Famous Food In São Paulo

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Sao Paulo has its own cuisine that offers a variety of choices like siri coxinha or brigadeiro made of camel grass. Discover some delicious dishes that are only available during your visit to Sao Paulo.

The biggest city in South America, Sao Paulo is located at the Piratininga plateau, and is located in the middle of rivers that flow out to the interior. From its beginning around 1554 Sao Paulo became the entry point for Sertao (Brazil's backcountry) and explorers known as bandeirantes travelled from the city to this region. The main roads that connect cities located in the interior still follow roads of bandeirantes.

Sao Paulo gathers the best restaurants from Latin America and the world. It has more than 15.000 restaurants and 20.000 bars that serve the widest range of food, from various countries, and at different prices. Hence, to enjoy a classic holiday, book your cheap flights to São Paulo soon.