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"Two days and one night," the program group is very'vicious', but one thing is very good, that is, absolutely fair

"Two days and one night," the program group is very'vicious', but one thing is very good, that is, absolutely fair. According to this principle and past habits, the content of the five competitions is divided into three parts, two are decided by the members, two are decided by the program group, and the last one is decided by drawing lots. The members gathered in a circle to discuss it, and Mr. Luo went out of the room to discuss it with several leading directors. Brother, what project shall we choose? Is it still football? "Of course, isn't that the best thing we can do?" After a question and answer, the program group decided on the first project. As expected by the members, it is the football that the staff often use to pass the time when they rest. Where's the other one? By the way, brokers, come and discuss it together. Luo PD hesitated for a moment. He called over the brokers who were resting beside him and wanted them to help him out. Not only are Jiang Hudong's agents present, but Michael's personal assistant is also present. At the end of the day, his personal assistant has become familiar with the agents who are good at public relations. If you ask me, let him have a boxing match with Brother Hudong. Isn't he always complaining these days? Meng Meng's agent,non standard fasteners, Xunshi Fatty, is the most active. First of all, he patted Jiang Hudong's agent and made a suggestion to Luo PD. I'm sure I'll be beaten to death. Although Jiang Hudong's agent is also a big man of more than 1.8 meters, his physique is still much thinner than Jiang Hudong's. Let him practice with Jiang Hudong is a death wish. Obviously, it's just a joke. Boxing? I can't. Jiang Hudong's agent also repeatedly waved his hand and said with a smile that after a pause, he seemed to remember something. He pushed Michael's assistant out: "Why don't you let Remy play? He just told me that he used to practice boxing." It's true that Michael's assistant can't be anyone. In addition to the assistant's own work, they occasionally make a guest appearance as bodyguards when they are short of staff. It's not nonsense that Remy claims to have practiced boxing, but he's not as good as a professional bodyguard. Tall and strong,metal stamping parts, black skin, this Remy immediately left a good impression on Luo PD, so Luo PD asked with a smile: "Do you want to participate?"? Boxing with them? In fact, Luo is just joking, after all, boxing is still a bit violent, not suitable for the program "Two Days and One Night". I don't want to get beat up, nonono. But unexpectedly. Remy shouted in some panic, with a serious expression on his face. Looking at the strange look on the faces of several people around him, Remy explained: "Well, if it's a boxing match with other people, then I have absolutely no opinion, but if I want to fight against him.". Then I will never do it. Guys, Steel investment casting ,titanium machining parts, don't forget, that guy is a tough character who has fought cage battles in the WWE ring, and I don't have the confidence to do better than those professional wrestling superstars. As an enthusiastic audience of wrestling programs, it is not surprising that Remy can remember Li Jingyuan's glorious deeds, and after his reminder, several talents of the "Two Days and One Night" program group also recalled. It seems that we really can't do that. It's too dangerous. Luo nodded his head and said very seriously that he was glad that he was just joking. But then again, it's a pity to leave such a big man as Remy, so Ronaldo asked with some expectation: "Remy, are you good at other sports besides boxing?" "Yes, basketball, baseball and football are all OK." Remy smiled and showed two rows of white teeth, but the answer he gave left Luo and several others speechless. Basketball, baseball and football are the three major sports in the United States. Remy said it was not surprising that he was good at these sports, but to everyone's dismay, even if he was good at these sports, the program could not let him play. Baseball and football require too large a field, and there must be no hope. Basketball doesn't need much space, but the basketball rack is a problem. Even if the working group of "Two Days and One Night" is Nb, it's impossible to get a basketball rack in this wild place. This is really, alas, a pity. Luo's face was full of regret and he could only shake his head and sigh. I have an idea. Let Remy wrestle with them. Meng Meng's fat agent, Xunshi, suddenly gave him a suggestion, only to hear him explain: "Discuss with them, there should be no problem." "Wrestling?"? Brother Hudong is here. You're not talking nonsense, are you? "No, no." Being given a white look by Luo, Hoon-seok immediately explained: "Remy's physical quality is good, but he has never been exposed to our Korean wrestling. He has no skills at all.". If you say so, it is estimated that Brother Hudong will still agree. There is shrewdness in these words. According to Jiang Hudong's character, it is unlikely that he will refuse. You know, he is a strong man, and he is willing to admit defeat in other events, but he will not give up without a fight in wrestling. Relying on the fact that the members have played wrestling at ordinary times and have their own technical guidance beside them, Jiang Hudong will certainly be very confident that even if the members themselves do not want to play, he will definitely take the initiative to force someone to play Korean wrestling against Remy. Jiang Hudong will think that skill is very important, but Luo and others have another idea. They know very well that the most important thing in the novice competition is strength. The cognition of the two sides is different, obviously, the program group here is more reliable, think through this point, Luo PD also can not help but nod, agree with the proposal of Xunshi. The two projects of the program group have been decided, which are football and wrestling. However, there were some additional conditions in the wrestling competition,metal stamping parts, that is, Jiang Hudong and Li Jingyuan could not be allowed to appear. In order to get the members to agree to this condition, Luo PD could only go to the members again to discuss it.