Emperor Qianlong

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When they saw that Wang Laowu had suffered losses, they shouted and rushed to the young man.

When they saw that Wang Laowu had suffered losses, they shouted and rushed to the young man. The little beggar dragged the young man back, and the middle-aged beggar stood in front of him, smiling and not very busy. When the first few people came to him, he suddenly crouched down and swept his legs like a grinding bar. Three or four people, like a grain suddenly attacked by the wind, fell in a pile. The man in the back was frightened by his hand, and then shouted and rushed over, but was caught by a middle-aged beggar in the chest and pushed out, and knocked down another one. Zhuang Ding although many, but that middle-aged beggar is not the ordinary hand, the figure trance interspersed in the meantime, knock down one and rush to another. The boy, too, was nimble, but those who came near were shoving and elbowing, and those who were next to him were either climbing horses or staggering as if drunk. The little beggar was even more leisurely, jumping up and down in the crowd like a flea, kicking one, hammering the other, and slapping people in the face from time to time. All of a sudden,plastic wheelie bins, the snow and dust were flying, and the sound of shouting and shouting, the sound of falling to the ground, and the sound of ears were ringing. Dou Guangnai and Ma Erzhenzi looked at it for a moment and knew that Wang Laowu was no match for the three men, although there were so many of them. A group of melee in the east wing of the second also out of a few big fellow, one by one is strong and mighty, but not a beggar, like a long with the appearance,foldable bulk container, all fork hands and stand, smiling at this group, but like watching the street running rivers and lakes walk style. All of a sudden, Zhuangding had been knocked down five or six times, but the evil spirits seemed to have been twisted by middle-aged beggars, and one by one they rolled on the ground with their hands around their knees. Wang Laowu's face was swollen with purple, and he was so tired that he was panting for breath. He and the middle-aged beggar stammered desperately, shouting, "Go together-surround this boy and beat him to death!" "Stop and listen to me!" The boy stood in front of the stone slab of the well platform, beating the man who had come up, and shouted in his spare time. Standing under the eaves of a few long with the people do not listen to the greeting, still pestering endlessly, "whoosh" to all hands together. Only in a twinkling of an eye, Zhuangding were all knocked down to the ground, holding their feet and covering their stomachs. The two men followed the bachelor, spill plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, dragged him to the young man, kicked him in the knee socket, and knelt down. Seeing him struggling, a captain slapped him in the face and scolded him, saying, "Be honest and listen to this gentleman." Wang Laowu was stubborn and silly, and he had already knelt down and refused to submit. When the little beggar was about to be beaten, he stopped with a wave of his hand. "Tell me the truth," he asked, "did you snatch this girl?" "No!"! Did I buy it? Who is the seller? "Official sale!" "Well!"! Is she a slave of sin? Wang Laowu is stupefied, say: "Her appearance is upright-mouth is not a bit Nu-what are you wordy!"! Let me go! The boy could not help grinning and said, "It's no coincidence that she is my distant cousin and has come here to ask for help.". Can I leave it alone? Wang Laowu, I see that you are also an honest farmer, and I don't want to embarrass you. It's not easy for you to marry a wife, and don't say how much the ransom is. You make a price, and I'll help you find another woman of the same age and appearance. In fact, this girl is still a child. She has not been humiliated, and she has also hurt you. Can you say that? Wang Laowu listened to his words but only half understood. He looked up and down at the young man and said, "You look like a newborn baby. What a big breath you are!"! It was not easy for me to sell the tea mountain and buy it with eight taels of silver. If I marry a wife, who will marry me without sixty yuan? Do you have one? "Sixty?" The boy blinked his eyes. It turned out that he had never made money, and he did not know how to convert money into silver, so he looked at the beggar. The little beggar said with a smile, "a full amount of money is seven hundred pennies, and the gross amount is one thousand pennies. A full amount of money is seven pennies for one tael, and sixty pennies for six, seven, and forty-two pennies. Plus the fineness of the silver, ninety-nine percent of the silver is ninety-seven and sixty-three.." He pinched his fingers and counted, but the young man was so impatient that he drank him up and said, "Ji Bao!"! When did you learn to gossip? Keep it simple! The little beggar named Jibao stuck out his tongue to make a face and said with a smile, "It should be thirty-five or two or three yuan. It's enough for him to marry a wife." I'll give you fifty taels. "The boy smiled and nodded with his hand, and a long follower stepped forward and gave him two ingots of Taizhou footprints in both hands.". The young man took it in his hand and weighed it. The beehive filament was gray and white, and the two pieces of silver cake reached the heart. With the body temperature that followed, the snowflakes like white velvet melted as soon as they touched them. They were white and bright with dazzling light. A group of farmers were already stunned. The young man approached Wang Laowu and threw the silver into his hand. "Go back and redeem your tea mountain," he said with a smile. "Marry a woman so you can live your life. Let him go and tell him to go! Then he took a look at Matteo and his wife, and without saying a word, lifted the straw curtain and went back to the house. The man called Jibao and the middle-aged beggars who had followed him all behaved themselves and went back to their rooms. Wang Laowu looked at each other and left the temple with one foot high and one foot low like a fool. Dou Guangnai seemed to wake up from a dream and said with a smile, "I recognize him, too. The Imperial Academy sent the manuscript to the Sixth Master's Mansion. I've seen this brother.". "The Sixth Master has taught his children well, and this young master has a good heart." Ma Erzhenzi said, "This is the charming son of the Sixth Master's wife, and he is also the sixth. In fact, the first three brothers didn't take care of him. They were afraid that the two Sixth Masters would be confused, so they all called him Fourth Master Fu, Fu Kangan. I bought something for him, and he recognized me just now. I don't think it's bad. Let's go in and ask for peace." Seeing that Dou Guangnai hesitated, Ma Erzhenzi said with a smile, "Lan Qing has committed suicide again.". Fourth Master Fu is also a man with a job. As soon as he falls into the grass,plastic pallet bin, he is a third-class shrimp. His position is higher than ours! Said took to his heels, Dou Guangnai was on the scene, can not help but also move to follow in. cnplasticpallet.com