Tea Man Trilogy

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Jicao has experienced turbulence since she was a child. For her, extraordinary events and bizarre events are the most understandable.

Jicao has experienced turbulence since she was a child. For her, extraordinary events and bizarre events are the most understandable. She has a strong ability to bear, which is obviously inherited from her mother. But she is more open and broad-minded than her mother. As soon as she sat in Laurie's wagon, the whole town went round, and people squinted at her, and she didn't care. What a passionate and superficial love she had for Laurie! It was like a lighted match accidentally striking a firecracker that had not yet been dampened-the sound of the lake blossomed in the sky. Sending grass to a poor children's home can also be said to be accidental. She originally followed her adoptive father to work in the Red Cross Hospital, and what she replaced was the position of Jiacao's sister. That day, I went to the YMCA because I had something to do, but I met my niece Hang Pan, whom I hadn't seen for a long time. Hang Yi and Hang Pan, the two brothers and sisters are very misplaced. Yier's temperament is really like Fang Xileng's, but with Jiahe; Paner, it is a bit like Jiahe, but in the mother's side. After leaving the Hang family, she spent several years with her grandmother, who baptized her, saying that she believed that God could wash away her sins. The girl grew up in widowhood, with piety and repentance for original sin. The melancholy girl was lucky to have God with her. She went to the YMCA almost every week to learn English and attend health talks, but she was always in the audience. Her mother had strict control over her every move,hydraulic fitting supplier, and secretly she was afraid that her daughter would run back to her home. But when he went to the YMCA, Fang Xileng was supportive. Fang Xileng's own life also depends on God. She is a social activist. Without social activities, she has no place to put her hands and feet. There is a couplet in the hall of the YMCA, written by Wang Zhuofu, the principal of the private sports school in Zhejiang at that time, which reads: The newest building in Hangzhou is the second family of young people. Fang Xileng looked at the heart of regret, she thought that this is not only the second family of young people,brass tube fitting, but also the second family of middle-aged people, but also her second family. Because of her strong participation in the activities of the YMCA, whether it was killing rats or mosquitoes, whether it was receiving parishioners or dealing with officials, her enthusiasm for the cause of God gave her a privilege that few Hangzhou people could enjoy at that time. The four-storey house of the YMCA on Qingnian Road was open to the public for free showers. After taking a shower, you can go to the second floor to taste western food and ice cream. Fang Xileng took his daughter with him every time, and later, when he was a little older, Paner acted on his own. Paner will never be a person like her mother. She always seemed to have a bit of a twinkle in her eye. Fang Xichuan could not stand this look, from which he saw the faces of almost everyone in the Hang family. Therefore, what she showed to her daughter was a touch of maternal love and strong control. Paner could hardly see her father, and when she saw him occasionally, she turned her head down and turned sideways. She never spoke to her father. God only knows what fanatical yearning she had for her father. Because of this religious, ball valve manufacturer ,38 needle valve, feverish, emotional attack, Paner almost hated his biological father. Hang Jiahe can feel the feelings of this abnormal daughter, which is why he often suffers from it. He didn't know why his daughter didn't want to look him in the eye. He did not know what his eyes made his daughter think. One day, while praying, Paner was suddenly attacked by a force that seemed to come from heaven. She dared not tell anyone that the look of Jesus on the cross reminded her of her father. It was only when she went to the Youth Association that Paner felt relaxed, where she sometimes saw her little aunt sending grass. In the Hang family, only when she saw Jicao, she would not feel guilty-it was a strange thing that her parents divorced and it was the little girl who carried the cross. At this moment, Jicao looked at Paner's anemic face, which seemed to be undernourished, the bright red rose-like blush that came up from time to time, and the cross necklace that was exposed from the neck above her thin and flat girl's chest. She felt sour in her heart. She scraped her forehead and said, "Why are you still sweating in winter? I'm afraid you're not sick.". You don't live in our big yard, and there's nothing bad to say, so you have to be very careful. In the chaos of war, the Japanese may come in at any time, and I don't know what their Fangs are going to do. What about you Mom wasn't going to leave, saying that there were Americans behind her, and the Japanese didn't dare to do anything to my family. Besides, my brother is still young, only a few years old, can be fun, my mother is also reluctant to let him escape suffering. Mom also said that if she couldn't do it, she would run to the United States. "What are you going to do?" Jicao asked with concern, "Will you go?"? The Japanese will bleed when they see young girls. Why don't you come with me? Paner's eyes lit up, and then he got to the point: "Auntie, I'm looking for you just for this.". I had already agreed to go with the poor children's home. I have been helping to work in the poor children's home all the time. Li Cijiu, the director of the poor children's home, was my father's teacher in the First Normal School, and my mother also knew him. I went with him, and my mother was relieved. I have never thought that I always cough and have a low fever recently. I'm afraid I have lung disease. I can't walk now. The dean said that there was someone who could support me. When I heard the name, it was you, little aunt. I just came to you. Can you go instead of me? Jicao hardly thought about it, so he said, "OK, I'll discuss with my godfather how to talk to my family.". It's the same wherever I go. I decided to leave the occupied area anyway. Besides, when I go to the poor children's home, I can take my worries with me. He is the child of Lin Sheng. Even if we all die, he has to live. If we are still alive on the day of victory, we will have earned it back. At this point, the bell in the big bell tower rang. It's four o'clock in the afternoon. The two nieces and aunts both looked at the high bell tower. The Bell Tower is located at the corner of Shuishui Road and the former Hangxian Road,38 tube fitting, not far from the Forgetful Tea House. Jicao and Paner grew up listening to the bell. Could it be that this place where the bell can be heard is really going to be trampled by the Japanese? They looked at each other, raised their heads together, and looked at the familiar clock for a long time. chinaroke.com