Wind dance

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She really started to hit me, I had to raise my hands to parry, two people at the same time steal to the side of the clear

She really started to hit me, I had to raise my hands to parry, two people at the same time steal to the side of the clear reflection-she stared. Paper bags on the ground for a long time. Yuying and I looked at each other and stopped fighting. I didn't say anything because I didn't know what I could say. It has only been two months since the reconciliation. She has lost a lot of weight, and I am seldom alone with her, because restraint and caution make people feel heavy every time. Heavy. I told her I didn't know how to face me, just as I didn't know how to face her. Is it true that some things will never come back? "I can't compete with that woman." She looked up suddenly. "But even if I get this dress," she said, I don't want it either, and besides, it's not really for me. Her eyes filled with the tide: "Xiaoxiao, I was really blind before, but I didn't realize that you let me everywhere." Look at me, and I do that to you. "I am not so great." I smiled and patted her on the shoulder. "Do you know what I can do to make you feel better?" Get rid of the shadow of this dress? "How?" Yuying interjected. Is to stuff it in the dumpster. She clasped her hands and laughed, "Yes, yes!"! Chengying, you'd better kick it! That chauvinistic pig, he not only deserves to be in the dustbin,14 needle valve, but also deserves to be kicked into the Pacific Ocean. Three-three young ladies, can you go to another shop to look around-the guests push the door and come in, see the atmosphere? Yes, they're all gone. I-we haven't-we haven't-made a deal this afternoon. Separated from Yuying and Chengying after a small birthday party, I wandered back to Lin's house at midnight. No matter how bad it is, it is still the destination I must go back to. After that,pipe fittings manufacturer, Lin Zhi never mentioned that he wanted me to move out. As a matter of fact, I almost never saw him-or anyone else-again because of the deliberate early and late departure. I decided not to Take care of it, take one step at a time, whether to go or leave things to the end before making plans. There was no one in the hall. The door of the office room opened slightly, and there was a bright light. I stepped up the stairs, but the ghost. The messenger of God stopped, and I walked to the office. Father's work and rest are always regular, and he should be on duty at eleven o'clock. Bed, why at this time will be- The middle drawer of his desk was half open, and he sat behind it with one hand on the top of the table, holding his customary pipe. The other hand was in the drawer, motionless, needle valve manufacturer ,tube fitting manufacturer, looking out of the window of the ink paint like an old man, and was merciless. Years carved traces of the resolute face hung with desolation and desolation. I fixed my eyes on his temples. A hand fell on my shoulder, "Ah" exclaimed, like a thief who had been stolen and caught. Turn around in vain. Who's out there? There was a heavy shout from the room. Me and my sister! She just saw a cockroach. Lin Zhi answered loudly in a very high tone. The cockroach was big enough and was grinning at me. I slapped him on the head and ran like flying. Go upstairs. The heart knot of fifteen years may eventually be untied, but how can I go through the distance of fifteen years? When I opened my door, I was frightened to cry out again. Lived in this room all my life, but It's the first time I've seen someone lying on my bed! Especially this person has just met in the afternoon, Leng Rufeng! The shock in my heart was indescribable. After a long time, I closed the door and walked to the bed. His tall body reflected the narrow and cramped bed, with one of his long legs stretched out at will and the other bent at the knee. One hand on the edge of the bed, smoke between the fingers, the other hand on the back of the head, excellent texture of the hair messy. Scattered on the soft pillow, his ultra-thin platinum cigarette case and lighter were placed not far from the pillow, and his eyes were half closed. The dense eyelashes are long and warped, and the facial features are as handsome as the ancient Arabian princes who have just come down from comic books. The shirt button that opens slightly before shows the languid breath that loosened, send out naturally to attract a person deadly sex appeal and evil. The bewitching of the mind. I sat down gently on the edge of the bed and looked at him. He used charm as a trap to capture women, and I went around the trap from the beginning and refused to let myself go. If I jump down, I am afraid that there is an abyss in the trap. If I jump down, it will be beyond redemption. I am afraid that he will not. Because the process of hunting is over, the prey is abandoned and left to fend for itself. This is the only one in my heart. I don't want to go out, and I don't want to hand it over. How to handle it properly between handing over and not being arrogant? "Do you like the gift I gave you?" '? ". He spoke leisurely, his eyes still slightly closed. Like I said, "I like it." "In that case, why not untie it?" He put down his cigarette and hugged me, and I fell on his chest. "Maybe you'll get more surprises," he added. "I'm not greedy, and that's good." The palm of his hand reached into my skirt with a very gentle movement. You are not greedy, but you will break my heart. "The occasional loss of self-esteem is harmless, but it adds a little interest, and many others are rushing to satisfy and." Supplement it. "What a sweet mouth!" His hand went through my armpit and pulled me up into his arm and turned to his side. I slowly opened my eyes, and a touch of unexpected tenderness made my heart pound, and for a moment I was infatuated with the past. How can I not love you with such an expression? The magnetic voice is as gentle as night. The ecstasy in my heart flies away when I touch his burning eyes, and in his eyes, the primitive desire is like The runaway wild horse is eager to try, and his "love" has a specific meaning, which only refers to the one with the word "sex" in front of it. Species. I got rid of his bed mate for the night, which made him use me to make up the number? Or is my performance today a good touch? Touched his interest? "What's the matter with you?" At random,stainless steel needle valve, I do not know what I want to ask, nothing is nothing. Find words to cover up the madness in your heart. Since you will be mine sooner or later, it is better to be early than late. The implication is that the reason is very grand. He is accountable to himself.