Painted by a bone-painted woman

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Wen Shisan: "You can say whatever you want. Anyway, I will find out the dry well case before you.

Wen Shisan: "You can say whatever you want. Anyway, I will find out the dry well case before you. When the time comes, Mr. Ji, who is famous in the capital, will only be defeated by me, and my name, Wen Shisan, will be a household name. But.." He smiled, "I will not let you lose too ugly, after all, you are my master, you taught me, I will be grateful, can not let you lose, but in other words, I am better than the blue, is also your credit, you should be happy for my apprentice." With a strange tone! Uh! I'm happy for you. Do you want to burn incense for you on holidays? Smelly and shameless! Ji Yunshu smiled bitterly, "I was so blind that I would keep you by my side." "You don't have to say that about yourself." Wen Shisan's face froze and continued, "To tell you the truth, this time I went to the capital to help King Yi investigate the case, but not only to overshadow you, King Yi promised that as long as I could help him solve the dry well case before King Rong,plastic cosmetic tubes, he would let me sit in the position of the Ministry of Punishment." Greedy eyes. The Ministry of Punishment raises the prison department! Ridiculous. In our line of work, the highest point is nothing more than the position of punishment. If the king can give it to me, I will follow his lead. Pug! Ji Yunshu felt extremely funny, "do you think." Is Yiwang trustworthy? "Of course it's worth it!" How interesting. Anyway, she said all she could say, but this man was still stubborn and confused! "Well," she said, "I'd like to see if there's ever a day when you're going to be executed." Two people confront each other! At this time- Two figures, one tall and one short,aluminium laminated tube, came from a distance. Because of the dark clouds and the heavy rain, it was impossible to see the face of the man. But according to the figure, it seems that there is a person sitting in a wheelchair, and someone is pushing behind him. Gradually approaching. Ji Yunshu and Wen Shisan also ended their excited remarks just now. Both of them looked at the people who came into the ancestral temple of the Zhang family. I saw the high shadow, pushing the wheelchair in one hand and holding the umbrella in the other, but the umbrella was forward, hitting the head of the person sitting in the wheelchair, making his back all wet, his hair dripping with rain, from top to bottom, flowing on the dark face, if you look carefully, you can also see the scar on the face of that person, not long, but there are several, probably because there is no good treatment. So the scar is not healing well, cosmetic tube ,custom cosmetic packing, like a centipede crawling on the face. The man in the wheelchair had white hair, but he combed it very neatly. He looked more than sixty years old. His eyes were dull, his face was dull, and he was holding a lantern in his hand. The candle in it was shaking, as if it would go out at any time. When they arrived at the door, the young man pushing the wheelchair closed the umbrella and put it against the pillar, shaking the rain on his body. Probably because Wen Shisan and Ji Yunshu stood in a dark place, they did not attract attention. The young man pushed the wheelchair in. Also do not know what it is, suddenly reflected a light, that point of light is square, from Ji Yunshu's eyes suddenly flashed. She couldn't open her eyes for a moment. Instinctively turn your head away. By the time they got used to it, the two men had gone in. Inside the house. When they came in, the wheelchair made a squeaking sound, which was a little harsh. There was a lot of noise. The crowd looked over. One, like a lost soul, sat in a wheelchair with a lantern in his arms and his eyes were dull. One, like a drowned rat, though his face was covered with scars, behaved honestly, not like a villain. Seeing this, village chief Zhang hurriedly came up and slapped the young man in the face, reminding him, "What's the matter with you, Zhang Daqi?"? Don't you see the two princes here? The man known as Zhang Daqi was a little timid. His eyes swept over the two Buddhas one by one, showing a look of panic on his face. He clasped his hands clumsily together and arched forward. He said in a strong voice, "The little one didn't mean to disturb the two princes. Please take care of your life." The mouth is not stupid! Jing Rong was about to open his mouth and say, "It's all right.". He was preempted by Jing Yi and said, "Don't be afraid. We are not extremely vicious people. How can we punish people casually?" At this time, should we throw away the three words of "hypocrisy" to him. Slap in the face! Zhang Daqi breathed a sigh of relief and shrank to the side. Immediately, the village chief asked him, "What are you doing here instead of staying at home with your father?" "Village head, the flood just flooded our house, so we had to come over." "How can this be?" "A lot of things at home are too late to move out, and I don't know what to do." "It's all right if you're all right. You and your father will live in the ancestral temple first and wait until the water recedes." "That's the only way." Zhang Daqi pushed his father to the side, next to the people in the village. Jing Rong looked outside as if the sky was really leaking holes, and looked at the worried village chief Zhang, comforted, "Village chief, you don't have to worry too much, although the heavy rain destroyed a lot of houses, causing you to flee everywhere, but the king will certainly respond to the court, hoping to make up for your losses as soon as possible." Does that mean to allocate money for disaster relief? Chapter 754 life-saving medicine. When the villagers in the ancestral temple heard this, they were all very excited. The village head was even more smiling: "Thank you, Wang Ye. You are the savior of our Zhangjiacun." Just three bows and nine kowtows! Where to know- Jing also splashed a basin of cold water coldly and said, "Village head, don't thank me so early." Uh? It seems that we are going to make a mess again. The village chief doesn't know why? Jing also looked at Jing Rong and said in a tone of reminder, "The court has always had the rules of the court for disaster relief. It's not that everything has to alarm the court. If this is true, I'm afraid that if something happens to each state, it will be reported to the court. When the time comes, won't it mess up our rules?" "Be that as it may,empty lotion tubes, you and I have seen with our own eyes the situation in Zhangjiacun. The continuous heavy rain caused floods. Although no one was killed, the people's houses collapsed and suffered heavy losses. There was no reason for the court to ignore them." "If you say so, the Ministry of the Interior will be very busy!" It's obviously a taunt.