What'S The Difference Between Odm Watch And Oem Watch?

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ODM and OEM are closely related to the modern industrial society. For the watches industry, both ODM watches and OEM watches represent the meaning of "watch foundry". What is the difference between ODM watches and OEM watches?

ODM watch refers to the Watches Manufacturers to design a new product, may be some other brands, to the production requirements with the brand manufacturer's brand name, or slightly modified design (such as the position of the key to production). The greatest benefit of this is that the watch brands have reduced the time they have developed. For example, the famous brand A has its own manufacturing capabilities, but sees the new design of B, and then asks the B manufacturer to put A's LOGO on the design.

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OEM watches refer to the watch brand, not directly producing products, but have their own design capabilities or core technology, to the Watches Factory instead of production. OEM watches are conducted in a form of OEM cooperation. For example, the famous brand A designed its own new style, to watch manufacturer B to produce, A brand LOGO.

ODM watches and OEM watches are commonplace. Because of the manufacturing costs, transportation convenience, save development time and other considerations, well-known watch brands are generally willing to find other vendors OEM or odm. In looking for other enterprises to carry out OEM or ODM, well-known watch brand enterprises also have to shoulder many responsibilities. And they can devote themselves to the market without investing so much in product production.

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