Hokage Doujin-Aotaki

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More surprising than Naruto's defeat of Ningji, Shikamaru automatically abstained from defeat at the dawn of victory!

More surprising than Naruto's defeat of Ningji, Shikamaru automatically abstained from defeat at the dawn of victory! One color laughed on the stage, "Ha ha, this is the style of this guy!"! Obey when you know you can't struggle. What about smart people? When the hand bowed up, she had not yet come to her senses from the victory just now, and she did not expect that this victory had been given to her by someone else! She looked hard at the boy coming from the ladder. He was in a mess, and his crooked lips showed that he didn't mind. Naruto put his arms around his neck and shouted, "Why do you give up, you fool?"! We're about to win! Ba Ga! Shikamaru still looked like he didn't care and said, "I'm very tired. Anyway, I finished my task and warmed up when the audience enjoyed themselves." Although he said so self-deprecating, but now no one will use the warm eyes to look at this thoughtful to the extent of terror. One color way: "Ah ~ ~ you this is not a hero to save the United States ah ~ ~ ha!" "Cut, boring." Shou Ju glanced at him and turned his head. "Hum, who cares?" I turned around and looked at Ailuo, only to find that his eyes were now slightly open, and his lips were curved upward like a smile. As soon as Kankuro's eyelids jumped,jujube seed powder, he unconsciously took a few steps back at his feet. "Oh no," he said to himself. "I love Luo and I'm already in a state of excitement!"! Why hasn't the boy from Uchiha's family come yet? "One color, three generations of adults are looking for you." A strange voice sounded behind him, and everyone found out when this person appeared. In front of so many people who participated in the finals and were above the level of tolerance, he could appear quietly. The man wore a mask like a clown, and the pattern on the mask was totally different from his gentle voice. One color knows the identity of this person however,carnosic acid price, but he cannot be exposed before everybody, turn round: "What thing?" "Probably Lord Fengying wants to see you as the son of Mou Xie's family." "Oh, what am I looking at at the end of the crane? Is he curious?" "That's not true." He is defending, I love Luo but cross the body in front of the body, said: "Go back and tell him, he does not go!" " I don't know when the sand in the gourd flows out and flows slowly under my feet, making a unique friction sound. That person's body stands very straight, obviously does not have the eye mask actually to be able to let the human feel his vision falls on my love Luo body, he said: "You are the sand endure my love Luo?" "Why?" "So it's you. It's good for you to protect him like this, but he has to go home and explain to his father." Now, we all know his identity. The genius of Mou Xie, the elder brother of the same color, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,turmeric extract powder, the family of Mou Xie. So what if I don't let him go back? Even in the face of my love Luo's provocation, his voice is still gentle: "Ah, then he will be very troublesome." As soon as his voice fell, I saw the sand at the feet of Ailuo suddenly jump out like an arrow and shoot at his face! But he jumped up in the air in fright and dodged the sand of my love. With the identity and fame of a family, he can escape the sand that I love Luo to attack this kind of thing is still a matter of course, the players also only praised in the heart: "good agile skill ah!" But when he saw him standing steadily in the air two meters away, he showed a look of surprise. A family stood quietly in the air, still wearing a mask of darkness on his face, and his body was very straight. As the eldest son of Mou Xie, he had a proud and elegant demeanor. Like walking on a ladder, he stepped down step by step from the air and said, "Hey, don't do it. I am the eldest brother of the same color." I love Luo, who was aroused by the competition under the stage, was already boiling when he saw a beautiful and incredible skill, but he was very rational and said: "One color, I will accompany you." A color is about to take his hand, a household with a distressed voice said: "Er … …" Three generations of adults only said they wanted to go in the same color. I love Luo was about to have an attack, but he patted his hand and comforted him by saying, "It's all right. It's all right. At least Lord Fengying asked me to go. He won't participate in the family's boring children's quarrel." I love Luo but look at him, silent and uncompromising. One color looked at him to look again, say finally: "Hum, then you wait for me outside the stage of 3 acting adult?"? I'm going in and you're outside? I love Luo looked at the high platform, turned to the color and said: "You have to take this." With these words, the sand at his feet congealed into the shape of a palm wrapped around the arm of the same color, and the other end was connected to the gourd of my love. The same color smiled. He looked at my love Luo with a very happy smile. His big brown eyes were smiling like a curved water. He raised his hand and kissed the sandy hand gently in the eyes of the people and my love Luo. He said, "OK." Then he left in the petrified eyes of Naruto Shikamaru and others. Walk out not far, still dragging the sand like a rope behind the same color, a household took his hand and said: "You and that I love Luo is..." He was a little embarrassed. According to the elders of the family, it was a serious betrayal of the clan, but he only thought it was the friendship between the two children. But what I just saw. How to make him feel the friendship of today's children. Why is it a little different? "Oh, brother, are you going to take me back by chance?" "You're giving me a problem. It's estimated that the people in the clan who came out from the third generation will be waiting for you in an ambush. But look at that thing in your hand. Several spies in the clan have been killed by him.." "Then my brother, are you going to arrest me?" "You naughty boy, run away when you get a chance." Touching his head, he said, "But you can't do this. Father will find you sooner or later. I'm afraid the punishment will be heavier than it is now." She curled her lips and said,ghana seed extract, "It doesn't matter. I'll have fun first anyway. We'll talk about it later." "You.." Ah, here we are. Come in with me. You can have a good talk later. Lord Fengying is also here. "I know." Just as he answered, a door lifted the curtain and took him in. On the only two chairs inside were two men in white gowns and bamboo coir hats. The one who covered his face with black cloth was the shadow of the wind. prius-biotech.com