallet suppliers, were all black, and his heart was suddenly. Startled, he said to himself, "I once heard Shifu say that only people who are poisoned have black nails. Could it be that the teacher's father was poisoned?" He did not dare to stretch out his hand to touch it. He immediately stood up and ran to the door with three feet and two steps. He hurriedly shouted, "Little master, little master!" Father.. When the little novice monk heard Fan Junyao's shouts, he hurried out of the Buddhist temple. He clasped his hands together and said, "Is benefactor Fan calling the little monk?" "Little Master," said Fan Junyao,plastic pallet manufacturer, "go and ask Master Mingxing, who knows the living room, to come. Master is wrong." The little novice monk was stunned and asked, "What's wrong with the teacher?" Fan Junyao said, "The old master is a good man. Suddenly he doesn't move. His fingernails are black. It seems that he has been poisoned." The little novice monk's face changed slightly. He opened his eyes wide and said in disbelief, "Almsgiver Fan, has the teacher's father been poisoned?" "If you don't believe me, little master," said Fan Junyao, "you might as well go in and have a look." Master Mingshan is the first master of Shaolin Temple. How could he be poisoned for no reason? Naturally, the novice monk would not believe it. Turn around and walk to the meditation room. Fan Junyao followed him and stepped into the meditation room, only to see that Master Mingshan had fallen on the meditation couch. Startled, the little novice monk jogged his feet and hurried to the front of the meditation couch. "What's wrong with the old master?" He asked. Fan Junyao only felt that Master Mingshan's face was getting worse and worse, and he was black. "I don't think the old master's situation is right," she said. Little Master, go and ask Master Mingxing to come and have a look. In the Shaolin Temple, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, he only knew Master Mingxing of Zhiketang. The little novice monk shook his head and said, "Master Zhike doesn't care about this." As he spoke, he reached out his hand to touch Master Mingshan's forehead, but he felt his tentacles were cold and his heart was shocked. Have been dead for a long time! The little novice monk was dumbfounded. His face was ashen. "My father is dead," he said in horror. Fan Junyao felt a thump in her heart and said in surprise, "What, the teacher is dead?" The little novice monk did not say any more. He flew out of the room and shouted, "It's no good. The teacher's father is dead, Master." Fathers, come quickly, the teacher's father is dead! The Sutra Building is the most important place of Shaolin Temple. It not only has a rich collection of precious classics, but also has Shaolin Zhenshan. Treasure Bodhidharma wrote the essence of martial arts in the Yi Jin Sutra and the records of eminent monks in the past Dynasties, which is also known as the seventy-two arts in the secular world. At the beginning, the location of the Sutra Building was built in the whole temple, which means that the monks of the whole temple are protected as a whole. Since it is so important, the monks sent to the Sutra Building are also outstanding disciples of Shaolin Temple. On the two sides of the Buddha hall were the two rows of monks' rooms. As soon as the little novice monk shouted, he immediately alarmed the people in the monks' rooms and ran away from each other from the corridors on both sides. "Four monks dressed in black and grey robes appeared, and the first one shouted," Shou Zhi, what nonsense are you talking about? "" Monks of Shaolin Temple wear different colors in different courtyards to show the difference. This one, wearing a black and grey robe, is the guardian of the Sutra Building. The little novice monk hurriedly clasped his hands together and said, "Four great masters, the abbot has passed away." As soon as the first monk's face changed, he asked hurriedly, "Where is Master Bo now?" "It's in the meditation room," said the novice monk. "Let's go in and have a look," said the head monk. The four of them rushed into the meditation room quickly, but Fan Junyao still stood quietly on one side, while the four black-clad monks ignored it. Run close to the meditation couch. The chief man reached out his hand to explore Master Mingshan's breath, examined the nails of both hands, and said with a shrug, "Master Bo is plotting against a middleman." He was poisoned to death. At this point, I found Fan Junyao beside the Zen couch, suddenly turned around, shining eyes, staring at Fan Junyao, face. With a look of surprise, he asked, "Who is the benefactor?" The other three black-clad monks, all with angry faces, surrounded them from left to right. Fan Junyao bowed her hand and said, "Fan Junyao, a disciple of Xiawudang, has been ordered by his teacher, the old man Qingfeng, to pay homage to his teacher's father." When the first monk heard that he was a disciple of Wudang, he seemed to have mixed feelings. Then he asked: "Did Shibo pass away when the benefactor came in?" "No," said Fan Junyao. "When I came in, the teacher was fine.." Before the second sentence went on, the first monk asked anxiously, "Is that the benefactor's opinion?" Did my Shibo pass away? "Yes,collapsible pallet box," said Fan Junyao. "After reading the teacher's letter, the teacher said a few words to me, and then sat cross-legged on the couch. binpallet.com