Tianxin is angry

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But in the face of the already rotating, spherical surface rising aerosol of the Taisu star condensation body, the earth

But in the face of the already rotating, spherical surface rising aerosol of the Taisu star condensation body, the earth spirit can not think of a good way to crack for a while, the small mouth can not help but scold out, "Grandma bear, first beat a happy, big man, I do not believe that beating can not come out of your courage!" Episode 1 Star Ferry Chapter 125 Deep Blue Battle (Part 2) Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:12:28 Words in this chapter: 9462 Said to do, Mang Mang thunder rolling in, Xuanlei spirit hammer magic to the largest asteroid state, the earth spirit is no longer injected into the hammer body true spirit Xuanqi, but the true spirit Xuanqi into the power of the hammer, the spirit hammer is refined from the gas of the seven Xuantian evil spirits, how can it not be worse than the solid Taisu immortal power. Under the control of Zhenling Xuanqi, a burst of falling thunder exploded for nine days. Xuanlei Lingchui could still see the afterimage at first, but later he could only feel the distortion of the void. In the center of the Taisu Star Condensation Body, the sweat shadow is hidden on the forehead of Fanhua, the Supreme of the Eastern Immortal Realm. He steps on the "Xuanji Step" and walks faster and faster. While driving the Star Condensation Body to run, his body shape fluctuates slightly from time to time, sending out a circle of strength, eliminating the violent shock caused by the Xuanlei Spirit Hammer hitting the Taisu Star Congealing Body. This big man seems to be very good at being beaten. On the one hand, the Earth Spirit circled the True Spirit Xuanqi with his small left hand to fight against the harassment and attack of the Spirit Flying Sword issued by Fanhua Supreme, and on the other hand, he used the moving blow of the Spirit Hammer to find the weakness of Taisuxing's congealed body. However, it is too difficult. The congealed body of Taisu Star is equivalent to the outer skin of Fanhua. Even if it is a little light pressure, Fanhua will immediately detect it, thus mobilizing the power of Taisu Immortal to meet the enemy. Small moves constantly, big moves amazing, there is the use of strength,car radiator cap, there is the cut of wisdom, earth spirit and Fanhua supreme fight into the white-hot, the former has the strongest strike force, Xuan Lei Ling hammer; the latter has the best protective force field, taisu star congealed body. It seems that Fanhua Zhizun suffers losses, but in fact, his spirit flying sword is also like a golden light, looking for the trouble of the earth spirit, so as not to let the earth spirit have more time to find the weakness of the congealed body of Taisu Star. Alas, such a stalemate, such a hard shake,car radiator cap, do not look at it! The dark spirit sighed and turned to look for another target to watch the battle between the light spirit and the supreme Buddha in the Western Heaven. This spirit is playing an alternative game of power confrontation. The light spirit feels that the fire spirit and the earth spirit do not work by using the Xuanlei Spirit Hammer, and the big bald man in front of him does not have to hope that the Xuanyang Spirit Hammer can beat the bald head with a ring. Who knows what the bald head is made of. For a while, he looked at it for a long time, but he didn't understand it. Good, good, I have a good relationship with the little benefactor. "It's like seeing the light and looking at him up and down with small eyes." The monk is a big man. What kind of kindness is he? What kind of fate is he? He doesn't live in his own home to save all living beings, but he comes here to run wild. The eldest brother said, such a Buddha can not be said, only the long street of prancing horses, bloody void, can bear true knowledge, big monk, I will teach you how to obtain true knowledge? The light spirit, no matter what, raised his small head and sent out a thin voice. Ha, ha, I am three million years old, and the Buddha's heart has passed. In the world, no matter fame or wealth, what I covet is just a little different form of enjoyment. It is the desire of all people that arises at the right time and in the right place. At the right time and in the right place, there is no way to stop it. Or say, DIN screw plug ,die casting parts, change time, change place, big desire is reduced, small desire is eliminated. True knowledge is color, goodness, illusion and emptiness. The little benefactor wants to teach me the method of acquiring true knowledge. It's really like teaching! The Buddha is really like a faint smile, with nine colors shining faintly on his head, radiating to the void in the form of a rainbow. Hee hee, old monk, your consciousness only belongs to you. If you don't eat, drink or sleep, you will live. If you don't eat, drink or sleep, you will die. This so-called your law belongs to you, my law belongs to me, what does it have to do with you. The eldest brother said, I am born, I work, I grow up, I strive for self-improvement, my law is passed on to thousands of families, and I will protect the happiness of thousands of families. Old monk, teach you a new term, this is systems engineering, do you understand? Have you ever imagined the suffering of the victim when you release the wicked. Have you ever thought about the anger of the people of the source when you invade the source. In the Dharma of your generation, happiness is enjoyed by the wicked, and suffering is suffered by the weak. If life and death are miserable today, the next life will be rewarded. Shit The light spirit's voice rose high. "Amitabha, the little benefactor seems to have a deep understanding of the Dharma!"! It's a piece of material! Zhenru still smiled faintly. Forget it. I'm talking to you, the old monk, about this. I'm a little bit talking to the donkey and playing the flute to the horse. If you don't use real means, you will go back to Sifangyu. Look at the fight. This time, the light spirit did not wait for the truth to answer, and the pure Yang spirit came out, like a mountain, like a stone, like an islet, like water, like fog, with the speed of light, pouring towards the truth. As a matter of fact, the true Buddha is also wronged enough. The accusation of the light spirit is not unreasonable. If any matter of retribution is solved by the true Buddha, with his great wisdom, it is not difficult to solve it satisfactorily. But also as the light spirit said, your consciousness only belongs to you, not to others, a little truth, the situation from the top to the bottom, when it reaches the bottom, it has experienced the pruning of various interests, the polishing of ill-intentioned people, coupled with the intellectual deviation of the spokesman, the essence has long been beyond recognition, horrible, and has become another sense of infinite lethality. It is euphemistically called "Buddha Dharma is boundless"! The four words that the top level dare not say are the common mantra at the bottom level. The purpose of the journey to the source, the Buddhist world in the Western Heaven, is not so simple, as if it can be said that the interest in the source of life is general, and it does not care about any political system. What he cares about is such a legend, and what he cares about is that in that legend, the annihilation of Buddhism has been predicted. He may not care about everything, but if it is related to the problem of incense, then the matter is important. He has to find out the reason and find out the solution. He was secretly frightened by the conversation with the light spirit. He did not know that the light spirit came from the dream star field of the high unity of science and martial arts, where everything in Buddhism had no living soil. There, people attribute the ultimate cause of all suffering to their own lack of strength. Not strong enough, so can not go to the spirit of the real world,alloy die casting, not strong enough, so can not go to the spirit of the celestial world, and not by any fruit newspaper and so on. autoparts-dx.com