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More and more people are interested in the resistance of their watch under water, and which model is suitable for water activities. Before we were satisfied with knowing that our watch was resistant. Now we want the details and sometimes the factory instructions do not solve our doubts.

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Sometimes, on the same watch we can find numbers, such as WR 30 meters, referring to resistance under water. But really, what do they mean? Here are some keys so you know how your watch works.

Do all diving watches work the same? When the watch is already cataloged as Water Resist or Waterproof, it means that it has been tested and that it is indeed water resistant. Still, there is always a 'but'. There are different levels of submersibility and not all watches can withstand the same pressure under water.

These types of Wholesale Stainless Steel Watches have been tested for 30 minutes at a distance of 1 meter. By that we mean that more time or more depth may or may not damage the watch. It is better not to play with luck: if it does not have any type of factory indication, it is advisable not to get it wet.

What does 'WR 30 meters' mean? Many relate this number to the meters of depth that the watch can withstand, but this is not the case. To determine that number, tests are carried out with clocks in adapted facilities.

In these installations, there are no pressure changes or extreme temperatures. That is why experts only measure the depth and establish instructions based on these experiments. So how do you know the real meaning of these numbers? We show you a list of the most common indications.

Water resistance of atm watches:

* Water Resist: Waterproof, withstands only light splashes.
* WR 30 m / 3 atm: Withstands accidental splashes, rain or sweat. It is not suitable for showering.
* WR 50 m / 5 atm: You can shower and swim with it, but do not subject it to depth.
* WR 100 m / 10 atm: Suitable for diving at shallow depths and without an oxygen cylinder.
* WR 200 m / 20 atm: Suitable for professional diving with an oxygen cylinder. Watches Manufacturers has engaged in watches field for over 25 years, they have abundant experience in manufacturing many kinds of watches. Best Company Of Watch In China is the Key point for good business relations.