There is a glimmer of light when it comes (secret love to solve the case)

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"No." Chen Yajing refused, Xu Ge suddenly withdrew the line of sight, she really did not cooperate with the police work

"No." Chen Yajing refused, Xu Ge suddenly withdrew the line of sight, she really did not cooperate with the police work, she held the doorknob, the whole person is defensive posture. Before she opened the door, she didn't ask. She knew in her heart who was outside. About the case of No.8 Middle School ten years ago, I want to ask you about the situation. Do you have time now? Let's talk — Xu Ge was interrupted by Chen Yajing before he finished speaking. She was firm. "I don't have time. I have to go to work. I don't know what you're talking about." Her eyes wandered, even flustered, and her body instinctively retreated. "I don't remember what happened ten years ago." 、52. Chapter 52 Xu Ge looked at her, silent for half a minute, and said, "Now you're the only one left." "What did you say?" "You know what I'm talking about." Xu Ge stared into her eyes. "Don't we talk about it?" "If you don't come to me, no one will know me!" Chen Yajing suddenly became excited and held the doorknob tightly. "I know Liu Jing and Liu Ran are all dead. He will find me if you look for me like this. He will kill me!" "Who is he?" Xu Ge caught the key point in her words, "If we don't come to you, he won't come to you." Chen Jingya's chest rose and fell, her eyes were red, and she looked at Xu Ge. Who is he Xu Ge asked again. Chen Jingya swallowed her saliva and pursed her lips. She was very nervous. I don't know what you're talking about. Please leave. She was afraid, the news of Liu Jing and Liu Ran's murder reached her ears, she was just surprised, but Shi Yan was also killed. She suddenly remembered what had happened ten years ago. It was no coincidence that she was the only one left of the four of them. She wanted to hide so that he couldn't find her and the police couldn't protect her. You really don't know? Xu Ge slightly frowned,deep draw stamping, the doubts in his heart magnified countless times, ten years ago there was a secret, "are you here to talk or go back to talk with us?" "I didn't break the law!" Chen Jingya's eyes fluttered, "you don't have the right to take me away, do you?" Xu Ge loosened his brows, raised his hand and pulled the collar of his shirt. The case was kept secret for the time being and could not be disclosed too much, but Chen Yajing was the key person. She turned to look at Lu Sheng,Magnetic Drain Plug, Lu Sheng took out a piece of paper to write down the phone number, "the police are not as incompetent as you think, you are very dangerous now, think through to contact me." Chen Jingya looked at Lu Sheng, biting her lips, and her eyes were full of inquiry. Excuse me. Lu Sheng turned around and walked away. Xu Ge took a look at Chen Jingya, followed Lu Sheng, and went into the elevator. Xu Ge asked, "Just walk like this?" "She won't say." Evidence is too little, Chen Jingya does not cooperate with them, there is no way, they have no right to take people away for forced interrogation. Out of the elevator, Lu Sheng's phone rang, and the caller was Liu Yang. Captain Lu, die casting parts ,Investment casting parts, we found Shen Qi. He didn't say anything. "What does he do?" "I'm doing shopping in a restaurant." "Have a car?" "He is responsible for the purchase of the restaurant, and he can use the car in the shop." Lu Sheng was silent for a few seconds and said, "What about DNA?" They have found blood on the trolley box other than the victim, which can not be a coincidence, the existence of blood has the meaning of existence. It doesn't match. "Ask again, and if you can't, let him go back." "Huh?"? He is suspected of murder. "What about the evidence?" Lu Sheng asked in reply. Liu Yang was silent, Lu Sheng said, "if there is no evidence, don't violate the rules." "I know." Hang up the phone, Lu Sheng put the phone back. They did not go back, but sat in the car, Lu Sheng turned on the computer to check the interrogation. Shen Qi, the son of Shen Qingzhou, is 28 years old. With excellent grades, his father was exposed to a scandal in the third year of high school and made a newspaper. Their family became the target of public criticism, and Shen Qi was affected, and his grades plummeted. On the eve of the college entrance examination, Shen Qi was seriously injured and did not take the college entrance examination. When Shen Qingzhou committed suicide, his mother had a car accident. After being hit one after another, Shen Qi gave up studying and had to earn money to support his seriously ill mother. His mother died of illness last year. If the indecency of that year was framed, then Shen Qi's motive for murder was very big. As time went by, Chen Jingya came out of her home and went to work. While pressing his mobile phone and sending messages to Shen Qian, Xu Ge paid attention to the place where Chen Jingya worked. Chen Jingya worked in a bank. If Shen Qi is a murderer, his psychological quality is too good. Shen Qian sighed. Asked what happened ten years ago, what was his attitude? "It's strange." "What do you say?" "Numb." Shen Qian used a word to describe it. Xu Ge pressed between his eyebrows and felt that it was strange. Normal people know that they are in danger, first of all, they will believe the police, but Chen Yajing did not, she is on guard. If she's the victim, why be wary? Moreover, Chen Jingya's information has not had any conflicts with the police in the past ten years. Xu Ge leaned back in his seat and drank a mouthful of water. She turned her head to Lu Sheng's line of sight. She raised her eyebrows and laughed. She asked softly, "What's the matter?" Lu Sheng withdrew his sight and shook his head. Xu Ge looked at his thick eyelashes, perfect side face, and finally stared at his Adam's apple, eager to touch it. Finally, he held back and touched his nose, and Xu Ge withdrew his sight. At seven o'clock in the evening, Chen Yajing came out of the bank and stopped a taxi. Their car followed far behind, and Xu Ge took a sip of water and screwed the bottle cap on. The darkness is overwhelming and pressing. There should be no situation today. Lin Feng said. Lu Sheng's phone rang again. He got through and said a few words. Then he asked Lin Feng to stop. Lin Feng stopped the car, Xu Ge looked up, Lu Sheng said, "There is a telephone contact, I go back to C city." Xu Ge pursed his lips, "pay attention to safety on the way." Lu Sheng's eyes sank and swept her,Stainless steel foundry, "Chen Yajing is a breakthrough to ensure her safety." "Good." When Lu Sheng left, Lin Feng looked at Xu Ge again and hesitated to speak. What do you want to ask? "You and Team Lu." Lin Feng raised his thumb, "awesome." Xu Ge looked at the car in front of him and looked at Lin Feng in the rearview mirror. "Thank you." Lin Feng laughed and said nothing more.