Electronic Shelf Label Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast, 2019 – 2028

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Introduction to the Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market: In 2019, AxiomMRC Published an Updated Market Research Report with the Title "Worldwide ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Report 2019 to 2028." This Report Provides An Expense Perspective Of The Momentum Market In Addition T

Introduction to the Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market: In 2019, AxiomMRC Published an Updated Market Research Report with the Title "Worldwide ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Report 2019 to 2028." This Report Provides An Expense Perspective Of The Momentum Market In Addition To Propel Estimates That Include The Rate Of Investment (ROI) And The CAGR Increasing By Nearly XX% For The Entire Period 2019-2028. This Report Describes The Upstream And Downstream Industry Development, Key Companies, General Industry, And Development, As Well As Portion Type And Market Application, Etc., In Detail. It Then Makes A Logical Prediction For The Development Of Business Leads Based On The Analysis And, Toward The End Of The Report, Discusses The Investment Opportunities In The Market.


The ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Scenario And Global Market Outlook Are Explored In Depth For 2019. The Research Begins With A Summary Of The Industry Chain Structure And A Portrayal Of The Business Environment. It Next Covers Market Size and Projections for ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL. The Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Exploring Market Report Examines The Definition And Development Of Crucial Elements For The Growth Of The ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market And Provides Projections For 2028.


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It Is Completed With Significant Measurements And Other Crucial Industry Details, Such As Those That Are Anticipated To Have An Impact On ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Growth, Drivers, Constraints, Open Doors, Patterns, Deals Surveys, Milestone Improvements (Both Current And Anticipated), SWOT Analysis, And Information On Additional Potential Income Age Opportunities In Unsearched Areas Of Activity. To Ensure Guaranteed Veracity, The Data Our Investigators Obtained From Both Primary And Secondary Sources Were Approved By Information The Executive's Arrangements And, More Importantly, Industry Experts. The ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Research Will Cover Inescapable Risks Or Challenges From Both Potential New Market Competitors And Existing Industry Competitors. Additionally, This Dossier Will Look Into The Impacts Of The Ongoing COVID-19 Epidemic, Both Immediate And Anticipated.


The COVID-19 Pandemic's Effects


Over The Past Few Months, The Majority Of Businesses Around The World Have Suffered. This Can Be Attributed To The Significant Delays That Their Assembly And Production Network Chores Encountered As A Result Of Many Precautionary Lockdowns And Limitations That Were Approved By Administrative Experts Around The World. Similar Principles Apply To The Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market. Additionally, Customer Demand Has Consequently Fallen As People Are Now More Eager To Eliminate Irrelevant Expenses From Their Spending Plans Since The Overall Financial Situation Of The Majority Of People Has Been Severely Hit By This Flare-Up. Over The Expected Course of Events, These Aforementioned Factors Should Cause Problems with the Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market's Revenue Direction. However, The Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Industry Is Anticipated To Properly Recover When Individual Administering Professionals Remove These Supported Lockdowns.


Key Players in This Report:


  • SES-imagotag
  • E Ink Holdings
  • Displaydata
  • Opticon Sensors Europe
  • Pricer
  • M2Communication
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • Teraoka Seiko
  • Samsung Display Solutions
  • NZ Electronic Shelf Labelling


The Most Recent Report On Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Trends By Manufacturers, Country, Type And Application, Forecast To 2031 In An Educational Review That Covers The Market With An Extensive Examination Of Deals, Income, And Income Of The Global ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market 'By 2019, The Worldwide Market Volume Of ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL, Publicist Patterns, ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Shows Development Data. In Addition, A Wide Range Of Uses, Utilization Rates, Resources, And Request Assessments Are Kept On File. As Much As Possible Is Shown, Together With The ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Price On A Global Scale Over The Projection Period Of 2019 To 2028. The Report Might Help The Client Make Decisions And Better Understand Them. With The Help Of This Statistical Survey, A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Market Will Be Provided, Along With Projections For Its Future.


ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Research Report Segment Analysis

Electronic shelf labels are used by various retailers as an indicator that displays the price product and offers related to the product. There are number of electronic shelf labels in a retail store that are basically controlled by a server, which further makes use of wireless communication network to communicate with the ESL. Shelf label is experiencing fast growth and is emerging advanced technology worldwide. Shelf label allows flexibility to make urgent price changes. Furthermore, every shelf label system consists of E-ink or LCD display that displays the price and UPC of the product. The growing digitalization of retail automation and stores, less-time consuming, cost effectiveness, high demand for price optimization among various retail stores are some of the major factors for the positively uplifting the market growth.




Digitalization of stores and prevalence of retail automation has driven market growth. The acceptance of automation in the retail sector has significantly increased due to growth in competition, increased investments in the e-commerce sector along with introduction of new channels to supply various goods and rising wages. Various technologies such as self-checkout terminals, electronic self-labels, automated backroom unloading and self-checking robot’s technology are serving a successful rate in the retail industry and supply improved results to the retailers. Store digitalization technology is in a long run as various companies are investing in technologies to improve consumer shopping experiences. The retailers are providing high flexibility to the customers in the entire buying procedure along with smooth transition between physical shopping and digital platforms is gaining importance. Moreover, price sensitivity, has increased the urge to make daily price adjustments for the store owners. Furthermore, high installation expenses and non-supporting infrastructures are restraining the market growth. Although, the usage of electronic price tags in very beneficial, but the basic cost of electronic price tags is quite expensive and not appropriate for installation purpose in all retail stores. Therefore, high installation charges are negatively impacting the market growth.




Covid -19 pandemic has led to closure of many facilities and needs proper decontamination before operation starts. The key manufacturers of electric shelf labels are highly impacted due to outbreak and spread of coronavirus. The impact of the coronavirus on small enterprises of electronic shelf labels was harsh during the during the time period of first two quarters of year 2020-2021. Furthermore, the market is anticipated to observe gradual recovery from 2020 as governments across the globe have lifted lockdown restrictions also the economic activities have restarted in various part of the world, which included retail sector as well.



The report analyses of the electronic shelf label market is based on component, product type, store type, communication type and by geography.




By component, the global electronic shelf label market is categorized into displays, batteries, transceivers, microprocessors, others. Microprocessor holds the largest share in the market. Microprocessor is an electronic component used by various PCs and electronic shelf labels to complete its work. It is basically known as central processing unit present on a single integrated circuit which further consists of various small components including resistors, transistors and diodes that work together.




The electronic shelf label market by product type is bifurcated into LCD ESL, E-Paper based ESL. E-paper holds the largest market share. E-paper which is also known as electronic paper imitates the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Electrodes present above and below the capsules move up and down when a negative and positive field is applied, which further makes the surface of the electronic paper display present a certain color.




The electronic shelf label market by store type is classified into hypermarkets, non-food retail stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, other. Hypermarket holds the major share in the market. Presence of large number of hypermarkets has uplifted the market growth of electronic shelf labels by different retailers to improve their operational efficiency and further carry out cost optimization of products. Electronic shelf labels help in simplifying store operations. The usage of these labels allows hypermarkets to update product related information in very less time.




The electronic shelf label market by communication type is classified into radio frequency, infrared, near field communication, others. Near field communication holds the largest market share. The growth of this segment is anticipated due to growth of OEMs towards structuring 2-way communication networking and the near field communication technology-based products developments that ensure price related things for the retailers.




Geographically, the electronic shelf label market is studied across the countries of key regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world regions which includes Latin America, and Middle East Africa. Europe holds the largest market share. France and Germany adopted electronic shelf labels at a very early stage. Electronic shelf labels were first invented in 1991 in France. Electronic shelf label is almost acquiring the market worldwide. North America is anticipated to hold the second largest share in the market of shelf electronic labels.


Critical Factors Mentioned In This Report


  • CAGR for the ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market from 2019 to 2028, In Percentage Terms.
  • Precise Estimation of the Parent Market's Commitment and the Size of the ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market.
  • Detailed Information On The Variables That Will Influence The Growth Of The ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market Over The Ensuing Ten Years.
  • Exact Projections of Future Trends and Modifications in Consumer Behaviour.
  • The Growth of the ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Market in the MEA, APAC, and North America and South America.
  • A Thorough Examination of the Competitive Market in ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL and In-Depth Information on Key Players.
  • Details about the Factors That Will Seriously Impede the Growth of Market Vendors.
  • Market Opportunity In ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL Revolves Around The Earth
  • Index Of Market Investment Suitability
  • Analysis Of Problems
  • Restraints And Drivers Impact Evaluation
  • Demonstrating Strategy
  • Analyses Of The Item Life Cycle
  • Analysis Of The Esteem Chain
  • Analysis Of Cost Structures
  • Comprehensive Financial Factors


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