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But the hope is to work with a restaurant as our launch partner, or even the New York Zero Waste Initiative. We're thinking about how we can subsidize this through the city and provide the bags for every bodega. Kamala Harris's fashion choices weren't widely discussed this election cycle, and intentionally so. But there were a few constants you couldn't help but notice in her wardrobe, including a pearl Irene Neuwirth necklace and classic Converse All-Star sneakers.

The Book tote's rapid Golden Goose Outlet ascent to fashion mainstay had much to do with the fact that it was no mere tote bag. According to the maison, the style was based on a sketch by Bohan from 1967. Everyone from Oprah to Lizzo is a fan of the totes with the iconic T logo, which are famously hard to get your hands on. They've been coveted since their launch in 2014, but 2020 marks the year that the bags have consistently sold out, often within minutes, whether on the Telfar site or on Amazon.

Around her neck was another accessory synonymous with the much-maligned mid-'00s: a thin scarf. I've gone from being that newbie flipping through the Golden Goose Sotheby's magnificent-jewels catalog to showing my work there. Enter Fendi's fall 2021 collection, the first from Artistic Director Kim Jones. Defined as a palate cleanser bridging the transition between Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld's storied contributions to the brand and his own work, the description of the collection is also apt when it comes to how we're thinking of slotting its lush yet versatile offerings into our seasonal style line-up.

Easier said than done. While I love getting dressed up more than most things in life, even the most flamboyant of peacocks have to enjoy the cozy comforts of home. It was also the year that Fendi gave the world the Baguette, often considered the first-ever It bag. Her hilarious mop mules, for Golden Goose Sale example, are a variation on the ethical sheepskin models she started making after a trip to the Polish and Slovakian mountains where she saw animal hides hanging off a roof of a wooden hut.

And you don't have to give up your good style in exchange for a shoe that works as hard as you do! Look to this season's selection of sling-back and cutout loafers, fisherman sandals, and breeze-through flats. Securing the best travel shoes for an upcoming trip is as essential as packing your toothbrush.

Indeed West's introduction to jewels came courtesy of her family's inner circle in Lagos. Her mother, grandmother, and their friends embraced color and print to create vibrant outfits that commanded attention. We were definitely drawn to this idea of concealing and revealing, the duo said. Creating looks that seem demure in stillness or from far away, but in motion or on closer inspection are really quite sexy and a little risque.