Advantages and disadvantages of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide in papermaking

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The paper industry is the third largest user of titanium dioxide. As a paper filler, it is mainly used in high-grade paper and thin paper, and titanium dioxide is added to paper. It can make the paper have good whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, no penetration during pr

Titanium dioxide for papermaking generally uses anatase-type titanium dioxide without surface treatment, which can act as a fluorescent whitening agent and increase the whiteness of paper, but laminated paper requires the use of surface-treated rutile-type titanium dioxide to meet Requirements for light resistance and heat resistance.


Another important application field of titanium dioxide in papermaking is decorative paper, also known as titanium dioxide paper, which is mainly used as raw materials for making furniture, floors, wallpapers, etc. In China, the amount of titanium dioxide used in decorative paper is much higher than that of other varieties. According to incomplete estimates, the amount of titanium dioxide used in domestic decorative paper exceeds 30,000 tons per year. The amount of titanium dioxide in decorative paper is 20% to 40%, and that in other papers is 1% to 5%. This situation is determined by the level of consumption in our country. Due to the large demand for house decoration and high-end furniture, the consumption of decorative paper is gradually increasing; the cost of bible paper is much higher than that of ordinary paper due to the use of titanium dioxide as raw material. In view of the domestic consumption level, the market for bible paper is very limited; and manufacturing The production and use of banknotes is controlled by the state, and the consumption is relatively stable, which will not affect the titanium dioxide market.


As the name implies, decorative paper is the paper that plays a decorative role, so it has high requirements on the anti-aging of the product, so rutile titanium dioxide must be used; more rutile titanium dioxide is used in paper with high ash content, This kind of high-ash paper must use rutile titanium dioxide, because the hiding power of anatase titanium dioxide cannot meet the requirements. Anatase titanium dioxide is used in low-ash paper, such as bible paper and banknotes. Bible paper requires paper to have good opacity, which can be met by using anatase titanium dioxide; coinage paper also requires very high opacity. Good opacity, mainly anatase type is also used. Therefore, different paper products have different requirements on the properties of titanium dioxide.


Comparison of Two Processes of Titanium Dioxide in Paper Application

No matter what kind of paper (base paper), its production process is the same, just choose which process of titanium dioxide products with different crystal forms according to the final forming requirements of the paper.


There are different types of titanium dioxide for different uses of paper products. Rutile titanium dioxide has good oxidation resistance and weather resistance, and is mainly used for decorative paper and weather-resistant, high-ash paper; while anatase products are used for Low-ash paper that does not require high weather resistance and poor transparency. Although both the chloride process and the sulfuric acid process can produce rutile titanium dioxide, the whiteness, rutile crystal content, and especially the stability of the finished product produced by the chloride process are superior to the sulfuric acid process, and are suitable for use in Decorative paper and high-ash paper; while mint paper and low-ash paper must use sulfuric acid anatase products to better meet the opacity requirements of the two papers for titanium dioxide.


In addition, when we choose titanium dioxide products, we also need to consider the factors of the paper mill itself, because the main reason for paper mills to decide which titanium dioxide to choose is the cost of papermaking, that is, the cost performance of titanium dioxide. Since the cost ratio of titanium dioxide in papermaking is as high as 30-50%, paper mills can be said to be haggling over the choice of titanium dioxide under the condition of meeting user requirements.


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