Vivo Cast :Real Name and Age of entire voice artist.

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Vivo is a Sony Picture Animation-made American animated musical film.

Vivo is a Sony Picture Animation-made American animated musical film. This movie had its Netflix premiere, and the cast included both rookies and actors with well-known voices from Vivo. Many of the actors in the whole Vivo ensemble have performed on stage before, so viewers may be familiar with them. An important part of the making of movies was played by the multi-talented actor Lin Manuel Miranda.A Kinkajou named Vivo, who is a family-friendly animal, sets off on a quest to grant his master's final request.


1- Lin Manueal Miranada as Vivo.


Vivo, also known as Kinkajou, is a mammal that has been exiled from its native South America and first appears in the film as the singing and dancing partner of a street performer in Cuba. Although he cannot speak to people, his words and music are understandable to the audience.

Vivo was given a voice by Lin Manuel Miranda. He is a musician, singer, and actor. He entered the picture as both a creative and a performer. He is one of the cast of Vivo's top actors.


2- Yaniraly Simo as Gabi.


There are many well-known actors and musicians in the Vivo cast, as well as a newbie. Yanairaly Simo portrays Gabi, Vivo's endearing partner throughout the entire film. She is a budding actress who has begun to make her mark.


3- Zoe Saldana as Rosa.


Every other innocent child deserves a mother who is just as concerned. In Vivo, Zoe Saldana featured Rosa, who introduces herself as Gabi's mother. In the Star Trek reboot movies, she appears as Nyota Uhura and Avtar. She was given the chance to appear in some of the greatest films ever made.


4- Juan De Marcoz As Andres.

Andres is Vivo's musical sidekick on the streets of Havana. In Vivo, Andres is a kindly, elderly man who loves music and longs to see Marta again. Andres is portrayed by Juan De Marcoz in the video game. He first gained popularity as a Cuban musician before transitioning to acting. Juan has been in the music business for decades, but Vivo is only his first major success. He is included in the Vivo Cast list.


5- Brain Tyree Henry AsDancarino And Nicole Byer as Valentina.

Dancarino and Valentina are a couple that fell in love. Dancarino and Valentina are helped by Vivo in exchange, and the bird saves Vivo from the clutches of the Locator.Dancarino, the paperboy character in Donald Grover's smash comedy Atlanta, has Brian Tyree's voice.Comedian Nicole Byer hosted the Netflix cooking programme Nailed It.


6- Michael Rooker As Lutador.

Lutador is the real villain, going back to the Vivo Cast. Being a malicious Python, he lives to make Vivo's life miserable. The character of Lutador in Vivo is played by Michale Rooker. Rooker, an actor, portrayed Merle Dixon in the film The Walking Death.


7-Gloria Estefan As Marta.

Dear Marta, You love Marta, right? She is the second Andes member of the Vivo Cast. Marta In Vivo was played by the wonderful Gloria Estefan. She is Andres's love interest and a singer with international recognition. Vivo's dramatic moment happens at her final show when Gabi and Vivo rush to present Andres' song.