Jun Nan Fang (complete edition) (Mei Guo, Mo Fan, Yi Feng, Jin Rui, Pei Wei, Mu Qiu, Yan Hong, Li Luo)

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"No." Ming Hong did not want to answer. Min Guo looked up at him. "Of course you won't. You're from the Ming family."

"No." Ming Hong did not want to answer. Min Guo looked up at him. "Of course you won't. You're from the Ming family." You shouldn't have asked him that. Ming Hong did not deny her words and suddenly reached out to hold her little hand turning the penholder. "But you're only half right. I'm not going because I want to keep you." Minguo's eyes slowly moved from his hands to his eyes looking down at her. His eyes were deep and bright. When he didn't keep a straight face, he looked very friendly. But at this time, the things in his eyes made her want to shrink back. She could see that this was a man's love for a woman, not the kind of brother-sister relationship she hoped for in her heart. Although Ming Hong is very good, it is because he is good that she wants to escape. At the end of the game and the wind has let her burn, for no reason and rushed in a Mu Qiu, just these three people, she can not put the right position, which can have other ideas. Pretending not to understand the meaning of his words, he quietly withdrew his hand from his hand. "Of course, the people of the Ming family can't leave the people of the Yu family. Unfortunately, he's different. Once he leaves, the medical workshop will be closed." Chapter 328 of the main text Words: 1793 Out of the hospital, looked at the sky, gray, it seems that it will soon snow to the pedestrians, many people with worship things, turned around and asked Ming Hong who was leading the horse, "What day is it today?" "Winter Solstice, when she came out just now, Xiaoxian said that Wang Ye wanted you to go back earlier." Ming Hong looked at the other side of the gate like a careless Wei Zimo, a little uncomfortable, this tail is to shake off also can not shake off. "Oh," said Min Guo,Nail machine manufacturer, "I've been so busy these days that I've forgotten that today is Winter Solstice." Hurry home. " As soon as he took a few steps, he suddenly remembered something and whispered in Wei Zimo's ear. Wei Zimo looked back at her with surprise and joy. "Really?" "I won't coax you." Mei Guo took his jade tablet from her bosom and gave it to him. "Go quickly." "This.." Wei Zimo did not forget his responsibility, and Yi Feng asked him to protect Mei Guo. "Don't worry, there's a red here." Mei Guo patted him on the shoulder. "I can't catch up with lunch if I dawdle any more." Wei Zi Mo turned his eyes to Ming Hong. He learned a lot from him these two days. Knowing that his kung fu was not inferior to his own, he protected Mei Guo and was in the city. There would be no mistakes. Then he thanked Mei Guo and left with dust. Where do you want him? Ming Hong doesn't know how to use it. Let the dogskin plaster go away happily. I told him. My mother and sister are in my private house. I want to see him. Last time Ming Hong helped Yi Zhi to save Wei Zi and Mo Di's family. But in a private house. I hope the whole family can get together every winter. But this is not less every year. Just one less. It is rare that all the brothers are at home this year. Mother didn't know if she would come home. Back to Zhennanfu. It's still some hours before lunch. I also heard that my father and brothers were in the study. It's boring to have nothing to do. He went ahead to join in the fun. Just arrived at the door of the study. Before entering the door, a huge black object rushed at her. It gave her a real fright. I haven't come to my senses yet. Sink on the shoulders. Held down by two furry objects. A burst of heat and humidity on his face. Instinctively, he reached out to push away the thing in front of him. It is full of hair to catch it at once. Looking closely, there was a pair of green eyes in front of her eyes, which were only three fingers away. In a flash, I knew what it was. I was depressed about how it was here. I roared, "Sunspot, you go down." The black general licked her face a few more times before he retreated. A damned banter laughed in his ear, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, "I haven't kissed him yet, and he's had enough." Then a hand slapped her on the buttocks. Min Guo immediately raised his eyebrows and stared at the hateful smiling face beside him, just about to break out. Father's happy voice came from the study, "General Black." The black general immediately wagged his tail and scurried into the study. Then Yizhi appeared at the door and they said with a smile, "You are really destined to bump into each other when you go home." Yi Feng'Hei Hei 'went to face Yi Feng with a smile. Min Guo was spanked by him in vain, but he couldn't hold his breath and twisted his back. Yi Feng raised his eyebrows and smiled in his eyes, but he did not expose her little trick. Yizhi sharp-eyed, but saw her fruit in the back to do something, just smiled, just as not finished, led the game wind in. When I entered the study, I saw my father and brothers. Usually she was sitting next to her father, but today her father's bench was occupied by the black general, and her head was on the legs of the king of Zhennan, enjoying the touch of the king of Zhennan. Min Guo speechless white one eye, what master raises what pet. Walked up to the black general, "come down to your master, don't take my place." The black general just glanced at her and shook his tail, but his body refused to move at all. And I'm still on it. Fruit also want to drag, the town south king stopped her, "you find another place to sit, this has not seen the black general for a long time, also let it accompany me." Fruit is speechless, this leopard came, the daughter was laid off, looked around, the brothers sat around, only the wind next to the empty, is absolutely intentional. "Dad and brothers don't know that men and women are not close to each other?" Yi Feng just took a mouthful of tea in his mouth, heard this, a mouthful of tea all sprayed out, dumbfounding looking at the black general standing next to a face of grievance, complaining of the rose fruit. Men and women are not close to each other? He would never forget how she tortured him, and if it hadn't been for the King of Zhennan and the Mei brothers, he would have pressed the little woman under him to see how she was not close to the law. Wen's brothers are all too familiar with Mei Guo's cunning, and all of them can't help laughing. The king of Zhennan said with a straight face, "You are also the son and daughter of a military general's family. How can you have so many conventions? Besides, you are married, and your husband is not an outsider." Fruit is just used to his father's side, his position is occupied by the black general,Automatic nail machine, some jealousy, said that men and women are not close, but also a temporary excuse. 3shardware.com