Where to Buy 553558-371 Air Jordan 1 Low Green Toe

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Where to Buy 553558-371 Air Jordan 1 Low Green Toe

Air Jordan 1 Low, similar to Mid, has seen substantial growth in new color schemes. New Drop Jordans Following the debut of "Bred Toe", the silhouette of this shoe seems to have adopted the iconic color, using a very similar "Green Toe". If you have already caught a glimpse of the aforementioned, then there should be nothing new here. Likewise, the leather covering of the black dress-eye stays, toes, Swoosh-as well as lace units and lining; then, not far away, the middle panel forms a white contrast, just like the midsole below. Finally, as its name implies, the toes are dyed a dark green, and the collar, heel, and sole are also green. As if to greet the Celtics, the jumper of the tongue dropped a luxurious gold.


In the past few years, PJ Tucker has consolidated his position as the NBA's recognized "king of sneakers", even though he does not have an NBA ring in his name. Air Jordan 1 Mid White Gray Blue ,So when he won his first championship for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2020-21 season, the North Carolina native went all out: he commissioned a contract from a shoe surgeon and Jason of Beverly Hills. A diamond-encrusted trapeze Jordan 1 valued at US$250,000. Custom sneakers are not new to the avant-garde, but this latest sneaker undoubtedly surpasses the previous sneakers at a high price. In terms of color, the shoes are quite soft, black occupies most of the upper and outsole; a white midsole enters the mix, creating some changes, but the star is the material used. The upper part of this vintage top is covered by genuine crocodile leather, 150 grams of 14K white gold is embedded with 2020 white diamonds, forming a spiral pattern and zipper tie à la Off-White. In addition, it is reported that this pair of shoes took more than 100 hours to complete, which undoubtedly makes it one of the most elaborate Jordan 1 shoes in the world.


In anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics, New Release Yeezy launched a new 4DFWD running shoe, which is a running shoe based on 17 years of data. After its premiere, this silhouette will soon work with long-term partner Parley to launch a more sustainable makeup. Like the previous products released by this non-profit organization, this pair of shoes showed some moderation, evenly dispersing the recyclable elements in all parts of the shoe. At first glance, it can’t even be seen that its buildings are basically completely black. The entire upper and the 3D printed sole are worn in this way, while the stripes on the side and the three-piece piping are bright white and blue respectively. Then, elsewhere, the collar with subtle tan accent details, and the supportive second string of the lace unit.