Martial Uncle, you can easily lose me like this.

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If she doesn't come back, if she goes straight back to the Holy Church, Yang Qing won't be dragged down by

If she doesn't come back, if she goes straight back to the Holy Church, Yang Qing won't be dragged down by her to the present! How could she bully him like that?! The girl held the young man's falling arm and cried like a child, crying until she was hoarse. Yang Qing's eyelashes trembled lightly, opened her eyes, looked at the little girl lying on her body, and saw her holding her arm and crying. The bright moon was shining on her head, and it was the snow-white moonlight. She cried like a fool. Yang Qing was tired in his heart, thinking that he had never seen Ah Yue cry so much. She has always been hard-hearted and heartless, and she seldom sheds tears. This time, I cried like this for myself. He wants to give his life to her. Yang Qing stretched out another intact arm and slowly covered the girl's trembling back. He patted her back gently and whispered, "Don't cry.". I can't even hold you. She was holding his arm, and his arm was hurt, so he couldn't hold her. Mochizuki raised her face to look at him with tears in her eyes. In the dim light, Yang Qing looked at the girl's face. His eyelashes were knotted, his eyes were wet, his face was full of white jade, and his long hair was messy against his face. She was covered with blood and dirt, and her face was black and shallow because she was crying. Could not have been worse. However, in this mess, Yang Qing felt that she was more beautiful than ever before. He was moved by her countless times, but Mochizuki, who shed tears for him,stainless steel shower tray, made him move the most. Yang Qing stretched out his hand and held her in his arms under the obedience of Mochizuki. The mountain wind was very strong at night, and they could hear the sound of the wind if it was materialized. In a cold wind, Yang Qing hugged Mochizuki's shoulder, and Mochizuki heard his warm and cool voice. "Girl.". My surname is Yang, and my single name is Qing. When he was young, his family was destroyed and he was destroyed by the Demon Sect. After that, he went to Cloud Gate to practice martial arts to protect himself. This year has been 25, the birthday is the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month. I'm good at both literature and martial arts, and I have some money. Although you are not as rich as the girl,Flushometer valve, but I also have the skill, will not let the girl suffer. Girl, will you marry me? Chapter 119 | 12345. After the sky shook and the earth moved, the dust settled, and the moonlight hanging high on the mountain was like water. Perhaps because of the psychological effect, I felt that the moonlight was brighter than usual. The floating clear light shines on people, silvery white, like a head full of frost and snow. Light gray sky, cold mountain wall, cool mountain wind.. It's like an eternal existence. In this eternity, the girl raised her wet ice and snow eyes, and in a desolate sadness, she looked at the young man who was half holding her on the mountain wall. He is peaceful and leisurely, even if the back and arms are injured, look at her eyebrows and eyes, still graceful and gentle. The freshness between his eyes overwhelmed the haggard and weak. Mixed with blood and dust, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, he looked down at people, dimples slightly exposed at the corners of his mouth, which made people feel that the years were quiet and beautiful, with infinite memories. The moonlight reflected on his face. Mochizuki thought that Yang Qingzhen was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. And the gentlest man she had ever seen. At this time, he said such a thing to her! Yang Qing sat against the mountain wall and saw that after hearing his words, Mochizuki first looked up and stared at him. The girl's eyes are still gathered with tears, water stains stand on the black eyelashes, congealed into drops of water, dripping down. As soon as the girl's mouth was flat, she bent over his knee and cried even more sadly. When she began to cry, she really didn't have the gentleness of a girl at all, but the collapse of a child crying for candy. Yang Qing was stunned, never thought he would ask, "Would you like to marry me?" Can make the little girl cry even more miserably. He wanted to comfort her and stop her crying. He was a little embarrassed by her crying, any man encountered this situation, and then full of love, can not help but self-doubt, doubt, is full of embarrassment. Yang Qing had a burning pain in his back, and his arm, which was held by Mochizuki, began to hurt. He couldn't help asking, "." Why are you crying? Mochizuki raised a wet little face, miserable. Looking into his eyes, she sobbed and said, "I'm so sad!"! I never thought I would be asked to marry by you, under such circumstances! There is no good atmosphere, no one to witness the most memorable moment in my life, no grand occasion, no glory, no mystery, no fanfare.. I like the man, unexpectedly in a small gully, sent me away! Yang Qing was stunned, and then he couldn't help but be amused by her. Under a smile, the back injury can not help but hurt more. But Mochizuki is so lovely, she is like a stooge, facing his marriage with a sad face and grievance. As soon as Yang Qing stretched out his hand, in the exclamation of the full moon, he forcibly held her in his arms. She was so shocked by his big movements that she forgot to shed tears and shouted "arm arm!" Yang Qing did not care about the wound on his arm at all. In the fuss of Mochizuki, he held her in his arms with a smile, reached for the inside of his sleeve to wipe her tears, and pinched her face. Treat her like a pet. Happiness came too fast, Mochizuki hugged his neck, with tears on his face, but his heart was as sweet as honey:. Her brother is so noble and cool that he doesn't like to sit with her. She and Yang Qing's feelings have long been very good, but Yang Qing usually talk to her, are sitting next to her, basically did not pursue her hug her. But Mochizuki likes to be close to him. He didn't object, but he didn't like it very much. Every time he held her in his arms, it was the time when he couldn't stand her. Like right now. Seeing the smile on Yang Qing's face, Mochizuki knew how happy he was. Yang Qing chuckled and pinched her nose. He thought of Mochizuki's longing for marriage. She wanted to invite all the people in the world to watch her wedding. Now he confesses to her in a small gully,Time Delay Faucet, and Mochizuki is sad. Poof. Understandable. Yang Qing just sighed, helpless and funny, "then I'm really sorry for you." 。