Best Restaurants In Bucaramanga

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A safe and beautiful city that has amazing weather. Bucaramanga is considered to be the capital city of the Santander Department of Colombia. This city belongs to the Andean region, and the surrounding areas are full of sports that are adventurous, like paragliding, and other activities at

La Toscana

La Toscana is a casual Italian restaurant serving pasta, meat platters and other traditional Italian dishes along with the dining area. The restaurant is located at Avenida el Jardin Casa 1A in Bucaramanga and serves delivery, take-out reservations and outdoor seating, as well as tables for private dining as well as table service. La Toscana serves alcohol and also offers vegan menus. 

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Hamburguesas El Garaje

Hamburguesas El Garaje is a restaurant that specialises in hamburgers. The burgers at Hamburguesas El Garaje are among the top you can ever have while the costs are affordable. The service is top-notch and the setting is ideal for a peaceful evening out. The outdoor area is particularly beautiful, and it's wonderful to relax and relax in peace.


Mia Nonna

Mia Nonna is a great Italian restaurant, which is hidden off in the middle of Cabecera. The food is delicious with large portions and tasty dishes that are nicely presented. The staff is elegantly dressed and offer exceptional service. The music is excellent and the ambience is relaxing. You can easily book your flights from Boston to Bucaramanga with Lowest Flight fares and enjoy a trip.


Pescocentro Bucaro

Pescocentro Bucaro is an informal, well-known seafood restaurant located in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Its food menu, which is top-quality and fresh seafood, is done beautifully, and the staff are attentive and warm. The atmosphere is laid-back and casual, which makes it an ideal spot to have a great meal with your friends.


Restaurante 1622

Restaurante 1622 is a renowned restaurant that is located at Bucaramanga, Santander Department, Colombia. It's open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM and serves a range of Colombian food items. The restaurant has a cosy, rustic interior and is a great place to eat.


TONY Desayunos - Restaurante

Toronto Desayunos is a reputable Colombian restaurant that serves lunch, breakfast and dinner choices. Prices vary based on the food however, it's generally cheap. It provides excellent service and adheres to biosecurity guidelines. There are many choices of dishes available however some are more costly than others.


Jarri's Autopista

The restaurant for chicken Jerry's Autopista is a hot spot for Colombian foodies seeking excellent broasted chicken. The restaurant is safe and clean and has efficient security procedures implemented. The food is delicious as is the chicken that's crispy, among the finest around.