WOW TBC Classic: The most suitable occupations for farming gold in the game

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I think as a player of WOW TBC Classic, if we can know which profession is easier to cultivate gold coins in the game, this will be a very useful thing.The first is the Mages, which is no longer the most suitable role for Gold Farming in WOW TBC Classic, because its AOE limit has been reduced. Therefore, the Mages can not pull all the monsters while flying a kite in the game, and Buy TBC Gold destroy them all at once.Compared with the mage class, the Paladins is not targeted at thugs. This also means that we can kill a wide range of creatures in the dungeon. In addition, they are also the strongest tank and sub-tank characters in the game. They gain hatred through dedication, AOE taunts and Avenging Shield, and they can restore mana from governance. In addition, carrying "Petrified Lichen Guard" can help you better communicate with Paladin plant gold coins together. In short, he is one of the most suitable characters for farming gold coins in WOW TBC Classic.In addition, Druids are one of the better occupations in the game that are suitable for use in single player mode. It makes single-player farming a good way to grow gold. There are many enemies and dungeons that are suitable for farming. In Elemental Plateau, Balance Druid petals have been the most suitable candidates for fighting thugs. Moreover, Druids have the ability to be permanently invisible. Use them to avoid most dungeons and obtain some elite packs from them. After that, both the drop and the elite pack can be sold at the auction house for a good price to get gold coins.